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A ride through hell and back

A long, detailed report of a first time experience :)

This is a long and detailed report. 

This is my first trip report, although it was my second experience with mushrooms. Ironically, my first time i had split 2, 8ths with my girl(at the time) and cousin, and i didnt really trip. Amazing body high, better music but pretty much it. 

A little background on me. Ive been smoking cigarettes since i was 14, now im 21. Smoking weed almost daily for the passed 2 years. Last year i tried acid twice (first time 1 tab, second time 2 tabs) and honestly, didnt feel much. Just a deeper level of thinking but no visuals or head/body high. I've done MDMA three times, and ive done coke a handful of times. Annnnd ive popped vics and xannies which dont really appeal to me so i rarely use them. Only  when friends happen to have a few and give me one. 

Back to story. And let me start by noting; This trip was not planned...AT ALL. 

I wake up and decide to head down to the city where i used to live, before moving to the valley in 08. All my friends live there (25 miles away) so i thought i should see my friend G. We play some COD at his house until his younger brother gets home and we leave. G had school that evening at 6 but he didnt want to go. His school was around Where i lived and he always goes with my other friend M so they share a ride and not be bored traveling alone. We decide to shroom that day so we call my guy and get an 8th. Now, i thought this would be a reasonable amount and that i wouldnt trip hard, due to not really even tripping my first time. 

When we were picking up the shrooms, i asked my guy what kind they are? (kind of a stupid question? i dont know, i usually ask that to my weed guy. I guess i was excited and my mind didnt think much before talking). I will never forget his response, "...ummm...Its the GOOD kind maaaan" with a big smile. we laughed and went our ways. They were golden teachers^-^

I drove to a nearby park with an observatory at the top. But we stayed at the bottom. G and i made our way to a nice area with tables and seats and began chewing down our share. I honestly love the taste of shrooms!! I kept chewing it wishing i could just eat them for the taste sometimes. This was at 7:50pm

We were starting to feel funky when our other friend H came to hang out with us after we told him what we were up to. As we were building up and starting to feel happier, our friend arrived. About 8:20 and G is already laughing at everything and walking intoxicated. I was fine, very euphoric, and i could see mild flashes like lightning from the corner of my eye....but fine. I kind of felt bummed and thought it wouldnt hit me. Later i will learn not to underestimate things. 

We decided to head back down to the city because the park would soon close and we would get in trouble with the rangers. I felt i was good to drive but H was worried. I reassured him by coherently talking to him and explaining i actually AM fine to drive(for now...as i thought....). 

G decided he would ride with me and H would follow me wherever i wanted to stay for the trip. When G and i entered the car, G asked me why i didnt seem to be fucked up, when he was being so obvious. I told him i dont know and laughed. I knew something was building up and some magical mushroom creatures sent by the Gods were rewiring my brain and everything else that was connected to it. 

Inside the car i felt a cold vibe. I didnt like it. "Nothing manmade."(. This is also another lesson learned.) I started laughing hysterically when i tried to pull down te handbrake and shift to reverse. I felt as if i was making mistakes and kept shifting around until i got it. We made our way down the trails towards the city, and i started to feel these badboys. It was already dark so shadows were catching my attentions and lights would amuse me. We got to where the city starts and both G and i stared wide eyed at how beautiful everything looked. At night, all the lights, and reflections and colors seemed wet and amazing. 

The trip was 1 mile away, where i used to live, i felt this was a safe enough street. We wouldnt be bothered by cops or criminals. But as i learned, doesnt matter where in the city i might have been, would have sucked because it isnt natural. You'll know what i mean. We parked and with H went to mcdonals as he drove. At the drive thru G and i were laughing and telling each other what we were feeling. Before we could end what we were describing, the other one of us would eagerly shout "YEAAAAHH holy shit hahahaha." There was a hedge on our right and i spent what seemed to be 30 minutes, staring at it. I felt it. I could smell it and hear it in some weird plant language. I dont know what it was saying but i felt warmth and happiness being released from the hedge and into my soul. It was breathing. It was swaying towards me and back. I felt like a magnetic pulling and pushing sensation between me and the hedge. This all took only a few minutes. 

