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1st time - tripping bawls

It was 3 days ago, and the only drug i have ever tried before was marijuana.

It was 3 days ago, and the only drug i have ever tried before was marijuana. so i had really nothing to compare this to except for the day after(saturday) i experianced E for the 1st time. (lets say i hadnt had more than 3 hours sleep in the past 48 hours.

im a big guy, 6 foot 3 270lbs and 18 so i thought this wouldnt be as bad as it would.

College residence - friday night
slow friday night lots of people went home.
the residence is in apartment style, 6 people in one apt but each have their own bedrooms ours is like a large upside down ( L ) 3 bedrooms at each tip of the L and a kitchen and living room in the middle with 3 bathrooms. (rest of res has 2 per apt)

me and a buddy who have been best friends ever scense i came to college managed to get the only 4 grams of mushrooms in the city, (weve looked for months here..) and we wait untill its about 7'oclock and decide to grind them up and put them in a boiling water and mix hot cocolate mix into it, my friend tries to drink it as fast as he can while i wait for it to cool down and drink them both in a single gulp (i dont know why i wanted to do this, probably a phobia of gormet mushrooms.. who knows) i chugged the 1st one, at this point, we were both alone... our only contact to reality had just left(bad idea...) to go get groceries and go shopping she said she'd be back at 8:30. we moved from the kitchen table and prepared our 2nd and final cups of the mushroom brew. my friend who was already feeling it was finished his mug and getting a few glasses of water from the tap as i had finished mine. as soon as i stood up (20 min after finishing the 1st mug) i had begun to feel it in my legs and back, they felt like i was made of rubber and was about to colapse in on my self, but i managed to get a cup of cold water,it helped alot i made it back to me seat and didn't mention anything at this point. my friend was walking back and he fell, flat on his face without stopping himself or covering himself with his arms... i had to pick him up (hes about 6 foot 1 and about 180lbs) but when i picked him up my arms felt like he weighed about the same as an empty beer bottle. i remember laughing soo hardly but i dont remember why at this point. i turned the tv on to family and a sinbad movie was on (not the pirate guy) and it had just started. I had a HUGE urge to watch this terrible movie for some reason.

at this point i was in and out of reality and zoning in and out of the movie.
My friend went to the washroom and that was a breather for me, the mush wasnt fully hitting me so i went to get a gatorade from my room but my legs wouldn'y work, i started to panic and before i knew it my friend was back and wanting to go for a walk behind the school and rez buildings into the woods (BADDDDDDD IDEA!!!!!!) i wanted to watch the terrible childrens movie (but to really try to get my non functioning legs to work again) i look at my cell phone for the time its 7:30, i remember thinking for a miniute and trying to get a clear head to watch this guy while we were on our walk he might try to run off into the woods and leave me on the path, hes done these things before while really high(on weed) i remember taking everything out of my pockets so i didnt lose anything, and the onlything i brought with me was my cellphone and my swipe card to get in my apt. i held onto the key with a death grip in fear of losing it (that was the last logical thing i did all night) as we leave the apartment the mushrooms began to hit me REALLY hard, the wiremesh in the glass in the lobby was almost like a spiderweb, so i didnt open the door (im affraid of spiders) so i let my friend open the door and i didnt touch it as we left.

as we went outside (it was really cold) so i tried to do up my coat but the zipper was nowhere to be found. we were about beside the school at this time and we saw a security guard and my friend is making noises and looking like hes drunk, luckily the guard didnt look at him as we walked behind the school where there is a large feild about 30 acres with around 20 trees dotting the feild randomly, and trees soo thick around the feild you couldnt see through them. there is an ice rink on the main path but noone was on it, so i stood and looked at the patterns on the ice and snow. my friend wandered off it seemd for a miniute. i panic'd again and yelled his name and i followed the voice to him, he was just standing in the middle of the feild looking at the ground and i saw he was ok. so i started to look at the sky (lots of clouds and a full moon) i remember hearing something in the woods and i got extremely affraid (we watched some area 51 movie the night before) and began to walk back and remeber saying to him "man weve gotta go back right F***in now!" and he just stood there looking at the ground, and then with no warning i think (i blacked out) i was 50 feet closer to the rez than i was one second earlier. i shrugged it off and i looked at my friend who was slightly behind me and i saw something in his hand.

he had a big wooden steak that youd use to stand a small tree up with, clinched tightly in his hands. at this point, i was in a full blown mushroom trip and not thinking clear headedly. i actually thought to my self, "hes gonna kill me" so i talked to him about putting it down and the concequences of his actions. he took a step twards me and i put my fists up (if there was an actual fight in my mind, it was either him or me, but if you read at the top im a pritty big guy and i know how to fight but so does he...) after i put my hands up in fists he stopped and threw the steak away and begun to walk back, and he seemed like hed had lost his sanity back in the feild, (i realize now that it was just my paranioa but at that time i knew he was going to kill me)

when we got back to the door in the lobby, i swiped the card but i didn't open the door because of the spider webs. he wanted to go upstairs (to a friends apartment) for what?, i didnt know. as for me, i went downstairs (to my floor basement) and checked the time once more.. 7:45 i opend my apt door and everything was a thick haze, i remember my locial self begin to come back and i thought, "HOLY CRAP THE PLACE IS ON FIRE!!!!" but the drugged me, just walked through the haze and sat on the couch and turned the tv on.

as soon as i turned the tv on, the haze went away, and lo and behold the show that was on, the sinbad movie.. it seemed like 30 seconds and the movie was over.. i remember being extremely disapointed. and i checked my cell for the time and it was 9:00!! at this time the door was being buzzed from the lobby by my friend.. i remember thinking "HOLY CRAP HES COME BACK TO KILL ME!!!" so i grabbed my pocket knife and put it in my side pocket ( i know if people say to keep knives away from people while on shrooms but this was nessicary for my survival my logical part of my brain was taking over for a short period of time. and i let him in. after that we just sat in my room watching family guy and listening to alot of classic rock (rush, pinkfloyd) and smoking pot. (while youre coming down, it made me feel like a million dollars( sorta like E ))

it was a life experiance that i wont soon forget.

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