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Shrooms with cranberry juice.

Got this Idea from Underhillmaster.

6/4/2012 Shroom trip

A couple of minutes ago, I finished grinding up about an eighth of B Cubensis. They are kinda soft on the inside, cracker dry on the out. I have them in a cup, and I'm about to pour in 2 oz of cranberry juice. I hope I don't get too out of line and deviate from my plan of listening to music and logging this trip.

I pour in two ounces of cranberry juice. Even though I have not yet taken the mixture, I am feeling the anticipation. This is the third time in the last ten days eating shrooms.

I think I'll let the mixture soak for a bit, because the taste of shrooms isn't always wonderful. I wouldn't really call the shrooms here powder, just more like flakes. If I knew that the inside was not yet completely dry, I would have let them dry for another day or two.

I've been listening to Enigma for the last fifteen or twenty minutes. The album is A posteriori. I think I'll take the shrooms when Goodbye Milky Way comes on. The current song is 20,000 Miles Over The Sea.

The CD starts going crazy because I've owned it for a while now. I don't think this CD will work from here, so I'm going to go to youtube and listen to Goodbye Milky Way now.

I take the first gulp/swig, and it's very bitter, slightly spicy. I almost puked.

I'm also emailing a friend who works graveyard shift, so we'll keep each other awake. She doesn't know I'm taking shrooms.

Looks like that first swig got most of the mixture. In a sec I'm going to finish the rest and pour more cranberry juice to get particles off of the walls of the cup. I am noticeably different, but maybe it's just a placebo. I will TRY and stop saying "shrooms" now cause it's kinda annoying myself.

I am DEFINITELY feeling something. Like a happy balloon made of feathers.

I take the rest(except for the particles on the sides of the cup) of the mix. I just got done replying to my friend who asked what is the likelihood of her and her man staying together if she has to move for school. I gave what seemed like a supernatural explanation.

I am definitely tripping. There is sort of a red hue over everything, very very minute, but there. I am going to eat the rest of the mix, which probably has only half a gram in it.

I start laughing for no apparent reason other than I want to. The laugh lasted about ten seconds. I'm contemplating opening up a bottle of red wine that I got from my friend yesterday.

Things are kinda moving but not much. The walls are sorta breathing. I think it's because I'm breathing, and the shrooms are just making me focus more. My eyes are kinda feeling dry.

I am feeling twice the amount of effects than I did the with my last two trips. I kinda feel it coming and going, and when it comes back, it has more punch. I just drank the last bit of shroom juice after pouring some cranberry juice down the side of the cup to drop the remaining particles.

I feel like jello.

Just over forty five minutes in, and even a professional would know he's frying. My thoughts are lazy. I feel, funny?

Duuude, I wanna watch Into The Wild right now. Or maybe Beavis & Butthead Do America. Into The Wild? I don't know. B&B? Not sure. I'm emailing my friend, and logging my travels right now. Both movies I just mentioned have awesome desert scenes in them. Moral of this story directors and actors? Gotta document the desert.

Having closed eye visuals.

I am considering an attempt at lucid dreaming. I've had them before, but rarely when trying. I just want to soak in this universe that I have built. My laptop, hundreds of CDs, four walls and everything in it including me. Not that I built the house or anything in it, but I took those things and put them together to build my own environment. What does this mean? I'm looking for a deeper meaning. People with jobs provided everything that I have. Guitars, keyboards and all of my music equipment. Table, bed, chair, carpet, the list goes on. Now, who provided the workers with material and instructions? More people. So, we go down and down the line until eventually, we have the earth. Earth provided for those who provide for us. The trees provide paper and wood. The plants provide oxygen. Who/what provided the earth?

I think I am going to open up this bottle of wine. I love red wine.

I think I'm peaking and I feel very very very euphoric. I want to wait before drinking the wine, but if I wait too long, my parents will wake up by time I finish the bottle, so I may as well start drinking it now.

Started coming down maybe half hour ago. I just decided to let the shrooms do their thing cause I was VERY affected. Trouble thinking now. I'm gonna drink wine and go to sleep.

I am 75% in reality, and 25% in the dream world. I'm not exactly tripping, but I'm not exactly sober. I'm just, well, I don't know what I am.

10pm recap...
I ended up going to sleep maybe around 5am, and waking up around noon today. Toward the end of my trip, I couldn't really feel myself. I wasn't numb, so when I say I couldn't feel myself, I guess you could say that I felt like nothing, like I had no mass. I SAW that I had a body, but I didn't FEEL that I had a body. I felt weightless, and on the contrary I didn't feel light. It's like my physical self wasn't even there.  The end of the experience was like an observation. As far as I'm concerned, I could have gone to bed without knowing it, and my conscious self carried into a dream, and the movie kept playing without anyone knowing I went to sleep. This trip was half as strong as the one I had when I ate half an ounce, and I only ate one eight this time around. I don't recommend eating half an ounce, unless you want to get completely blitzed. I doubt I'd ever eat half an ounce again. All in all, I think cranberry juice does help. I've read some replies here, and the extraction explanation makes a lot of sense. My entire trip seemed to last five or six hours, but going by this report here, it looks like it was only half that time. Thanks for the idea!

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