The car ahead of us wouldnt move and i felt as if i lived an entire life in that damn drive thru. I just wanted to get out of there now because the car we were in was getting less and less roomier. The car felt as if it was bending slightly from the middle. Finally, we get out of there and go back to my car. H and i smoke 2 bowls of weed but G refuses to smoke because he was tripping hard. He said bye to H and went to my car because he felt the car wanted to eat him. As i was saying bye to H and trying to climb out from the back (he has a coupe) i was struggling. I kept feeling my phone and items in my pockets falling out. Only to check and see they are still in my pocket. Only to find again that they're falling out. I somehow got out and with giggles said bye to H and sat back in my car.

This, is where i was dragged into hell. After H left and G told me how fucked up he was, this overwhelming feeling of being alone and trapped came over me. The realization that i was so out of my mind and so was my buddy, in the city, not knowing what is going on and what to do, scared me deep. My car came alive!!! It rolled and twisted and turned into itself and i could feel my body and head spinning with it. I thought i was dying and this was the entrance to hell. We both got out of the car because it was getting way too uncomfortable and scary.I tried to tell G to call another friend D to come hang with us, so that we wont be scared and do stupid things. But i couldnt talk. id try, but id just push air out and laugh because i couldnt concentrate on ANYTHING. I tried to string together words that i was going to use, so G can take in those words and process them, but when i tried to speak, they crumbled and fell apart, drifting into different words, objects, trees, colors. WTF IS GOING ON?!? i finally tell him.

For a good 10 minutes, all i could hear was the hooks reply " its the Gooooodddd kiiiinnnddd haahaaaahaaa" in my head, on slo motion, ON REPEAT. I think to myself "if i throw up, i'll sober up a little." So i went to the side of some house that i always used to run around and play. It was an appartment complex with a boxy kind of porch, so there were a lot of areas to hop on and off from. I fingered my throat (no pun intended) and to my surprise, quite easily threw up a good 3-4 rounds. We had no napkins so i had to wipe my nostrils with my fingers. I felt wetness all on my hands and nose and mouth. I know if i were sober, i would be pissed and feel shitty and disgusting. But i didnt care. I washed myself from a bottle of water thoroughly. 

The vomitting didnt lessen the intensity of the trip. But i did feel better. I also had to piss. As i stood in dark side of the building ready to piss, the shadows kept whispering to me and i could see them, moving around and changing shapes wildly from the corner of my eye. But everytime id turn to look, they were gone. My pee felt amazing. Like some sort of viny plant growing out LOL it was a trip. We only ate a subway sandwich a few hours prior. i sat down on the porch next to G and we tried to eat chips we had, to fill our stomaches. I stuck my hand in the bag, and notice something weird. I feel, rather...i DONT, feel my hand. My hand is reaching inside the bag but it isnt my hand. I dont feel it attached to me and it feels like goo. I managed to get a chip and stare at it, only to find G staring at his chip exactly like how i was. I knew 100% he went through exactly what i went threw and we both just laughed. I couldnt eat. Not even one chip. 

I put my hands on my knees, laid my head looking right, on my arms and looked at the world, and a pathway(sidewalk). I felt the roundness of earth and saw it bending. The sidewalk was swerving slowly left and right. Grass was growing wherever my eyes focused on. I saw my old appartment where i used to live, and saw cartoons on the walls. like a big picture, colors were falling out from their lines, and touching other colors smoothly and freely. I closed my eyes and intense CEVs blew away my mind. At first i saw One mushroom. small and white. It grew and grew and started to multiply. The multiplication was drawn by hand. Lines were forming mushrooms and other plants. Geometric shapes and neon colors filled in the art and backgrounds. Strobes of different colors would fly by my face and i could feel their warmth, their coldness, their texture. Some wet, some cracked, some oily. Such beauty i had never seen or imagined. My mind was drawing so fast for me in a way i could never have. And my creativity was set to max settings, Like a super computer. There were more things but i dont remember them. These drawings were the most vivid ones i remember from this chapter. 

