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The cosmic perception

3g cambodian

3 grams of self grown cambodian. very well dried and big. i ate them at night while smoking lemon haze.
i was lying on the bed and my body started dropping out of this world, this dimension, this vibration. there was some acid rock going on too. when i closed my eyes i saw visions of the sky burning and exploding, constant kaleidoscopic patterns, very strong distortion of sound and music. everything consists of a dream, of the smallest particles, and there are small intelligence particles working everywhere, i could smell the universe and flew into a big vortex of sun and spirals, i could create dozens of milky way-like formations in my visions. i could dissolve every particle and analyze how they work with each other. i could feel the speed of the earth spinning but i was so paralyzed that i loved to enjoy the craziest rides to all directions...

i was staring on my orange painted room's ceiling and i've seen hundreds of layers and paths on the surface. The trip got stronger, i could imagine everything i've wanted to when closing my eyes. Patterns and animations i have never expected my brain is able to do. i ate pieces of chocolate, walked to the laptop, changed the music and laid down again. my body felt like moving with my bed sidewards, did i take off? rushing through dense clouds and seeing paradises, places that were so beautiful, the whole perception was there. my body was melting through the bed. my mindset was "more and more, trip be stronger"-like. i wanted to really space out and yes, it never got so strong in my life. always remember: trippy music will tell you the reason why it is trippy. I was between all particles in this world and the music sounded like miles away and a living portal to somewhere else...the tones changed into different melodies, overtones, effects. plus the music amplified the effect five times more.

i wasn't able to do anything and my brain was about to explode. i reached a state where i realized that death is totally harmless because the information particles will transcode the dead soul to space content again so i am still part of this universe. my carpet was one single giant shadow, the room was expanding. when the music stopped i could hear places and conversations from another dimension. i stood like that for like 3-4 hours and had unlimited visions i can't explain afterwards. i was so open minded to myself that i have asked myself things that i've always wanted to do while tripping. i smoked a couple of joints and can't remember other details, i was just somewhere else. it was comfortable too because i finally had some great weed after some weeks break. the peak held on for good 6-7 hours and then i tried to sleep because it was so strong, i was nailed to the bed. all i saw was a really extreme morphing of my room (the most decent movements i have ever seen), waves all over my blanket and my body. i smoked another joint and took 1g vitamin C. I guess i was sleeping a while later.

when i woke up i was still very stoned and spaced out about what happened. that was the strongest experience ever, cambodian are really strong. i didn't eat much before them. i'm still trying to remember some visions, but i think they are way above and not possible to remember...

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