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A Trip To The Next Level

Level 5 Enjoy

A Trip To The Next Level

            I shall begin this story by saying that it was THE most eye-opening and awestruck experience of my life and also one of the most life changing. for the purpose of this experience  you can call me T-cupps, My friend who endured this feat at a super human level with me shall be known as Kyper.

            We are pretty normal guys, I would say of above average intelligence and often converse about society, sociology and psychology which I guess is why we took an instant liking to psychedelics, Psilocybin in particular. we have done a series of smaller trips of 2,3, and 4 grams but nothing could prepare us for the events that took place on March, 17, 2012. We had done 4 grams before and experienced altered depth/distance perception and some open eye repeating geometric patterns along with the walls breathing, but we had heard that 5 grams is the magic number to have an experience that is incomparable to anything else.

            We planned for about a week what we would do that day and decided (not the best decision) to go to our local AMC and see the movie "Project X". We knew that we would trip balls but we figured it would be an intense experience and damn if it wasn't. we got the mushrooms a good 14 grams of them. the plan was to go to the subway located in the same area as the AMC to get food and take the 5g's each, after that we would go see the movie. When it was done we would take the bus back to our neighborhood and re-dose with the last 2g's each and trip the day away.

            And so I woke up at a good time 10:00hrs and got ready by 10:30hrs and was on my way over to Kyper's house. once I got their we went up to his room with a very crude food measuring scale so to this day I will never know if we took 5 or more grams. we measured out the baggies and checked showing times for the next show of project x, it was at 12:45. At 11:00 we left his house and caught the bus to AMC. Once we arrived we went in to get our tickets and headed over to subway. It was 11:45 by the time we got our food and sat down to eat. I was so on edge and excited I could barely finish my 6" sub. I saved my cookies and half my drink to wash the mushrooms down with.

             Kyper headed to the bathroom first to eat his share, we exchanged looks of "see you on the other side" right as he opened the door. a few minutes feeling like an eternity passed but I was yet to discover what an eternity really feels like. he emerged from the bathroom drink in hand and the rest of his cookie away, he wishes me good luck and I venture over to the bathroom with drink and cookies, head in and begin to pump myself up to get these down. I look in the bag gather all the caps I find and toss them down gagging and choking as I chewed without looking back and almost thrusting the contents of my stomach all over the floor and wall numerous times. I toss some cookies down the hatch relieved to have some real, good tasting food hit my tongue having the mushrooms mixed with the cookies I could barely taste the mushrooms I realize this and get the rest of the stems and dust down with ease. I hear Kyper coughing loudly outside and suspect someone is waiting to get in the single person bathroom so I hurry to get the last of the goodies down, wash my hands and head out to see a very strange looking guy waiting to use the restroom I ignore him and continue to the table where Kyper is sitting.

            we sit across from each other, grins as big as the experience we are just about to have plastered on our faces. "And so it begins" I say to Kyper and we head for the theatre. as we reach the theatre I can feel a slight bit of the effects hitting me but not much we get our tickets torn "auditorium 24 just over to your right" the girl said as she tore my ticket not on the pre-cut marks but she fucked it up and tore it just over the marks so some of my ticket was missing, but I didn%u2019t care I wasn%u2019t going to let anything get me in a bad mood today. I said to Kyper "I have to take a leak go find us seats" as I entered the bathroom I was starting to see some of the effects. slight starring around the lights and the music kind of sounding trippy but I didn%u2019t see any pupil dilation in the mirror so I finish my business and headed to the auditorium to find it completely empty with only my friend and I walking the isle up to the 2nd last row.

