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1st time It Started well then went bad

Ok a couple days ago I had my first trip.

Ok a couple days ago I had my first trip. My 'Friend' grew them himself and I ate 22 grams (wet) of fresh cubes. At 1:30 am I chewed up the four stems. Let me say my situation also I tripped alone(not smart even though i don't really have any friends and am used to being alone) and with my mother and sister sleeping in the house(very not smart) AND on top of that i had to go to work in 13.5 hours (heh i know i'm an idiot).
They didn't taste as bad as i thought they were going to but they weren't good either so i helped wash them down with some orange juice which helped alot. It took about 80 minutes for them to take effect. Stuff sort of bubbled and moved if i stared at it long enough and almost everything had a thin rainbow outline that traced around like christmas lights.
The first 2 hours were a blast where i mostly just watched a trippy phychdelic sceen saver and looked in the mirror in the bathroom. The mirror was very interesting. It was like i was looking at another person on the other side I knew it was me but some of the faces and actions i did kind of scared me. After i had enough of that i decided to go to my room for a while nad this is where i spent the rest of the trip. By now the trip had really kicked up a notch and simple actions became very confusing. I would get up and walk around for no reason becuase i forgot what i was getting up for. by now i had to go piss wich was awsome becuase as i was pissing colors became more deep and vibrant as more water exited my body.
It was now 4:30 AM and i decided to lay down on my bed and try to go to sleep. This was an impossible task, I didn't have any closed eye visuals as everybody else reports but it just wasn't possible for me to get comfortable.
This is when the trip started to go bad. All i could think to do was stare at the ceiling which gave some good visuals but my mind kept getting stuck in horrible memory loops. I now know what its like to be insane. I finally got out of the "loops" by messing with the dimmer switch on my halogen lamp while laying on my bed. I have never seen more beutiful colors in all my life and i did this probably for 20-30 minutes until the dredded memory loops came back.
I was having multiple thoughts at once. I kept thinking over and over again i had to go to work soon so i would check the time on my cell phone multiple times in the same minute, It seemed like an eternity. I finally told myself to stop touching my cell phone becuase i was afraid i might call someone accidentally and that would be disaterous.
So i got up and looked for something to do, first i found both of my digital tape recorders to try and document my insanity. But sadly Both of them had dead battery's. Hehe but it kind of funny now that i look back on it becuase i must have spent 10 minutes trying to turn them on before i convinced myself the battery's were dead.
I lied back down on my bed and listened to some music with my portable cd player.Let me say music sounds FUCKING AWSOME while tripping. My limbs and body parts all felt weird, it's hard to describe but it was like i felt my arms hands ect.. in 2 places at once very weird feeling.
And thats pretty much it... I know i'm forgetting some shit but i can't remember it all.
Looking back on it it was very fun but very scary. i will trip again probably in a couple weeks. I would recomend that everone try the experience but do it with some friends unless you are a loner like myself. Hell i'm alone most of the time and and am a VERY level headed person and i almost lost it there a couple times.
Shit i almost forgot. The worst part of the trip by FAR was i only got like 4 hours of sleep and when i woke up i had to go to work I had the worst fucking migrane of my life for the rest of the day. I cannot stress enough how bad this headache was.
So the morale of the story is dont trip before you go to work.
Happy Tripping

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