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1st time

probaly about two months ago i went with my boyfriend over to his best friends house.

probaly about two months ago i went with my boyfriend over to his best friends house. they both had tripped before and were in love with these shrooms i never really got it and didnt thikn it could have compared to e or other drugs so i figured id try it to see what the big deal was.
they ate thiers in about 2 seconds it toke me alittle longer since i broke them up and rolled them into pills since i didnt like the taste. but after eatting them probaly 15 minutes later i started to feel it. i felt light headed and happier i thought maybe this is all that was gonna happen so i still didnt understand until an hour later did i fall in love with them as well
i was laying on the bed in his room pretty much the whole night except for one attempt to go downs stairs to the bathroom but at about half way decided it was to dangerous and scary since his dogs were at the bottom so i went back to the bed where my boyfriend was sitting for about an hour tripping his balls off. i laid with him looking at the patterned blanket when i all of a sudden turned into the cat from alice and the wonderland i looked around and saw the whole movie i felt the pipe in my hand and could see my striped body. when my boyfriend got up to go play quake i came out of that
i was now laying there next to his best friend well he was on the other side at first we were trying to keep our distance but when he brushed up against me my skin felt so alive like nothing i ever felt a tingle got sent through my whole body, so i decided to move closer and see if this would happen again, since my boyfriend would understand this feeling i knew he wouldnt get mad if i got closer. i endded up laying with him for probaly an hour having him rub my arms and my stomach i still dream about how could my body felt it was so amazing i felt so free
when my boyfriend came out of his game he came and got me and brought me into the other room where we had sex and went to sleep it was pretty much the best sex we ever had since my skin was so sensitive i want to do it this weekend and im hoping ill have the same feeling again but with my boyfriend rubbing my skin this time

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