             We sat and started talking about how awesome it would be if no one else even showed for this movie. As we were doing so I started to feel more of the effects, lights were flickering and the black screen looked very "Deep" I knew this was going to be awesome then about 10 minutes before the previews another guy showed up by himself and went all the way to the back of the theatre. We got kind of tripped out by this but I was thinking he might be a movie reviewer for a website or personnel forum or something. Right after 3 guys show up together and this really tripped me out because I had started feeling more effects by now. One of the guys went to the very back to our left but they had some kind of argument and 2 of them went about halfway down while the other continued to stay at the top. I figured they had their own reasoning and just decided to ignore it. A couple showed up and sat close to the middle lower left of us and that was all the people that showed up to the movie so we figured we were in pretty good shape. The previews started and we could really feel some of the effects now. the screen felt like it shot out for kilometers around me and the walls we constantly vibrating/breathing. A commercial for the Texas chainsaw massacre came on and AS SOON AS it started I knew what it was and we got the fuck out of there and went to the bathroom. I could see my pupils in the mirror and they looked like portals to the center of my thoughts. I remember taking a piss and then going back to the theatre doors and listening to the end of the commercial with the horrendous chainsaw noises and screaming. After it ended a commercial for a romantic comedy came on and we sat through it and laughed. The Wrath of the titans commercial came on next and we tripped balls it was so loud and intense I was in shock and awe for the entire thing at how epic it was.

            just following that, a commercial for "the cabin in the woods" came on and we bolted the fuck out of there, we went to the bathroom again and chilled for a bit in the stalls and I remember the lock on the stall door waving with my gleaming reflection coming off of its chromed finish. I got lost in this then I heard Kyper start to head back and knew I had to follow. I got out of the stall and took one last look in the mirror and with a deep breath head out to the movie, after this all the commercials where done and the movie started.

            We were enjoying the movie and tripping out at the same time and there was this one scene where the camera was submerged in water and this scene was when I knew I was coming up hard and fast it was so ridiculously uncomfortable and I started tripping hard watching all the babes in the movie they all look like fucking hardcore 10/10's I chalked it up to the fact that I was tripping. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a dark figure enter the theater then I realize it is an employee she starts checking tickets. this really tripped me out because I have been going to this movie theatre for the past 5 years and have never had anyone EVER check my ticket, and the day I decide to go to the movies tripping fucking balls is the one day they check. but I tell myself it's no problem I know exactly where my ticket is and I pulled it out remembering that it had been ripped in half by the ticket girl. I shine it off the light from the screen so I can read it but its hopeless as the numbers and words are scrambled and bouncing around the ticket.

            I start to notice she spends a very long time with the couple that came in and then the couple got up and left and she moves on to the next 2 guys that are down there and they leave as well so she comes up to check our tickets and I swear it felt like this meant life or death and I was handing out my ticket to be accepted into the next universe and it would determine who I was and what I became. She looked at my ticket and I stared her dead in the eye as she noticed it was ripped then smiled and said "enjoy the show" and checked Kyper's ticket and moved on. As soon as she left us the guy that was with the other two guys got up and left and she said to us before she left "yea%u2026 there was only supposed to be three people in this movie" Kyper and I looked to each other and laughed then carried on watching the movie.

            My friend pulls out two huge Arizona ice teas from his backpack that I didn%u2019t even know he had. breaking the seal on the can was so trippy it felt like the "psssst-CRACK" noise shot out all around me and it was so crisp and clear as it pierced my eardrums. we continued to drink and  It got so intense and wild I was tripping so hard. I had to piss, I knew this would be a feat of epic proportions to accomplish because we were at id say about 70% of max in our coming up. I tell Kyper and we both go to the bathroom because we had a no separation rule for the trip.

            As we were going down the steps to leave the movie I hear a loud crash as Kyper hits the ground from Tripping%u2026%u2026 literally Tripping on his own feet I guess. I laugh it off with him and we make our way to the bathroom. There is a guy at the urinal so I try to avoid eye contact and book it straight for a stall when I get in and sit down I felt a trip I have never felt before, my first full hallucination, the colors of the wall in the stall where converging in a trifecta of endless amusement. Then I notice the music that is playing and it is very eerie and an almost frightening concoction of instruments and I'm thinking in my head "who in their right mind would take a shit to this music????" I hear Kyper start to make his way out of the stall he sounds careless and frightened smashing the garbage on his way out so I hurry to take the rest of my piss and I don%u2019t see him when I leave the stall.

