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Atstral Projection, Leaving This World


To give you a quick history of my past hallucinogen use I am experienced.  The first hallucinogen I ever used was mushrooms.  I have a long standing history of LSD use.  It has been over 10 years since the last time I dropped acid, but in the prime I would usually call 10 plus hits a good trip.  The most LSD that I have consumed in one setting was 32 hits of liquid.  I have tripped on mescaline 2 times.  Both trips were via San Pedro cactus tea.  I have tripped on both Morning glory seeds and baby woodrose seeds multiple times.  I have tripped on Salvia.  I have used 2CB on time.  I am sure there is something out there that I have yet to try but for the most part I have tripped many times on many things. 

 The first time I had ever heard of DMT was some 15 years ago.  There was an article in High Times about it.  After I read the article I had made up my mind I had to try it.  I have been in pursuit of the spirit molecule ever since. I searched and searched for DMT.  I learned what I could about it on various websites and forums.  Not too long ago I realized that if I was to ever find DMT I would probably have to extract it myself.  So I found a website that sold Mimosa hostilis root bark.  I ordered 100 grams of the dried root bark along with all the other needed chemicals.  I was so excited once everything arrived in the mail.  I followed a procedure I found on the net and I finally had DMT. 

Over the past 15 years I had grown to build a fearful respect for the spirit molecule.    It took multiple tries over the period of 3 days for me to finally, “break through.”  It took a few days even after having extracted the DMT for me to muster up the courage to even try the stuff.  I wanted to start slowly and increase the dose as I grew more familiar and comfortable with DMT.  My very first DMT experience I smoked just above a threshold dose.  I took my finger and got the slightest bit of DMT crystals to stick and then I brushed it off onto a small piece of foil.  I wouldn’t even say that there was any more than 5-10mg on the foil.  I was standing in my walk- in- closet with the lights on. I didn’t know how I was going to react to the spirit molecule so I took a really small hit.   I felt a little head change.  Everything in my vision seemed to vibrate a bit.  I didn't know if this was just due to what I had read online or if this was the actual effects of the drug.  I took another hit.  This time I saw the white crystals melt into a yellow puddle.  I saw the white vaporous smoke rise up into the straw which I used to inhale.  I could taste the smoke too.   It was nasty and it was hard to keep from coughing it up.  It tasted just like burning plastic smells.   I held it in as long as I could.  As I exhaled I felt kind of like I was falling forward.   I kept feeling like I was falling forward a little bit.  My vision was focused on some books on the bookshelf in front of me.  A serpent like kaleidoscopic pattern of purple and green popped out from between the books.  I felt very comfortable.  There was nothing unnerving about this threshold dose.  I didn't break through but the next 20 minutes or so were spent in a pleasant mild psychedelic state which reminded me of being on a small dose of mescaline or mushrooms. 

The very next day I woke up with a renewed want and desire to fully experience DMT.  I weighed out 30mg.  I only had foil so I put the 30mg on the foil, I and went to lie down on my bed.  I lit the foil from the bottom and melted the DMT just like a tweaker smoking meth.  A yellow puddle formed and I tried to hit it but there was not much smoke.  I exhaled what little bit I did get to vaporize and as I did I felt a head change.  It was subtle.  I noticed a slight strobe like effect.  I held the lighter up and hit it again.  This time I got a good hit.  I kind of burned a bit.  I almost coughed but I held it down.  As I exhaled I felt as though I was falling through a visual "dimension” then SLAM!  The falling stopped.  My vision was clouded with a blur almost as if I was in a dream, and I was looking through a cheese cloth or something.  Everything seemed to be moving slower than usual.  In the distance I noticed a color changing kaleidoscope of neon yellow, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and blue in the distance spinning.   electric neon display that was spinning.    I took another hit, and I felt myself fall through yet another visual dimension.   The color ever changing kaleidoscopic electric neon display that was spinning     in the distance moments ago was now right in my face.  The colors were very bright and very blinding.  They were swirling about in almost a dizzying fashion.   I was still very aware of myself as there wasn’t much of a head trip to accompany the amazing visuals I was seeing.  The only thing I remember thinking about at this time was how comfortable and safe I felt.  I knew I hadn’t broken through yet so I wanted to take another hit from the foil, but I realized I was too high to take another hit.  The colors were in my face, and I felt like I was in a dream.  Even though I wanted to smoke more I couldn’t even see the foil enough to focus on it or to hit it.  I put down the foil and began to let go as much as I could and enjoy the electric light show that was happening.

