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Taught by the Teachers.

First trip, 5g

This is my first trip report ever, so i apologize if its not in the best format.To start this story off, let me give you a little background information about myself and the situation, I had been growing P.Cubensis GT's for about two months, and they had just got done drying. i had about 12 grams dry, maybe more maybe less, i have no scale yet. it was a long day, which i used to prepare myself to the experience to come, i wasn't anxious or nervous, just excited to try mushrooms for the first time. at about 6:30pm i met up with my closest friend, we'll call him P, it was his first time ever tripping on shrooms also. we have a pretty good amount of experiences with Acid, and DMT, so we had a general idea of what to expect. P came over, we dosed up our mushies in the woods not too far from my house, meanwhile smoking bowls of salvia. They were dried, and eaten straight. we eyeballed about 3.5 grams each for ourselves. within 20 minutes in I was starting to see fractals appear. while coming up, we decided to walk to a park about 30 minutes from my house, about halfway there, the roads started breathing and telephone poles started swaying back and forth, and P and I experienced the notorious coming up laughter. It was a great time, by the time we got to the park, walked around the backwoods trails, we were starting to peak... HARD. P's cousing J was coming to pick us up and dose up also. So we decided to go visit our friends and wait for for her at the skatepark. Shortly after she arrived, and we went back to P's house to grab money, and then back to my house to grab the rest of the goods. she ate about 2 grams, while p and i redosed about 1.5 Grams each. our original plans bailed out, this is where things started to go wrong. P decided to call up a group of friends, who aren't the people to be hanging around. we went to go get them, because they promised a great rave to go to. upon arrival, we came to find out they had people with them who arent too fond of us. and started coming at us before we could even say a word. later on we found out they all had blades on them, and they werent playing around which really sketched me out. take it from me, were not any bitches, but none of us were trying to get stabbed that night. we drove to this rave, my thoughts racing the whole time. My friends couldnt see how serious the situation was, yet i could clearly see these people's intentions and they were not good. once we parked, these people quickly walked up to our car, intimidatingly so, like they were plotting something. P and I, knew the severity or the situation once we were there, yet J still did not. once inside the party, i was still tripping very hard. yet i couldnt enjoy myself knowing i had to watch my, and my friends backs the whole time. i danced a bit, i drank a bit. and when i found out these people had loads of friends at this party watching our every step, and ready to pounce i'd had enough. i quickly grabbed my friends, and we left. we were safer now, but at the same time we weren't safe. we happened to park in a very bad section of town as thats where the party was. forgetting where we parked the car and still peaking, we walked around the same block for about 2 hours trying to find the car. we were tired, hungry and thirsty. This is something i would never say or do, but desperate times call for desperate measures. the first cop car we saw, we quickly approached, and asked for help to find our car. I've never been so happy to see a cop in my life. we hopped in the back of the patrol car, and found our car in about 2 minutes. It was around the corner. we were all still very tired and stressed from the bad turn of events, so we smoked a few bowls of bud once we left to take the edge off. upon returning home, i sat in complete silence and thought to myself. i reflected on the trip, the situation encountered, and i learned a lot about certain people and about myself. It was a great trip in all, just a bad situation to be tripping in, i didnt think of it as a bad trip because it wasnt, i learned quite a bit from it. i think doing them by myself next time, in a better environment will ensure a more positive trip. The Golden Teachers definitely taught, and well at that. I have so much respect for mushrooms now, i don't see them as a recreational drug like i used to, i see them as a privelage to experience. Please leave any questions, thoughts or comments if you wish, id love to hear what you all think. Happy Tripping

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