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6grams and quantum teleportation.

mind fucked.

This is my first attempt at a trip report.

The trip began around 5pm where I and one of my housemates were sitting around having a few beers with one of his mates(i had recently moved in and didn't know the guy all that well)

Being that  I had introduced them to my cultivation hobby and they were both like minded we had agreed to dose up together some time. Tonight seemed as good a time as any.

I went and got a box of my recently harvested cubes and divied out a large pile for each. They were only about a day old after harvest and relatively fresh still. we each had a pile of approximately 70grams in front of us. We then continued to drink, listen to music and chow on the juicy little monsters for a while. I'm not sure how much they ate but I figured I wound up downing around 6g(dry) equivalent, based on what i had left on the coffee table afterwards.

Within around 30 minutes i felt the onset. I jumped up and put on a Boards of Canada CD and sank back into the armchair, closed my eyes, and let the good times begin.

First was the typical feeling of wellbeing and light visual kaleidoscopic type visuals on the back of my eyelids. We had a big PA system hooked up to the stereo, playing the music rather loud. I particularly remember this tune (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQEmaj9C6ko) playing when the visuals started to get very overpowering. My vision suddenly went black and I saw nothing but a tiny pin of light in the center of my view. It expanded and with the music grew larger and closer. I felt as though we were approaching a doorway, a wormhole if you will, deep in the depths of space. My body became weightless. As I got closer I could see it was like a tiny burning sphere but not completely circular.

It warped around the edges like a water baloon falling through the air. Then it began to take shape. Stretching and moulding into a very complex peice of machinery. Its purpose I could not tell, articulating exactly what it looked like is difficult near impossible. It was not like anything I have ever seen prior or since. It did have what looked like cogs and strings connecting certain parts of it. But they moved in and out of the device defying physics. Items that looked separate from the device became part of it, and were then sucked inside it. It got larger and I got closer. Soon It was all around me, pulsating and changing shape brighter than anything I had ever seen. Until I felt like I was inches away from the sun itself and all I could see was a blinding bright light and the feeling of being squished. Not in a bad way, more like I was inside a collapsing jumping castle. Soft homogenous pressure all over my body.

I opened my eyes, or at least I think I did, to find nothing changed. I was still blinded. The music had stopped and I could not speak. There was no longer a connection between what I perceived as myself and the outside world. My body? non existent. What is a body? Did I ever have one?

Amidst all of this I was able to begin to 'move' around. I felt like I was 'moving' through space, in some way, but I had no notion at this point of my legs or arms or physical being in any way.

As I moved forward through the blinding light it became dimer and my body began to feel cold, then very cold, like I was on a glacier. Suddenly I could see again. I was staring at a huge white checkered wall. It pulsated and swelled like a lung. In and out in huge deep breaths. I was stuck to this huge white lung. Beams of blue and red light began to break through its surface all around me. It was beautiful.

There is a blank spot in my memory after this. I think i had closed my eyes and drifted back into the depths of space for a while.

Later I recall being outside. We had a house on a big open peice of land, on a hill. The nearest houses were around 100meteres away in each direction. We were at the bottom of the hill and if you stood in our back yard and looked up the hill on a sober night, it was a nice serene stretch of twinkling house lights.

So I was out in the paddock. Wandering for a while. Staring at the stars and watching the cars zoom by on the highway in the distance. The lights from the vehicles streamed together into one big laser beam. Quite like those over exposed time lapse images of cars driving through intersections.

I closed my eyes again in hope of drifting into a new world. My feet left the ground and I could feel the tall grass sliding down my legs as I levitated into the sky. I opened my eyes again and was suddenly looking down at my house. I blinked  in disbelief. Then I was on top of the hill looking down our street. About 500metres away from my home. I had never been to this particular location before, but it certainly felt and looked exactly how I imagine it would, had I been there for real(or maybe i was there).

Again i was suddenly back on my property looking up the hill. The lights were brighter than usual and the houses were no longer there. I walked further away from the house and kept my eyes on the hill. From the grasses in the distance spawned what seemed to be mushroom homes. Quite like the houses the smurfs live in. They were neon blue and translucent like a slug sliding across a car's headlamp. They grew and srank with the blowing of the wind against my face. The lights began to flicker then extinguished. I was in pure darkness. I looked up at the stars and noticed many of them moving, then swirling, suddenly the entire sky was like a whirlpool. Long streaks of light spinning faster and faster. Then it Stopped with an amazing crash, like thunder.

At this point I began to get a little freaked out. I had begun to remember that I was in fact tripping and hoped I had not completely just lost my mind.

Looking around I found I was standing/floating in a void. Nothing beneath or around me but emptiness. Above, some kind of portal or wormhole.
I made the decision to enter it. Up and up I went, floating into the gateway. Where It was going to take me I wasn't sure.

It took what felt like an hour to finally reach it. As I drew closer I suddenly became very aware of my physical body again. My senses were extremely heightened. I could feel wind against my skin in a way I never had before. My eyes felt gigantic and as though If I wanted to I could see for many many kilometers in the distance with clarity. Only, I couldn't try because there was nothing visually to focus on besides this gigantic worm hole.

Eventually I reached its opening. Without having a choice in the matter I fell through it. Which was strange because until that point I had a distinct sense of going up, and against gravity. Now I was falling. Still, I could see nothing but darkness, falling through a void.

Then An enormous crashing sound again. I felt all the muscles in my body contract like I had just shoved my finger in a power outlet.

I opened my eyes and looked around.

I was back on the couch, my companions gone. the music had stopped. I was back in reality.

Later I found one of them in his car calibrating his flux capacitor because it had malfunctioned apparently, the other was painting on one of the walls in another room of the house. Both had rather interesting tales to tell, but neither could comment on what I had done, or if i had actually gone outside at all.

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