            I start to get back into the theatre and I hear fumbling with crap and a lot of noise it sounds like he's dropping the two ice teas we snuck into the theatre and as I turn the corner to go up the stairs I see him heading back down with all our shit and I can tell by the look on his face that he wants to get the fuck out of there. When we get to the door he says "lets fucking leave NOW!!!" and I feel my phone vibrate but I ignore it and thus like the walls around us our plans melted away into nothing now it was just a mission to get away from people.

            We started walking to the bus station and it was packed with people whose faces where shifting and melting luckily I had my sunglasses on and no one could tell how hard I was tripping. I started to put my coat on and it was drenched in ice tea. I guess he picked up all the stuff we had and was holding the can sideways while holding my jacket for me to grab, and the beverage had dumped all over but it was pretty water proof so I shook it really hard, probably looking like the words biggest idiot because I was tripping balls shaking out my jacket and flailing it everywhere I then decided to just put it on and deal with it. Surprisingly it wasn%u2019t that wet so we stopped by the bus station to gather ourselves for a moment which was near impossible because of how hard we were tripping and we decided that to kill time off the trip we will walk home.

            It's about a two hour walk with intense scenery and many forest trails its only about 13:30 or 13:40 by this time. and really I can only estimate the times I have almost no recollection of actual timings. We begin our epic adventure home by walking by a restaurant called mucho burrito I was so high that when I heard the fiesta music I felt like we were in Mexico and we were at a real fiesta and this feeling was so ridiculously overwhelming I almost danced right there in the parking lot we crossed a few street intersections almost managing to be killed by a huge ford F-250 truck. All the vehicles around us moving very quickly and it was a very frightening feeling we had to get off the main road sidewalk so we walked and walked losing all sense of time. We got to a park with a few kids at it and we stopped at a bench to relax I pulled out my phone and it felt like a piece of worthless plastic the size of a Zippo lighter and I have an I phone 4 so it was quite the feat to look at my texts, only to see one from Kyper "Can we go home now%u2026%u2026.PLEASE" he had sent this earlier and I had ignored it.

             So we continued and decided to take a detour on a road that would lead us to home and where we didn%u2019t know a lot of people. As we were walking we sat on every bench we could to rest and all the benches were placed in such epic positions that seemed like they were made just for us. I saw prisms that resembled shapes of animals in the grassy hills and I knew I was tripping hard by this point. I thought I was at my peak but I had barely scraped the base of this mental Everest we were about to discover. we chose to take a side road an old road that we use to drive down a lot before they put in a much nicer and larger road. memories of racing and speeding past people flew into my head at this point.

            Every time we could see people in the distance I would think in my head "oh that%u2019s an old lady and her husband" and you get closer only to realize it%u2019s a kid with his older brother, something completely different. I was tripping harder then I had ever before but I still wasn%u2019t at 100% yet. we went further down this road and found a familiar path, we made our way down the path until we found a perfectly placed bench that had our names written all over it we sat down there to relax for a bit and got to talking about how fucked up the movie was. We looked around us and started exploring the wilderness with our eyes the trees were shifting melting and warping in all directions I was seeing prisms and shapes forming in the tall grass around the bench I started tripping hard.

            we decided to get up and walk for a bit on the trails around us. I could see an old man down the trail he was with 4 kids and looking down at them as they all walked closer. when this old man looked up at me I saw my own grandfather and stopped dead in the path and was completely speechless, as this was an impossibility being that my grandfather lived more than 2000 kilometers away. we passed them and as I got closer the man he looked less and less like my grandfather. we decided to turn around and head back to the bench to relax, we arrived at the bench and once again and took a seat.

