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1st time trip by myself

Alright well, my name is John.

Alright well, my name is John. I'm 16 and i weight about 170 and i decided i

wanted to do shrooms last night. I was sitting at my friends house and i had

done hydrocodone earlier that day i really don't know if that had anything to

do with what i experienced. I was with 3 of my friends (one was first time, one was older and had done it multiple times, and the other had done it a few times). I ate about 1/16th of some fire ass shrooms. I was sitting next to my older friend who was rolling up a fat ass blunt to go along with the shrooms(this was about an hour after i ate the shrooms). and all of a sudden colors seemed more and more vivid and i was sure it was the shrooms because weed had never done that before(i was already a little high). I sat there for about 15 minutes without moving a muscle and then i picked my arm up to point at something and i kept my arm unbelievably still in the same position for about 30 seconds before i realized what i was doing. it was so strange. But it really kicked in about and hour and 30 minutes after i ate them (i ate them at 11:15)when everything started going into a "cartoon-like" state. I got up from the couch and i realized "whoa i am tripping". And i walked to the kitchen and stared at this pizza. it looked like some kind of damn claymation or some crap it was very strange. About that time needs less to say i decided i wasn't very hungry. so i went back and sat down. shortly afterwards we all went out side and my older friend left so it was me, my best buddy, and my other friend and they had eaten the shrooms about an hour before i did and there trip was still going but it wasn't nearly as strong as mine. i have a little less muscle mass then both of them and I'm thinking i might have gotten the hardest trip. Anyways we go outside and burn another blunt when all of a sudden my friends faces began morphing. One of their eyes look dark and demonic but it was only the shadow of his hat mixed with his hair over his eyes. the other looked like some kind of dog. it was crazy and strange but i didn't say anything. And also my peripheral vision was extremely off. Everything around my peripheral vision was melting and shit it was crazy. we went inside a few minutes later and all of a sudden my mom called and said she was gonna come pick me up. i wasn't ready, and i was worried. i got in the car and it seemed so big. like twice as big as it really is on the inside. I go inside and lay down after getting bitched at for being wasted by my mom and at about 2:00 i started "peaking". My CD player was going, and it was Lil Whyte. And when i didn't focus as hard as i could on the music, i would hear all sorts of jumbled together sounds and "backwards like" music. it was trippy. every minute seemed to last a life time as i kept looking back at the clock over and over again. i had some kind of extreme short term memory loss because i looked at the clock Every 10 seconds because i kept forgetting what time it was. And i was doing really dumb shit for no reason. like standing up and sitting down and walking around. I ha the most intense trip of my life from about 2:00 to 3:45 when i got up and watched a movie. Harold and Kumar go to white castle. I watched it for about 10 minutes. And at the beginning everything was going really really fast and it was freaking me out so i turned it off and laid down and had like a easy trip for about 3 hours before i fell asleep. i woke up around 8 o clock feeling mildly buzzed. Now its 10:55 and i feel no initial affect from the shrooms. Anyways thats my story. I didn't plan on having to trip by myself for the first time of my life, but thats just how it happened, and with no one to tell me what was going on i was really freaking out. i felt mentally retarded to really sum it up. but anyways thats it.

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