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First Trip

So relaxed

Sup guys!

I've been reading tons about shrooms. Weirdly enough it's exactly 1 month after I joined the forums.

So after going to field after field of hunting, I was finally able to get a hold of a few mushrooms. 52g wet.
Not alot but I was incredibly happy to have something finally.

I went to my friends house which was the nearest house from the field I was at.

At around 9pm i got 26g for me and left the rest to dry.

I ate them  and it tasted decent at first but then I started disliking the taste.

After I had it all decided to play MW3 with my friend.

About 30 minutes into i was starting to feel something. Enough to make me not care about other people killing me in the game.

Eventually the room got very bright and then suddenly everything besides the tv screen was getting darker. There I froze.

After this happened I knew i was tripping but was disappointed that I hadn't seen any hallucinations, thus I decided to go outside and do the infamous stare at the sky.

I laid on top of my car and I felt amazing. The sky was just beautiful. I literally just stared at the sky for about 20 minutes.
During this time all I could think about was who I should talk to and this annoying tree that was in the corner of my left eye which didn't allow me to have 100% view of only the sky.

I decide to call some of my friends. 2 of them didn't pick up. Finally one friend picked up and when I tried describing to him everything I was feeling I would always think of
something else to say and never finish my sentence. I was trying to tell him everything at one time. It was pretty awful :P

He thought that his phone was messing up so he told me that we'd just talk tomorrow. As for me, I didn't want to put any effort into talking so i just let it be.

I continued there looking at the sky when another friend rang me up. This call lasted 1 hour. All I kept telling him was about how amazing I felt and relaxed. Also how detailed everything was.
Saying that, I decided to get my glasses in the house (i'm near sighted). When I came out everything looked even more amazing. I laid down on my car again and looked at the sky.
This time I looked at the tree that was in the corner of my eye. When I saw it I burst out laughing because it looked so different than what I had seen without my glasses.

My friend on the phone is just thinking to himself "wtf is this guy on", but he's a trooper and stayed with me on the phone.
I then decided to lay in the middle of the road and look at the sky again. This time the clouds looked like they were all coming together, when I noticed it was doing that all the clouds quickly returned to their normal place.
That was probably the trippiest part of my story.

I laid on the road until a car started heading my way. I jumped up and laughed my way to the sidewalk. For some reason i was laughing hysterically just because I did that. Getting out of the way of a car.

When I was on the sidewalk all I did was tell my friend(telephone) how amazing the details I noticed were and how my friends lawn needed to be mowed.

My friend(house)  finally came out of the house and told me I should go inside before the neighbors think i'm crazy.
After about 20 minutes I was finally calming down. Decided to go hang out with some friends at a hookah lounge.

The ride there was the funnest drive ever. Every song that came up made me want to sing and dance :P

So overall it was a fun and relaxed night.

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