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5 Grams Golden Teacher

My 5 gram Golden Teacher trip

This is my 5th trip, but my first trip report I have typed up. As I do more, I'm sure i will become more experienced with creating a better story and format.

   One weekend my parents were out of town, and me and some friends had this great idea to have a 'Shroom party' at my house! That day I bought 14 grams of dried Golden Teacher. Total we had just above 19 grams. First we smoked a good bit of reggie to ease our minds and stomachs to help us go into the trip better. We then ground up the mushrooms, weighed it out, and sprinkled it onto pizza slices and devoured. One friend and I each took 5 grams, and 3 others took a lesser does of 3 grams. At first, i was just having a nice body high from the marijuana. I began to think to myself, "maybe these shrooms were bad, and I'm not going to get high.." but as soon as that thought set it, the visuals began to set in. We were on our way to go pick up someone from their hosue to take over to mine. Things began to get a little clearer, and lights from the light posts began to stretch out towards me. Water spots on the windshield of the car started to spin and make elegant patterns. This did not intensify until after getting back home.

   I walked inside to see several people of whom were not at my house before, which was a trip on its own because i didn't invite them (these were real people, not my hallucinations).. I went and sat with a couple people in the back of my house, and the words coming from their mouths made no sense at all, simply because to me, they were not words. Just sounds, almost that of a beached whale. I left the room and went into the living room and lied down on the couch. I looked up, and the light shining on the ceiling, coming from a typical table lamp, began to swirl and reflect all colors of the light spectrum as if the white light from the bulb was splitting apart. The lines indented in the wall paneling began to flow down the walls in waves, morphing closer and closer together. The wall changed from a beige color to an olive green, and everything became crystal clear like seeing it brand new for the very first time in my life. I laid there for a long while, and only got up to open the door for yet another person I didn't know. I didn't get a clear look on him, mainly because he was extremely blurry and the contrasts for colors blended together. I got back on the couch, and watched as the characters in an anime cartoon on TV grew bright fluorescent borders and expanded out of the TV towards me in descending layers of the exact same thing. All of these layers were taking and moving just as they were on the actual TV. I watched this for a good hour, maybe 2.. The next thing i remember is the guy I let in being afraid of my plasma globe..
   One of my friends who did 3 grams eventually came in and told me that his girlfriend had been laying on my bed and asked if he should move her so I could go to sleep. When we went into my room, she was starring really hard at a wall and deeply groaned at us, "GO, THE FUCK, AWAAAYY!!" Because she had been having a bad trip the entire night. We moved her anyways, and my mind began to fall apart and nothing made sense to me. I looked at a door, and said to myself, "Why the fuck is that there? We don't need that shit! This should all be open! *lays my hand on the wall* What the fu.. god dammit! I'm too confined! Why am I in such a small damn room??" (My room really isn't that small, I was just huddled against the wall.) I also had names pop into my head, mostly ones of people I loved, and I could not for the life of me remember who they were. A girl I dated for two years popped into my head, and i said to myself "Who the fuck is this bitch? fucking shrooms.."

   Finally, after questioning every possible necessity, I stood up, walked into the kitchen, and started drawing pictures with my friend who I had not seen sense the beginning of the night. He was the one who also did 5 grams of shrooms, and apparently was drawing for hours, because half my printer paper was gone and was scattered all over the kitchen with random drawings of who knows what on them. Everything at this point was crystal clear again. My mind was clear, my vision was clear, and my mind was in a state of advanced thinking and creativity. 

I can't wait to do them again! This was my most visually intense trip that I've had so far.

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