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First Psilocybin Experience

A whole 8th

So first of, this was the very first time i have ever done mushrooms but i have done acid once before and figured why not try mushrooms. I got the idea from my girlfriend who is very experienced in mushrooms, having them several times before. I bought the mushrooms off of a good friend of mine, but i did not eat them right after after i bought them, instead i saved them for 2 weeks until the time was right. This is one of the things I was nervous about because i had heard that mushrooms should not be stored for a long amount of time. But back to my point,  around 1:50pm  me and my girlfriend A ate an eight each and within  a half hour i was feeling pretty good, color got much more vibrant, things around my house would start to breathe, and i was very interested in the music visualizer on Xbox while we listened to some animal collective (the best music to trip to if i might add) but after awhile we became bored with being trapped inside so we went out onto my patio and just enjoyed nature, i was a very mild day. we just stared at the trees and talked about how we were feeling at the moment and about each other. After awhile we lost sense of time until i checked my watch and saw that it was almost 5, we had just been sitting on this bench talking and taking life in for hours. But A and I had to leave because my was coming home from work soon and i didn't want her to see me in such a state so I locked up the house (which was surprisingly difficult) and we headed out to my local playground to meet up with a few people. Once we got there me and my friends D and J starting playing hacky sack as we usually do, i became so focused on it and we played for and hour or two until i got tired and wanted to check and make sure A was okay. After a while we all sat down and just enjoyed the day until around 7 we started to make our way back into reality. Overall it was a very good experience that i hope to enjoy again soon.

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