As the colors swirled in front of my face I noticed there was an image in the center of my vision that was not swirling around like everything else.  I focused in on what it was and I realized it was Ganesh.  I saw the elephant ears blowing in the wind.  I saw arms moving up and down in a wave like motion.  Everything around Ganesh was still swirling and spinning but Ganesh.  I was definitely experiencing a hallucinogen which was far more powerful than anything I have ever known before.  I was still very aware of my self though.  I knew that I hadn't broken through. 

I started to come back and noticed that I had only smoked about half the 30mg I had put on the foil.  I thought it was funny that most people say that DMT is a 5 minute trip.  The peak maybe, but I was still tripping for about 20 minutes after my peak.  The experience was great.   I couldn’t wait to try it again.  I knew if I was going to break through I had to find a better way to smoke the stuff.  Smoking through foil was just too harsh.  I couldn’t get enough of it fast enough to break through with the way I was smoking it. 

After some research I found a smoking technique that involved smoking the freebase in a bong after wrapping the DMT in foil.  I sat down with my bong.  I had already measured out 40mg.  I wanted a full blown experience but I didn't want to black out.  I have read that doses in the higher range of 50-60mg you end up blacking out during the trip.  I laid back in my bed.  My wife was there with me to take the bong out of my hands when I needed her to.  I started to hit the foil in the bong stem.  I saw the bong filling with a white vaporous smoke.  I didn't feel any burn or taste the nasty taste as I was hitting it.  I knew it was working though because I saw the smoke in the bong.  Then I noticed the vibrations beginning to start.  I had done enough DMT in the past few days to recognize this tell tale sign of a threshold dose of DMT.  The vibrations had started.  It was like an electrical current of energizing perfection and bliss was buzzing through my body.  With the pulsing current came an even greater vibration in my vision.

As the vibrations hit me I noticed that they were much more intense than I had yet known them to be.  This caused some excitement in me because I knew I must be on the verge of finally breaking through.  I had no more breath left.  I pulled my mouth from the bong and exhaled.  As soon as I was able to I pulled the stem and cleared the bong.  It was still an amazingly smooth hit compared to what I had been used to from the past two days of experimentation.  I put the flame right back on the foil and began to hit it again.  I was hitting it hard.  I knew I was close to breaking through.  The visuals already had gotten more intense than I had yet experienced from DMT.  The visuals reminded me of tripping on an 8th of some good cubes. Then all of the sudden I felt a fast fall.  I was looking down at my bong trying to get another hit before it was too late.  I finished my last hit and handed the bong off to my wife.  Everything from this point is kind of a blur, but I have spent an entire day reviewing the trip and this is how I remember it happening.

As I fell through I looked up to my ceiling and my vision saturated by bright red light.  There was a feeling of warmth and great comfort.  I felt as though everything was perfect.  I could only feel warmth and love.  Then in the blink of an eye I was traveling through a tunnel.  As I was traveling through the tunnel I heard voices.  The voices were telling me, "Welcome we are here with you." There were many voices and they kept repeating this over and over.  The tone of the voices was very comforting.  As I traveled through the tunnel everything happened so fast, yet it seemed to last a timeless eternity.  Then just as quickly as this had all started I was thrown from the tunnel into the universe.  I had just experienced total astral projection.  I was now in outer space.  I was in the heavens, and the voices continued to tell me that I was welcome and that they were all with me.  Time had stopped and I was one with everything.  I was a bodiless entity.  As I began to come back down to earth and regain my identity I was overwhelmed.  I felt the most profound joy I had ever felt in my life. I had just been shown something that I never could have imagined.  The first thing out of my mouth as I regained my senses was, "Wow what the fuck was that!?" I spent the next 30 minutes or so just overwhelmed by the joy from what I had just seen.  I felt so alive and so real.  DMT is not something to be feared.  DMT truly is as Dr. Rick Strassman titles it, "The Spirit Molecule."  


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