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Weed and shrooms mix for a bad trip.

It was scary as hell.

My first trip went a little like this. My boyfriend, T and his room mates, F C and S were already high from some good grade weed. Then they broke out the shrooms, and offered me one. I've done acid once in my life. It was a great trip too, so I thought what the hell, why not? I ate 3 grams of dried shrooms. Which for my body size is a lot. I stand about 5'3" 110lbs. I'm a small person.

After taking the shrooms at about 5:00pm I swore they were never going to kick in, when about an hour later all hell broke loose in my mind.

Everything was tingling, the room was shaking, and I was twitching.

The last thing I remember is taking this huge ass hit out of a gravity bong. We were smoking purple cough, and holy fuck it burned. I'm normally the last one to cough, the last to submit to the burn. But that last hit made the trip hit it's peak. I layed my head on my T's should and I was sucked into a world not my own.

When my eyes were closed it was more scary than anything, vivid images of childhood memories that I never knew I remembered, or hell if they even existed. My grandma, my dad, my childhood friend... we were all there. That was pretty cool, I'll admitt, because my dad's been gone for 6 years now. I was overjoyed to "see" him again. I couldn't get this sippee cup I had when I was 3 out of my head. My parents bought for me when they were still together. It's pattern of purple trains turned into dinosaurs and mammoths.

Memories of my dad came to me through a kilidiscope of colorful squares. Everything were shades of pink and green. Everything was spinning. I couldn't remember who I was with, much less where I was. The last several months just weren't there, at all. I knew who I was but not why I was there. I was even leaning on T and still had no idea who he was. When I closed my eyes again I just kind of not really melted but...dissolved into him and then the couch.

By that time I pretty much knew that I shouldn't have took 3 grams when I barely weigh 110lbs. C asked if I was okay, and T said "She's fine." I still didn't know who the fuck these people were. My memory stopped at December of 11'.

Then came the scary shit. When I was younger, about 11 I was raped. And the memories hit me like a whirl wind. I started twitching and even with my eyes closed I was seeing black and red bubbles... they were exploding one after another. To show his face. I started crying. Somewhere in there I puked. Multiple times. Everytime I remember that night I get nauseous.

I could still talk... Sort of. I could answer "Are you okay?" with an "I'm fine." If you consider that talking. That damn sippee cup just would not go away either.

When I opened my eyes again a dixie cup on the table proceeded to tell me how I'd let my life go down hill and told me I'd better get my shit together. It told me to wake up so I wouldn't die.

For once in my life, talking to an inadimate object may help me in the long run.

That's when I opened my eyes for real. My whole body was spasming. My arms and voice came in and out of my control. My arms twitched. My voice broke. So I said fuck it and laid back down.

T went outside, which I remember. F got home and brought me half way back to reality. He said it was time to go, it was 8:30pm. My sense of time and momement was shot. C carried me to the car I think F helped T to the car too. T and I were both totally fucked up. He could walk and talk better than me though.

Maybe mixing weed with the whole ordeal was a dumb idea.

Reality didn't come back to me until I got home. When my mom looked me in the eyes ands asked me, "What the fuck are you on kid?" Which I proceeded to tell her about shrooms and scary train dinosaurs that wouldn't go away.

Other than the trip itself I vaugely remeber falling asleep in the car, puking when I got home, having all my vitals checked and that I didn't walk myself anywhere but through my front door and to a bed, which I then proceeded to pass out for 12 hours.

I'm having flash backs of what happned last night every few hours of so, so I remember more and more as the day goes one. Though I don't really want to lmao.

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