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1st time doin shrooms

So it was me and a friend (i'll call him S) we had planned to hang out that friday and smoke.

So it was me and a friend (i'll call him S) we had planned to hang out that friday and smoke...like ussual. We had called another friend (i'll call him B) to see if we could get a slice...we had about 100 total but we didn't want to spend it all. B told us that he could easily get the weed, but when he called us back he asked if we wanted shrooms. At first i was like no, i had never tripped before and it made me nervouse just thinkin about it. S had never tripped before either, but he had wanted to do shrooms for a while. We dicided on gettin the slice o weed and 3 eigths of shrooms...B chiped in some money for shrooms for himself. Now we just needed a way to go get everything...so as always i called my grandmother and asked her for a ride to B's house so we could pick him up, get the stuff and head back to S's house. (of course she didn't know wat was really going on) By the time we got to S's house i was acctually excited to munch down on the shrooms, but we had company. His mom had gotten home early, brough his older brother N and his friend T. Of course when they found out we had shrooms they wanted some...so we split them up equally. Around 9 o'clock S's mom went to bed and we headed up to the band room above the garage. Just a little side comment...the band room is amazing, heated seats, 3 tv's and crazy sound system, wide open space to mosh....and it's sound proof. Anyways...we head up there and munch down the shrooms. About 15 mins. go by and i'm still not feeling anything...i figured they would have kicked in by then. So i call my friend in conn. and ask him, he said give it another 15-25 mins. So I did....around the time i got off the phone with him everone else starts talking about weird things, and i asked themm if they had kicked in yet...they all said fuck ya. Around this point i started to feel bummed out...did i not eat enough, was my body just not as responsive to them...i didn't know. Then another 5 mins pass and T starts to laugh at me, i tell him to shut the fuck up...and sure enough, he kicks me in the fucking balls...IT HURTS. I feel really pissy now...my balls hurt and the shrooms aint doin shit. So i take outt the weed pack a bowl and smoke it near the window...i got about half way through the bowl before the others relized i was smoking. Another 10 minutes and im def. feeling high, but still no halucinations or anything out of the ordinary.At this point N finds a pen and draws a goofy face on his hand, he calls it Senior Sanchez....i started laughing at how dumb he was being while packing another bowl. I close my eyes for a moment and look back up at his had....it's then i knew that the shrooms had kicked in. Out of no where pink scales and fangs grew on his hand and senior sanchez starts to seem real. I tell my friends, they didn't care, but i sure was starting to feel better. Soon everything was a blur...i guess i was talking a lot, idk to who, but ppl just kept telling me to shut up. About 2 hours later and everyone starts to lay down...which was lame cause all i wanted to do was go outside or do something...so i pick up my guitar..i have no idea wheater i was playin or even hitting the strings because the guitar kept moving...back and forth up and down, getting bigger then smaller...i stared at the desing on the fret board for wat seemed like hours....watching it change colors and talk (though i couldn't understand wat it was sayin), pretty messed up. I was starting to get bored with just sitting around, though seeing everything vibrate and change colors was entertaining. I finally convince T to go for a walk to the brige and smoke the last bowl. As were walking i started to freak out, i had heard stories of ppl who freak out outside, and see monsters and shit. This scares me a little and i start seeing eyes everywhere in bushes and shit...i keep asking T, do u see the eyes..he keeps sayin shut up..he's a dick. So we get there and smoke over the water in the stars and moonlight...it was amazing. I forgot we were outside and everything was chill again. T kept trying to rush me and try and make me smoke faster buti just told him he was buging me...so he shut up. We were done smoking and we walked back...both talking about god and the universe, discusing our believes on them and wat were going to do with our lives...it was odd because me and T never talked like that before..and i didn't even know him that well. We got back up into the band room and watched scoobie doo...that was fun and then the others fell asleep..but i stayed up for atleast another hour giggling to myself and watching the ceiling sway back and forth...

All in all i loved doing shrooms...i've done them once since, but it was kinda a bumer, i didn't trip hard at all...o well. I def. plan on doing them again, but next time with a bunch of friends who are more adventurouse and acctually want to do stuff besides sit around.....

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