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Life Changing Bike Ride

What i thought was going to just be a normal day..

My first shoom experience came around without me even knowing much before.


Wether: Hot - 30* - Blue Skys - Sunny

Aria: South Bristol, UK. Country Side

Dosage: 1.8



So it started out a normal day, i had no idea that today my perception on life would change for ever.


My friend does abit of "pushing" and he had been talking to me for afew weeks of how his source is growing some shrooms and he wanted me to do them with him.

If im honest, i really didn't want to, i have bipolar disorder you see, however for the past 4-5 weeks i have been feeling in good spirits and very positive on life. But i still had doubts.


Anyway, i woke up this saturday morning and my friend Jimmy called me up.. 


"Hey man, so do you wanna do these shrooms?"


I had a think, it was a sunny day, i had no plans, sooo...


"Yeah man, ill be about an hour"


So we met up after i got the train near his house, we got some orange juice expecting the shrooms to taste vile. We soon arrived at his house (which i had never been to) and he got out

these mushrooms, i wasnt expecting what they looked like really, they looked too normal to be a drug, but anyway, we ate them straight up dry and washed them down with a pint of OJ.

Well, i ate all mine apart from one because i was a little nervous, but i saved it..


About 10 minutes after we both were feeling abit uneasy in the stomach as the mushrooms were digesting but i wasnt worrying. I went in to his living room and sat on the sofa and im not sure

if it were the shrooms, but everything was so very interesting, the mirror, the clock, the light. After sitting there looking around for about 20 minutes we went out for a fag and then decided to begin 

our adventure.


We got out our bikes, first stop, skatepark. We got there and there was some chill dubstep playing through some speakers which created a nice atmosphere, we sat under the ramps for about 30

minutes having another fag and then we decided to go to Tesco's knowing it would be a cool place to go as we are, or shall i say, were, regular phycadelic users. So we got there, and this was

our first real interesting effect. All the vegetables looked so abstract and interesting and all the people shopping didnt look human, they looked more alien with long necks and bigger eyes.

After doing afew laps of the shop giggling our tits off we got some water as it was a hot day and bought them. The shrooms made us think real deep, think about stupid stuff that you wouldnt 

normally think of, such as everyone in that shop is there for one reason only, to buy something. Well, apart from us...


We got back to the skatepark and some random kid offered me an ice lolly, i was so happy and couldn't thank him enough, no idea why i was so happy. After i ate that we began to cycle off towards the cycle path

about 20 minutes from the skatepark, to get there we needed to cycle down a steep hill in the country side surrounded by fields and beautiful landscapes, it was the most intense thing. Along the cycle path

i noticed the long corn in the fields were rippling like water in the wind, they looked like silk and the pylons looked 1000 ft tall (they were about 15ft) with hundreds of wires coming from each one (there

were about 2..)


Jimmy decided to go to this illusive tree house so way along the path, he cycled through this tunnel in this hedge and a few seconds later we were in this small sheltered clearing with a huge old oak tree

and a rickety old tree house built a way up it. We are both afraid of heights but for some reason we chose to climb up anyway..


So we got to the tree house and looked around at the landscape, the corn fields still look as smooth as silk rippling like water. Then Jim smoked a small "shottie" of weed but droped my weed, the cunt..


After some time sat in this awkwardly small tree house we climbed down, Jimmy first then me, as i started to climb down i soon realized that i was in-fact climbing down the hollowed trunk and a thought the tree was

trying to eat me, but i just laughed and didnt panic.


We played on the rope swing, feeling as it were a roller coaster and experimenting with closed eye visuals. Jimmy said he made an amazing jungle song out of all the natural sounds around us.


We started talking about deep subjects, ideas on life, religion, beliefs, reality and fantasizing about silly things like meeting Joe Rogan and a Monk.. I was getting very enthusiastic about everything

we were talking about to the point where i wanted Jimmy to tattoo a list of things we need to do before we die on my leg but we had no ink, so this is where the next part of my story comes in. 


We started to cycle to Long Ashton, about 30 minute ride from the tree house in this quest to find a pen. We arrived and went to Coop to get a Coke and some Starburst sweets. We gave up with the pen idea and went to sit in the shade. This is when the darker side to the trip started. “Ego deaths”, I had never heard of these until this day, we were sat outside in complete silence for a good two hours whilst our whole life was laid out in front of us and picked apart, showing you the good things and the bad things in your life. Some of these bad things I wasn’t even aware were bad before this experience.

I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t like what was happening at the time, my stomach started swelling and I didn’t know what was happening to me, but for some reason I didn’t feel the need to say anything, a voice in my head kept saying, “Jamie, chill, it’s only a trip”. Soon after Jimmy broke the silence, explaining what was happening to him was exactly what was happening to me so that gave me some ease and allowed me to relax alittle.


 I kept seeing people I knew walking past but despite looking at them they didn’t seem to notice me and I was debating whether it was reality or just the shrooms playing tricks. I needed a piss, so I left Jimmy and walked up the hill about 5 minutes to a local pub, the toilets were down below the bar almost through like a tunnel, I went into the one of the cubicles and sat down, it felt very enclosed and I soon started to panic to so I quickly got up, left the pub and went back to Jimmy. He felt that his Starburst sweets were the last thing he had of value in his life and when we ate them all that would be it.


We cycled back to Nailsea, about an hour or something, I had no idea on time, and went into the woods as we came down, we were both stood there, completely stunned as to what had just happened to us, there was a lot of negative atmosphere around the woods, but I cant explain it, it wasn’t scary, but it wasn’t a good feeling as it were at the start of the trip, after afew fags in and me being completely zoned out trying to wrap my head around what just happened I decided to head home, completely mind fucked.


Shrooms made me really consider my life, my actions and feelings towards people. This had worked in positive ways as ive been doing A LOT less drugs. However ive been getting my self involved in organisations with a bad status because I felt I wasn’t doing anything with my life and I needed to belong to something.


Any questions, please do ask.

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