             Now the next part is extremely difficult to explain if you have ever done the "next level" dose of 5 grams and made it to stage 5 in the psychedelic process you know what I'm talking about. but for those of you that don%u2019t it happened to me like this. when I did 4 grams I was having mental trips where my brain felt like it separated from my body or I "lost my mind" for a few seconds to go on a train of thought and then it would come back and I would be in reality again.

             Now I was sitting on this bench in the forest with only Kyper there by my side I was having hard mental trips again I had about 3. I "lost my mind" on the first one for about 5 seconds then it came back and I was saying "WOW!!" and then I lost it again for what felt like another 5 seconds but then it came back, and then I can only describe what happened next as if someone took my brain and everything I have ever experienced, seen, heard, thought, felt, tasted, and lived in my entire life and put it in a blender. I experienced complete synesthesia  my senses had completely melded together I saw the same thing whether my own eyes were opened or closed. but not only was it all my senses that mixed it was also my thought, thought patterns had become one with all my senses. At this point I just said "WOW!!! This is what a spiritual awakening is and this is what mushrooms are all about" and for the next 5 days (I literally was in that state mentally for what felt like 5 days I even remember thinking to myself "I was supposed to go home 4 days ago") in this mental state I was connected and mixed with everything I ever knew and my brain was on fire.  I contemplated religion, the existence of god, aliens , our purpose on earth, the meaning of life.   The purpose of existence was what really stood out to me because it felt like all these things where the same, they are all just ideology created to give meaning to our existence here on earth. It felt like whenever you get a big epiphany (a sudden intuitive leap of understanding) but that feeling was every 3 seconds and it was HUGE!!!. This is what I refer to as the 5th stage in the psychedelic process or reaching the next level. you have a sense that nothing else you ever do will ever matter and I felt as if I would be stuck like that forever and I would never be reintegrated back to society. It was a complete mental rebirthing in a way I almost felt like I had to relearn everything I ever knew. I was hearing my own thoughts in my head, I just remember thinking "WHY???"  about EVERYTHING!!! my brain was being twisted and taken in every direction imaginable at the same time.

            I realized that everything we know and its existence revolves around TIME, and in this state time was non-existent this brought me far down a rabbit hole of thought, "if time doesn't exist anymore what DOES exist" I asked myself if I was even real or if anything was even real if there is no time for us to exist in then how can we be real. This started to scare the shit out of me and I thought if I don%u2019t know what's real how can I be sure that I'm really on this bench in the forest and that I'm not somewhere completely different. Absolutely nothing was normal at this point and the only thing I could do is just go with it I knew if I tried to fight it I would freak-out and lose complete control so I just sat there a slowly lost all sense of identity, past experiences and  my own existence entirely, strangly I accepted it.  The trip hit a peak and I remember coming to a  Life awakening conclusion about it all, unfortunately I can't remember what it was I only remember saying "THAT%u2019S IT!!!!, THAT%u2019S IT!!!!!". after this point the trip started to work its way backwards I was gaining my connection with reality back piece by piece, I slowly started to  comedown gaining back my identity, remembering where I was, and what I had done.

            I have a newfound respect for mushrooms, they are not something that should be taken for fun like I had thought, they will fuck you up and if you are not mentally strong and grounded they could mess with your ability to ever be properly sane, they are more a self expansion and an understanding drug they can reveal a whole other world if used properly in a comfortable setting, they helped me develop a new understanding  for everything in existence but I have never been able to completely put into words what happened in my head that day. After our 3 hour trip on the bench we walked all the way back to our neighborhood and we were so mentally taxed and destroyed that we never re-dosed with the 2g's in fact we tossed them on the side of the road. we then went to the park to sit and collect our very shattered mentalities. And after that day I no longer believe in god and I had been a practicing Christian since birth because of my parents.  

            I hope you enjoyed my experience as much as I did and I really think that this is something everyone should do in their lives but in a more controlled environment.

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