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1st time triiiippppppppin

the first time i tripped was with my three best friends.

the first time i tripped was with my three best friends. it was porbally about 5:00 when we ate them. we sat there and chilled for a little while in her room, but then we decided that we wanted some pot. we left and met up with this kid, picked up the bag and headed to the woods. things were starting to look kinda fucked up, just the colors were alot brighter. we walked kinda far back into the woods where we knew a picnic table was. we sat down and smoked a few pipes. thats when i started getting visuals.

i was staring at the wood on the table and it started looking like water. it was moving back and forth. i saw desgins in the wood so i traced them with my pen. i saw flowers and i saw a tornado. when i closed my eyes i saw little red triangles floating everywhere. my arms and legs felt like they were millions of miles away. my arms were resting on the table but i felt like they weren't attatched. i felt like i had to grab hold of my arms really tight to make sure they were mine, so i did. my entire body was so relaxed, it felt like it took a lot of work when i had to lift up my hand. by then i figured we had been sitting at the picnic table for a long time, even though it was really about 15 min. i wanted to get up and walk around so i brought my one firend with me so we could walk through the woods. everything was so funny to us, we walked further back into the woods where we saw another picnic table, but my friend insisted that it was a dock, and there was water next to it, i kept thinking that my other 2 buddies were so far away from us , but they were only a couple feet. we didn't feel like getting lost , so we went back to the picnic table where our other 2 friends were.
i still didn't want to sit down for whatver reason, so i went on another walk with my other friend. this is when shit got fucked up. we walked further back into the woods where we found a humongus tree trunk that had fallen over. it was on a hill, so the tree trunk was suspended in the air. i walked over to it and the bark on the tree was light purple. i jumped on. my firend said she was too scared but i made her c ome on neway, i jsut kept saying yea its ok jsut hop on. she finally did and sat down next to me. this is when i noticed my friend had jsut sat in shit. which really sucks cuz then there was shit all over her pants. she got really freaked out and kept saying why the fuck is this happening. for some reason her voiuce sounded like s he was crying "stop crying, stop crying," i said. she would look at me all confused and say "im not crying?" now this was fucked up but 1st ill have to explain that when i laugh really hard, tears come to eyes. i thought it was so funny that she had jsut sat in shit that i THOUGHT i was laughing cuz there were tears running down my face. as i continued to tell my friend to stop crying, i stopped to think and i realized that i was the one that was crying. i was sobbing. i dont even know why. i stopped and asked her "am i crying?" and she looked at me and said yea, my hands were wet with tears.
by this time the weather started getting pretty shitty and my friend wanted to go home and change her pants. as we were walking out of the woods we saw a bunch of our freinds. i didn;t want to see anyone so i got really freaked out, and all four of us avopided them. they kept saying hi but i felt like my goal was to avoid them. if i stopped and said hi, something terrible would happen. i started getting really scared but i kept telling myself that it was alright. this didn't work.i felt like i was getting an anxiety attack i guess you could say. i was so scared, i didn't want to see anyone but my 3 friends. fear over took my body and i didn't know wher to walk or what to do. i pretended like i didn't see them, even tho it was really fucking obvious that i could. we reached my friends car and got in. my face was red and hot, my whole body was hot. i got really confused and i wasnt sure if i jsut ran out of the woods. it felt like i had jsut run a mile. my heart was beating really fast. i asked my friends if we had jsut ran somehwere bcuz i honeslty couldnt remember. they jsut laughed at me. then my firend drove to her house and got some pants. the clouds were pink and blue and they had a sliver lining or a shiny lining around them. we decided we wanted food so we went to burger kind and orderded food. my firend that was driving was so fucked up she gave the lady a 20 and forgot to stay aorund to get 10 dollars in change and the rest of our food. so she jsut drove away. we all felt too stupid to go back and for some reason i thougth that we couldnt, so we didnt. as the night went on, my visuals werent so strong anymore but my mind was thinking completly differntly. i thought i had figured out the reason why i was shy, and i wrote down a quote that i had thought of. it atucally made a lot of sense. the weather was really shitty tho and my firend that was driving was tripping balls so we thought itd be safe to go back to her house. the tornado sirens started going off and shit and the weather got really bad, there was lots of lighting and rain but it was awesome

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