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The key & the door..


   Ive done mushrooms many times, but none is more memorable than the time I did 6 grams. It was Psilocybe cubensis from Huatla Mexico. The night I took them I was in a really good mood and was feeling really good about everything. So I took them around 5pm and waited for the normal signs. At around 5:45 I started feeling funny, you know the funny felling you get of anxiety and weirdness that comes with the trip. I always tend to look at my hands when I start feeling my trip come on, its almost as if I'm making sure I'm there lol.. So I started feeling the norm signs, breathing of objects, morphing and the complex way of seeing things. But as my voyage continues I notice I start thinking very deeply about everything, I mean I was thinking at a level that I have felt before but not like this. I was thinking as if I had a golden ticket to experience all things in the universe, and there I was on the passenger side of who I thought was the creator. I was getting explanations to some of the weirdest questions that I find myself asking when Im not tripping, and the wonderful thing is that I would get an answer that made so much sense that it sometimes brought a tear to my eye. I know your probably wondering what these questions were and the answers to them. But the honest truth I remember just some of it. One thing I remember for sure is I kept thinking to myself WOW. Now this kept coming to my mind cause I kept thinking of how something just got opened in my mind after taking these wonderful mushrooms filled with this amazing compound that just made you see things as if it were the first time seeing it, and I just kept thinking how these mushrooms were they key to many things that humans don't quite understand yet, then I started getting more into it, asking about humanity and why the world works the way it does and why it always felt like there's something invincible that we always seem to ignore or just don't simply pay enough attention to. Of course what I'm talking about is the energy that flows thru this planet, I always seem to feel as one with everything when I shroom, but this time I seriously felt a lot of amazing things and feelings that are truly unexplainable, all I know is that they are there and they do exist, and I had never felt them till the day I took those 6 grams. The rest of the night was just a load of info just passing thru my mind and processing it was fun, most everything I thought about that night was to do with our planet, the universe, humans, and consciousness, and its really funny cause sometimes I try to explain this feeling to my friends that have never done shrooms before and its impossible to do so, I always seem to loose them and confuse the hell out of them, and that's where I think "you just have to try it" so that you can see what I'm talking about. At the end of my trip I felt very alive and very good about everything, I remember thinking I cant wait to pass thru the door again.. It was just a matter of obtaining the key once more...

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