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Best 4/20 ever

2 grams homegrown cubes

Trip date: 4/20/2012

The day started off without any intentions of dosing shrooms. Me and some friends were supposed to go to another friends property later that day to have a bonfire out in the woods by a pond. We were just planning on drinking and smoking and having a good time. It was a beautiful day out so we were looking forward to it. I got a text a little later saying the party was canceled. Me, my girlfriend, and my friend T were hanging out at T's house. We were all bored as hell and disappointed about the party being canceled. I had been drinking and was on my 5th beer when I  looked up at them and said "I have enough shrooms for all of us." So they were pretty much like hell yeah lets eat some shrooms. I go back to my house and get some 2 day old cubes that were being fan dried. I go back over to T's house and weighed out 2 grams of almost completely dried shrooms for myself, my girlfriend, and friend T.
Shrooms were ingested around 8:45

 I was fairly hesistant about taking them mostly from a really uncomfortable shroom trip I had about 2 years ago, which was my last trip. But since I had been drinking a little I felt fearless. About a half an hour goes by and I'm starting to feel "different." We all were. I was feeling really anxious, wondering if I should have done this since it was a spontaneous decision. Talking to my friends seemed to help me forget about it. Another 15 mins goes by and the feeling is getting more intense, I'm overwhelmed with anxiety. Then, at the blink of an eye, I snap out of it, and I'm laughing and giggling like an idiot at everything. All three of us were laughing like the first time we got high. We all agreed we were on the same level. Then my friend E shows up and I felt like sharing the magic so I asked him if he wanted to eat some mushrooms. He agreed and I gave him my last mushroom that weighed 2.2 grams.

Fast forward to about the 2 hour mark. My vision was like HD vision. Colors were vibrant and beautiful. It's like the mushrooms installed photoshop in my mind and increased the contrast levels and sharpness. My body felt amazing, I could feel this energy pulsating through my body. It was the most intense euphoria I've ever felt in my life. I was also experiencing minor visuals. When I went outside in the dark I would get this weird "strobe light" effect while my eyes were adjusting to the darkness. When I looked at the trees I could see patterns forming in the leaves. The way the street lights illuminated the roads looked really cool for some reason. When I walked it felt like I was 12 ft tall and it felt as if I was floating instead of walking. Shadows were morphing ,and when I looked up at the clear sky the stars would get dim then very bright. Everything was just fucking awesome. All four of us were pretty much feeling the same way and having a great time. My anxiety had taken a back seat and I was enjoying the trip to the fullest.

 It felt like 8 hours had went by but it had only been about 3 hours. We then decided to go inside for a little and listen to some music and play pool. The music felt great it like surrounded me and I could hear every instrument by itself. We all danced around like idiots, not caring how stupid we looked because we were all good friends just enjoying the trip we were all on together. Playing pool was quite the experience. The pool table seemed like it was 20 feet long and all the pool balls appeared a lot more colorful. When I was lining up a shot it was like I could see the lines and arrows pointing to where the ball would go, like when you play a pool game on your computer. I played better than I ever had.

Another weird thing that happened is that all of us who were tripping all felt connected.  Everytime time we talked to each other it's like we had the same thoughts and feelings. I can't count how many times we said the same thing at the same time that night. Definitely a mind blowing phenomenon. So, the night continued with all of us laughing, conversing, and enjoying the cool warm night on mushrooms. It truly felt like we were kids again. I really wanted to go walk around town to look at everything, but I was afraid it might look suspicious if a group of "kids" were walking around town late at night. I didn't feel like dealing with any trouble or cops so we didn't.

During the comedown my body and mind felt extremely relaxed and refreshed. It was like I detoxed my body from all the bullshit from everyday life. I felt like a new person and I loved being alive. The trip lasted almost 6 hours and around 2:30 we all were back to baseline. It was the first time my girlfriend and friends tried mushrooms, and they all had a great first experience. I have a great sense of accomplishment now because thanks to this website I learned how to grow mushrooms and my very first grow was a 100% success. I can't wait to do them again.  I almost forgot to mention during the trip we were all very stimulated and hyper. Despite how late it was none of us were tired. The only negative thing I experienced was mild stomach discomfort that lasted from the peak to the beginning of the comedown. It was tolerable though and didn't affect my trip. I was the only one who experienced this. All in all it was an awesome time, 4/20 could not have been any better.

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