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Legendary Dose

I almost lost it but it changed my whole life

Hey guys, last night I decided to get 14 grams of Amazonian mushrooms. I decided to take 7 grams of it not knowing my threshold, it really pushed my threshold and put me on a whole other level. I was alone when i took them, after an hour i started feeling the body high and the visuals started coming. It was nothing overwhelming yet. I have tripped before but never on 7 grams, so i didnt know what to expect, the second hour came around and the visuals were overwhelming and I was seeing gorillas and dragons in my room, then i remember seeing bob marley in my room. After that, thats when i started to lose it. I kept repeating my actions and I kept repeating everything i said. After 3 hours went by I became very delusional and it became very hard to do anything. I could not even talk, i kept asking myself "am i dead?, Is it over yet?" i then did not know what i was doing and my life flashed before me in front of my eyes, all my life from when i was a baby until now, i relived. I then dozed off and when i noticedd i was in the spirit world, I saw my life as if i was dead, i was trapped, thinking i had died. i then started questioning life. my body kept me in this permanent trip until i fixed my life. i heard voices of people saying "are you ok?" and no one was there, it felt like i could of been anywhere but i was actually in my room, it was a life changing experience I had to talk myself out of killing myself multiple times, I remember seeing light at the end of this dark tunnel which i walked to and changed my life. I saw god and he told me to come to the light and your life would be different and i did, it was very scary because i tried crying for help and i couldnt say anything like i was dead. I was a spirit and watched my whole entire memories, saw myself as a kid again. I found the peace of mind i was looking for, my inner happiness, something i have never experienced before on shrooms. This trip was definitely one of my worst but best trip, everything i saw and felt was just unbelievable. if i took anymore i would be dead now. Once when I told myself I will change my life, my body came right out of this trip. another thing, everything i touched melted, felt like i was on acid. i achieved nirvana on this trip. was a life changing experience

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