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The Other Side Of The Other Side

Long Term Use of small dosages of mushrooms

It all started after a few grams of shrooms and discussing life with my 'friends' that I began pondering obsessively about how meaningful that discussion was. It inspired me to look into mushrooms and commit myself to some research. After learning about the ancient civilizations and worship of their mushrooms for spiritual understanding and the conspiracies of the occult I began to ponder what it was all about. I found that the universe is all inside your brain and how everything you see around you is a thought. Those three monkeys have some serious meaning. From blinding myself from myself I could see who I truly am. From deafening myself from myself I could hear who I truly am. From silencing myself from myself I could truly speak to myself. I began taking less and less booms until I would be taking less than .1g everyday and let it be. And I notice by not wanting more booms the experience becomes about being satisfied and not wanting or more so wanting to not want, So when you inevitably fall for your desire you will fail that much less. Ulltimately I noticed that when shrooms are under the threshhold you bring them out unklike when you take large doeses and ity pulls you in. I noticed I feel the booms quicker and longer if not all day. And at night my visuals where somewhat hypnotizing. Eventually I might never need booms lol to boom And this is day 8 I will update as I go.

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