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My First Trip

Like watching T.V.

Trip date January 27,2012

I had been curious about shrooms, after a good friend of mine did them over Thanksgiving break and had a great a trip. I got so curious that when I returned to school for the spring semester I asked him to score me an eighth. It took two weeks but he scored me a mild batch of shrooms and even offered to watch me trip. I returned to his apartment to trip. I was nervous at first and scared of what might happened. I quickly swallowed the fear and consumed my eighth over an hour. It took a while for them to have any effect. A good friend of mine was also at the apartment and was already tripping so we took a small walk.

We walked around for a bit until we decided to return to his apartment. Upon our return I noticed the street lights appeared to be much brighter. We returned to his apartment, where we stepped out on to his balcony to smoke a joint. After smooking the joint, I began to get some great visuals. Evertime I would blink my eyes my friends would be a tint of the primary colors. I could only see the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) for a good amount of time. When I realized blinking fixed the image, I did the similar as fixing rabbit ears on top of T.V. until I got back to full color. Suddenly the whole world seemed as if I was watching T.V. I looked over his balcony he asked me what I thought of the scene and I responded the trees look like coral and i feel as if I was under the sea.

We returned back indoorsand I sat down in my favorite recliner facing everyone (my friend's brother had a few friends over) and it felt as if I was just watching a sitcom. Suddenly I took a small turn and just couldn't shake the idea of Cosmic Irony (when one truly realizes how alone he is in the universe). Everything I tried to think of just made believe how alone I was in the universe. My friend came over to me and asked if I would like to go on a car ride and I agreed. The best way to describe the car ride is as if we were in a submarine.

Upon returning I returned to my chair and slowly fell asleep. While asleep i had a dream I was a Canary Yellow lion that had adventures with another darker yellow female lion, a dark red female lion and a brown female stallion. In which I had an adventure with each character and each had a different story (I assume that the other characters are representations of two women I dated and one that was a great friend). When I awoke, I began crying about alot of thing i was still heavily emotional and began to write all my ideas in my dream journal and called the female that represented the darker yellow female lion and told her I loved her. For my first trip I was greatly pleased.

Shrooms are very powerful and in no way should be taken lightly. I am not proud that I have done shrooms and continue to do them (especially after my recent level four trip). I do believe there is no such thing as a bad trip, only powerful learning experiences. When doing shrooms always have a sober/slightly baked friend to keep for doing harm to yourself, others and/or any property.

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