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1st time - intense!

Well, the first time I decided to do shrooms ended up being the last.

Well, the first time I decided to do shrooms ended up being the last. Me and my friends (who had done it alot before) decided to chow at our school's *Decade Dance* we were all dressed as hippies and stuff, so we thought it would be funny if we actually went along with the whole role play. Errr.. bad mistake! =) It was about 8:30 when we first consumed the mushrooms, since it was my first time i did about 2 1/2 grams, and the rest of my friends did about 3-4 grams. At first I was so excited, I was hyper, and everything seemed great. About 30 minutes in, it started to take effect, my stomach hurt like a bitch but my friends told me not to worry, becuase it was normal "gut rot" so i ignored it, and soon enuff i started to hallucinate.At first it was mild, the colours were brighter, and the music that was playing sounded foggy..like it was going slow motion, like a gurl singing would sound like a man with her deep voice.. it sorta freaked me out. Then while me and my friends were walking around I kept looking around at the dance floor, and the strobe light kept tripping me out. And as some of my sober friends would approach me there faces would morph, one of my friends looked close at me, and was like "wow your pupils are huge!!" and as he pulled his face back, his whole face stretched out and he turned into a dog! His ears were longer and stuff, that totally tripped me out! Then when i looked out to all the rest of my friends all their faces were one big blur, all i could see was patterns instead of their faces.. that made me flip...and the slow motion music just added to my weird experience. I think the reason why I got so scared of everything was because I didnt expect anything like that! The only drugs I had experimented was pot. Anyways, things just got weirder as the night progressed. I started to get this feeling that I was never going to recover from the drug, that I was going to stay high like that forever, thats when the damned panic attacks started. Thank god for my friends that had to calm me down once in a while, first of all doing at a school dance.. stupid idea, they say ur first trip should be in a solitary area where things are familar and you dont change your location much. I felt so insecure, like all of my friends were going to leave me, and I was going to be lonely for the rest of my life. My friends then decided to take me to a near by party to let me come down. Before we left I had to go pee... while i was in the washroom i tripped out on the breathing walls, and shit. But when i came out i looked in the mirror to say what my eyes looked like. (okay, a caution for you people that havent tried this yet.. DONT LOOK IN THE MIRROR if ur bad tripping!!) Holy shit... when I looked in the mirror at first i couldnt recognize myself. I look EXTREMELY pale, and to top that, my face went sheet white, and red blotches started appearing, and i looked dead...seriously... maggots were like crawling on my face, and bugs were in my hair! While this was all happening my face was morphing into weird shapes and patterns. My friend had to pull me away from the mirror. Yah, so then we went to this friends house, as we were walking on the field, and it looked like some african safari desert thing.. damn... the night just got weirder. I wish it wasnt so bad, I could totally see how I could have had fun. I needed to take extra procautions and do it in the right place, where i felt comfortable. When we ended up at the party i felt alot better, but I could never shake the feeling of being stuck in time. Things were going SO slow...it was driving me insane! I tried to occupy my mind with other things, i'd tell myself I was cool, and that I was gonna be okay, and that it was all going to be normal the next day, but what i was ACTUALLY thinking was that, Im NOT okay, things will never be the same! As I watched things, I'd try to close my eyes to escape from all the shit around me, it would just get worst!! When i closed my eyes, the images i just saw would still in my mind, then change with fucked up plaid patterns.. then i'd open them and close them, and the same thing would happen. It was almost like I never closed them in the first place! Well that lasted for a while longer, I tried to make the best of it, my friend were insanly drunk, as well as on shrooms at this party but they all tried to comfort me.. It helped alot actually then as i finally came down I went into this weird spiritual mode where I just thought about things alot. Like i solved problems in my head and stuff. It was an overall weird experience, I cant really say it was REALLY bad, altho it had its bad times where i felt like dying, but as soon as i felt comfortable I was able to get a grip on myself. I would like to do mushrooms again but this time with less people, in ONE place without moving around alot! =) Because I really do believe mushrooms can bring you to a higher state of understanding.. if taken with the right dose, and right state of mind. =Þ

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