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A learning experience

Includes a brief laser tag experience

Okay, first, I know I made an obvious bad decision(driving), but I'm going to tell the story as I remember it. 

For the past two or three weeks, I've been harvesting my own shrooms, so I've been able to fry as often as I choose, which has included some impulsive decisions, and decisions with thought behind them. Ever since I started growing, I've been saying that I'd like to play laser tag on shrooms. Maybe I said it just to be cool or weird, but the thought of laser tag on shrooms was just too abstract to pass up. My friend the other day, said, "So you've shroomed by yourself five times in the past couple weeks, so I want to know when we're going to play laser tag." Two days ago, we played laser tag. Here's the ensuing day of events...

I had been up all night playing video games, excited about the plans two friends and I made for this day. I went to the bank at 9:00am, and got some cash for the day. I get back, call my friend and head across town to his place about ten am. I kinda start nodding off due to staying up all night, and wait for our other friend to arrive. He shows up, we do some minor errands and head to a convenience store for orange juice. We get in the parking lot, open the trunk to get the shrooms, our friend said he already had 3 grams that were just starting to kick in, and he takes more, but I'm not sure how much. Maybe an eighth? Anyway, my friend who I called after the bank, weighs out an eighth for himself, and here's one of the reasons why I tripped harder than intended: I tell my friend to weigh out 1.5 grams. He drops one shroom on the scale weighing exactly 1.5. It is then that I realized my last few trips were a lot less than I thought as far as weight is concerned. I hadn't weighed my trips until this day. 1.5 weighed out was more than what I eyeballed. I eat the cap, go inside and buy orange juice, come back out, drink some juice, and eat the stem. I drive out of the parking lot, and get on the freeway. The effects begin before we get to our destination. I took a wrong exit, had to turn around to get back on course. We arrive, and go inside to pay for our tickets, and have about 20 minutes before our game starts. We go back outside, my friends walk down a bit to smoke some pot, and I stay in my car listening to music. My friends come back, we go inside and walk into the viewing room to watch other people through the window playing laser tag. I look at the floor which was a black carpet with colorful patterns lit up by black lights. I start laughing even though I feel as if everyone knows I ate shrooms. I start thinking about actuall playing the game and I laugh harder. My friends start laughing and soon it becomes apparent that everyone knows what's going on with us. We go into the briefing room where we are given instructions and we put on our vests and pick up our guns which are attached by a wire to the vest. We go into the arena and everything is dark and colorful. There might have been some stuff I saw that was not real, but it all looked real and tangible to me. It was a free for all match, so when the buzzer went off, I just started running around shooting people, and getting shot without thinking too much. I was having fun until my asthma kicked in. When it kicked in, I felt like I had nothing left, so I gave it my all and started running around like what I imagine a dying person doing when he/she is at war. I figured the breathing problems would subside in a few moments but they didn't. They were getting worse by the end of the match, and progressed even after. The sun was really beating down that day, so every time we were outside, it was HOT! When the match was over, we got into the car and started making our way back home. The match maybe lasted twenty minutes? On our way home, my breathing was getting worse. I was having trouble talking. We stopped at a gas station for water and that helped a little bit. We get back on the freeway and from here's where I don't have much recollection: Maybe we drove around town for a bit before going back to my friend's house, but we did make it back. I go straight for the bathroom to piss, and when I was done, my friend started packing a bowl to smoke. He ate more than I did, and our other friend ate even more than him. So, he's trying to pack a bowl, falls down, laughs, goes to the bathroom, pukes, I worry, he laughs, I lay on the empty couch still having trouble breathing, realizing I'm really having an asthma attack, and I start dozing off after a little help from more water. My friends tell me to come outback with them for some fresh air, and I stand there for what seemed like an eternity. It was on the hour. What seemed like twenty minutes later, I ask for the time and get only 4 minutes. Time was rally slowing down. The sun was making me trip harder, and the breathing problems weren't helping. We had to pick up my friend's girl from work in an hour. The next 56 minutes were the longest minutes of my life. It seemed like many hours passed, when only, it was less than one. What seemed like every twenty minutes, was only about 5 or four minutes. This time speed was making the experience even worse. I started thinking of all the times I could have made better decision in life and I begin to feel like a horrible person. I started getting really paranoid and fearful of people. I didn't want to be there. We finally get in the car to pick up my friend's girlfriend, and we wait in the parking lot at her work. She gets in and my two friend's are tripping and I'm not sure if she knew we were on shrooms, but she started getting quiet and whispers to her boyfriend(my friend), and my friends were laughing from shrooms. My friend tells me his girl wants ice cream and I could just drop everyone off at Basken Robbin's. I then feel like a horrible person for making them not want to hang out with me, and they start feeling bad thinking that I don't want them around. Doesn't make much sense, but that's what happened. They change their mind for whatever reason about the ice cream, and I drop everyone off back at their houses, and I drive home with thoughts of paranoia. I get home and try to sleep but can't despite having been up all night. I get up out of bed and start packing my room up in preparation for the move.

All in all, I'd say this was a learning experience. What I learned was, don't trip in the sun, don't trip in public with too many people surrounding you, and if you have asthma, don't over exert yourself. I left a lot of detail out, but most of it is irrelevant and forgotten. So, thanks for reading everyone!

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