As i was enjoying this heaven, my eyes closed, i heard some people talking. It was extremely low, and sounded more like murmurings. it kept getting louder and clearer but i couldnt understand a thing. It got so loud that it was on my left now, just 15 feet away, parked in a car. I open my eyes and its our buddy D with his 2 friends J and S. I know them, but honestly am not too fond of the younger one S. I was somehow in my car again. Obviously i had to have walked there but i didnt remember, and it didnt matter nor did it concern me anymore. They came to us and started talking to us while smoking cigs. They were being loud and annoying. I was furious at how S was acting and even more furious at D. Because D is our friend, S is not. He is D's little friend. It is D's responsibility to fill the kid in, and teach him how to act and when to know enough is enough. I thought; if i had to bring a new member to my circle of friends, it was my job to educate them on how we are, how he has to be with us. How he has to show respect and if the younger one, has to listen to us elders. If i noticed he isnt acting respectfully along his lines, id cut him loose. Me and G looked at each other and said both agreed we made a mistake calling them. By the time they arrived, we had walked through hell and werefinally enjoying more heaven. But they threw us back into hell. as they were talking and laughing, all i saw was shadowy ghosts melting into blackness. They were making stupid "Oooooohhhh" sounds trying to trip us out. It was working, but not because of the Wooah's, but because we kind of...hated all of them at the moment. I saw things more clear and discovered a few things in that moment, about those people and who they really were. id rather not get into that though. On top of this, my parents kept calling me but i knew i shouldnt pick up because it will be a dead give away. I tried to text my mom but my screen keeps changing color, size, distance and the letters fly around everywhere. Takes me a long time to finally tell her im at my friends house, a little drunk, so im going to sleep it off. 

We're starting to come down but definitely still tripping. Time is about 10:45pm. I was in no condition to drive 25 miles home, so we decided G would go home and sleep, and i would sleep in his car in their parking lot. His car has tints and its an underground closed parking lot so i felt fine. I couldnt sleep at his house because his mom and bro were home and id rather not be around them in that state. we were dropped off to Gs house so he went toget my car (1 block up) while i tried to sleep. I felt very good and safe so i closed my eyes to sleep. it was 10:55. I started having insights and sad realisations. I saw all the bad things about me. i saw all the drugs ive done vividly in front of me. In my body i felt which drug, was affecting which area of my body and how my body felt about it. It wasnt happy :( 

Its like, my mind had gone on a vacation for a couple hours, and came back with a master plan on how to get my mind right. I saw all the drugs that ive done, and havent done. Mixing together and turning slowly. More and more drugs collecting onto it like a big tornado getting bigger and stronger collecting more and more debris. i felt horrible. Dizzy and very heavy. This feeling grew and grew until i thought i was either about to die, or go through another couple hours of tripping. The tornado of evil spun and flushed itself down a toilet. Where it was, now i saw green grass growing. Amongst them, different colored mushrooms started growing. A sky arose, and birds started appearing. My body felt fantastic. Light and clean. I cried a little because of what i ha just gone through and how scary, true, beautiful and refreshing it all was. 

When G came back i was sober and made up my mind i would drive home instead of spending the night in his car. We smoked a final cigarette together. We were exhausted but happy. We werent saying much, and whenever we were, it was things like "oh man what did we just go through?" or "wow i still cant believe we survived that." 

We said bye to each other, he went home and i got in my car. Turned it on, and spent a few minutes just soaking everything in. The drive wasnt bad, but i was definitely impaired somewhat. I parked a street up from my house and smoked a few cigarettes just thinking about the trip. Finally got  home about 12:30am and slept like a baby. Woke up the next day feeling like i had been locked in a shell which i cracked open and got out from.  

Overall i had a very eye opening, beautiful, scary and teaching experience. I plan to go on these trips every now and then. They can be a great tool if used properly. My next trip will be in nature and not the city or home. Even though manmade things had their own beauty too, i didnt like them and much rather be in a place without things we created. 

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