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my most intense DMT trip

Like many other people on here, I'm not too used to writing trip reports so bare with me. Im going to give you a little history on my use and thoughts on psychedelics which you may not like (I know ive sure as hell gotten bored while reading others'), but I hope you take the time to read it.
I remember at one point I thought all my friends who tried mushrooms were crazy, I was always a frequent pot smoker though. As I did more research I realized how interesting psychedelic drugs were, but still didnt have the drive to actually go get them. By my senior year of high school I was completely obsessed, reading every piece of literature I could find on the topic. Specificall DMT, yes I read DMT: The Spirit Molecule a couple times, I even carried it around in my backpack at school. I formed a close alliance with a few other people from my high school during that year who also shared my obsession. In fact one of them recently wrote an article on here called "amanitas ascending". Im not the character he mentions in it, but certainly am close with both of them. I was able to try Mushrooms somewhere in the middle of my senior year and had such an explosive experience that I can barely remember it let alone write about it. I was able to try LSD shortly after that, but it didnt work as well for me in fact Ive only recently got my hands on LSD that actually worked but its nothing worth writing about.
Anyway my desire to do DMT had been so great for so long that it almost seemed like a universal graduation present when I got it because it was so close to the end of my senior year. Not only that, but I was able to get it incredibly easy and to this day its easier to get than LSD. I would say this is also around the time I started to give up religious views and today I consider myself agnostic and sort of take a "Bill Maher" stance on religion. But nonetheless I come from a Hindu background so that has played a role in many of my DMT trips. Yep, DMT made me LESS religious, the one part of my experience with the drug that differs from people in The Spirit Molecule. All my DMT trips have been very intense, but Ill share the most intense one. Not because I learned the most from it, but because I remember it the most and have the most to say about it.
The events in the trip are most likely out of order because it is hard to remember them in the first place. So this was the summer right after senior year, I had had about 8-10 full DMT experiences by this time. Also my friend who wrote the "amanitas ascending" had just left to the army, my closer friend had moved to Florida and I wasn't as close with the remaining person as I am today. I was in my room with someone who I didn't really like at the time and still can barely tolerate but at the very least he was company. I tried to trip and it just wasnt enough, so we loaded more DMT in the bong and I took a huge rip. I always know when Im going to fully trip when I literally can not breathe in or out for a good 10-15 seconds. I always get scared that I will remain like this, but always the DMT eventually gives me the most satisfying breath and I fall into the trip. I always lye back when I trip, and in this case it was on my bed. the first visual that came seemed to be like a red-skinned demon woman. She wasn't threatening and she was naked. I always experience entities of some sort on DMT. I remember opening my eyes and climbing back on my bed to put my head on my pillow. Next I was in a completely different universe that was made of blue and gold stipes, except the stripes were moving all around me and there was so much detail that I can't remember. In this blue and gold universe I saw I man, he was also for the most part naked (no I didnt look at his dick thats how idk if he was fully naked). His skin was made of these blue and gold moving stripes also and he was making weird gestures at me and sticking his tongue out in a very demonic way. After that I remember seeing aliens which is also something I ALWAYS experience on DMT. I opened my eyes and didnt quite see them anymore but had the feeling that they were right outside my bedroom door, they werent threating or anything. Also I want to mention that the kid I was with was saying random things to mess with my trip like "aliens" and things like that which may have caused that theme but Im not sure and its also one of the characteristics about him that I despise. But anyway I have a really psychedelic poster that is basically just a bunch of colors twisted around in an odd pattern, I remember that it was morphing and I also thought it was "alien" in some sort of way. After that I closed my eyes and remember seeing neon colored stick figures and some of them looked evil, after that the stick figures started butt-fucking, its weird I know. However its not the craziest part of the trip, or at least what it seemed like to me. I started having opened I visuals of my dad, it was incredibly real. Everything about him was as if I was looking at him in real life, his clothes, skin and even the way he walked and talked. I wasnt scared that he caught me DMT tripping because on DMT it always seems like I have clear mind and Im just looking at incredible visuals. Dont get "clear minded" confused with intensity, it is still the most intense thing I have ever done. The entire time I was laying down as if I was sleeping, with one hand on the back of my head and a grin on my face the entire time. This was during my most frequent DMT use, so I was sort of able to control my posture and all that.
Ive put everything I remember from the trip in here, so there  you now know a little bit about me. I also want to say that I respect everyone that posts their intense trips on here, because as you may know they arent just fun visuals, but can be very personal. Although Ive done DMT more than many people can say, I still dont take it for granted. I havent done it in months and everytime I do its like doing it for the first time. There is no "getting used" to DMT because just before I do it I still get a little nervous. If you are thinking about trying psychedelics for the first time I suggest DMT because it is convenient in terms of time, and its intesity will somewhat prepare you for other psychedelics. Trust me if you do DMT, it knows everything about you even your deepest secrets and it will shove them in your face. Not that its necessarily a bad thing but yeah. Well, I hope you enjoyed this and took something from it.

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