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Best trip so far..amazing

6 hits of acid

Hey everybody, this is my first post on shroomery. Just want to share this experience with you guys. I've tripped on mushies a few times, and this was my second time on acid. I wanted to have somewhat of a profound trip, so i ate 6 magical gummy bears.

this is my night:

1100pm: just picked up the acid.

1130pm:met good friends at a bar, chillen out having a beer. me: dude lets go to the outer banks right now, right fucking now! and 2 hours later we left. 3 guys in a pickup truck with a ton of blankets and pillows. I will be the only one tripping

130am on the road, the OBX is about an hour and a half from virginia beach. I ate my gummy bears right when we left. so were cruising, blaring all kinds of awesome music having a good time

200am: I am def. starting to feel the comeup, no major visuals yet cause were drving and its hard to notice but have a nice body high and dancing in my seat to some awesome electro music

300am, we are in the outer banks, driving around looking for a parking lot on a beach.  we are currently in nags head/kitty hawk area, and my one friend is afraid to pee behind bushes or anywhere in public so we have to find a restroom. we keep driving south. I am def. fucked up but not getting any crazy visuals yet...just some basic breathing of objects in the car.

330am: somewhere between kitty hawk and hateras we find a campground with a public bathroom so we go to park. as we come around the corner, our headlights blare right into a row of about 50 tents and it freaks me the fuck out lol. anyways we cut the lights and park, and i get out of the car and HOLY FUCK I realize how fucked up I am. The mental clarity was pretty good but the visuals were absolutely insane. the ground was a river flowing all around me and the cottage that was a public bathroom 50 feet in front of me was changing colors and going from tiny to huge. i decide to go in for a piss. afterwards im standing on a little balcony listening to the beautiful sound of the ocean, amazed at what i am seeng. the cottage is flowing the the ground like river...what an incredible adrenaline rush. anyways, were getting eatin up by bugs and shit so time to keep driving south. 

430am: We are in hateras now. we find a small path leading off the road so we decide what the fuck lets see where it goes. my friends are tired and need to sleep and i need to explore the outside world. this path leads to a parking lot about ten feet away from the sound. its not the beach, but its a big body of water and its beautiful. we fill the bed of the truck with pillows and blankets and my friends go to sleep and i go for a walk. everything looks to amazing so i sit on the ground and put my headphones in and continue listening to some fucked up sounding dark electro music. 

500am: the sky looks absolutely amazing. i can tell this is going to be a profound trip, i am peaking and i am tripping hard as fuck. i am getting destroyed by misquotes but i dont even give a fuck. the moon is incredible, it is glowing and slightly changing colors and it is surrounded by millions of stars that are swirling all around it. i get up and walk around a little bit by the water but theres some big trippy bushes that are kind of scary so I wait til its a bit brighter to go over there.

530am: the next two hours are the best part of my trip. the eastern sky is starting to light up with green, purple, orange, red, and yellow streaks of light. it was absolutely amazing. these colors made the whole sky appear to be on fire and the sky had the most fluid movement to it...it was like the sky itself was a giant lake of fire. I have never had such profound visuals i was truly blown away in awe at how beautiful everything was. the telephone poles were cartoonish, swayying back in forth to the rythm of the music and there was a little cottage up ahead with growing and shrinking chimneys. so great. 

545am: its a bit brighter outside and the sky is still amazing so I decide to walk around a bit more. There is a set of clouds on the horizon where the sky is bright and there is faces in every cloud. they look like they are in pain, but they look beautiful too. lots of faces in the cloud and they are constantly changing. whatever, im tripping balls i got shit to explore. I walk back over by the water to where the bushes were and walk past them. i climb up a little hill only to find....we are parked right in front of a fucking graveyard on the beach. wtf. this shit is scary as fuck....but its soooo cool.
i decide to go wake up my friends and tell them. they dont believe me. whatever. i feel like dancing. 

0600am: i am listening to some house and trance music dancing in this empty parking lot and two morning joggers come by. I am dancing the most ridiculous shit and they jog by me giving me the weirdest look....and I gave it right back. 

0630am: friends wake up after a few hour nap. i tell them about the graveyard but they still dont believe me. its bright enough outside now that you can see it. so my friend turns around and gets freaked the fuck out cause hes super spiritual. i didnt tell him about the faces in the clouds cause i dont know if he can handle it....kind of funny cause im the one tripping my dick off. anyways they decide to hang out down here a little longer.

0700am: time to drive to kitty hawk for breakfast. the drive there everything is cool. all the houses look like cartoons, my depth perception is super fucked up. every time i look at the sun theres is between 6 and 12 suns surrounded by triangles with a rainbow like hue all around it. i try not to stare at it but its so hard cause it looks so cool. i turn to my friend and say "we live in a fabricated world." he said holy shit thats deep. lol. 

0730: we go to a dunkin donuts. i think im starting to come down so i go inside....wrong. i go inside and realize i am tripping the fuck out still. everything is moving. whats really wierd is everyone working there was the same race....but i couldnt place there looks or there accent. my friend said i said this dunkin donuts was occupied by aliens in response to the occupy wall street protests. wtf haha. anyways, i order my own food for the fun of it. the dude must of known i was tripping. anyways, chocolate covered donut and iced coffee was amazing. beach time.

745 get to the beach in kitty hawk. stay till noon. i dance on the beach, swim, and go for walks. i start coming down around 930 am. we leave at noon.

130pm. back to my friends house, hanging out playing guitar and eating pizza. effects are still lingering but nothing profound. slight body high and mild visuals. mostly things like cracks in tile are still breathing. 
0500pm. back to my house, shower, and get on my computer. 6pm and shit is still breathing a little bit. almost 15 hours. fuck it. i went to sleep and woke up 1pm the next day.

this was an amazing trip. so great. a question for experienced trippers, how do you meditate while you trip? i really want to get into it next time, and i tried but i was too distracted by how awesome everything was. thanks for reading guys and hope it wasn't too long.

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