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First time salvia.. Outdoors.

Pretty powerfull stuff.

So ill just go right into it. The night before I had bought 30x salvia extract and smoked it with a few of my friends. It was my first time, but everyone else I was with had done it. We all smoked it out of a bong and everyone tripped balls. I had a pretty intense trip but I mean, I was comfortable in my friends room and didn't really feel what I felt the time I'm going to tell you about. Anyways, after that night I went home to wake up and go back to my friends house and smoke a few more bowls of salvia before school. Same trip nothing big. After School I meet up with my sister and her friend an they want to go smoke.  So I get my two friends and we go with the girls to a place to kick it at in my city called "backside". We get there and met up with three other people and all start by smoking a bowl of some weed outta the mini bong. After it was finished I gave my friend the bowl and told him to pack it with some green. He did and i proceeded to put some of my salvia on it. So my sister and her friend had never done it. And neither had my friend K. So me my sister and her friend, and my two friend B and K were going to smoke while the other three watched us. The smoking began. My sister tried clearing it but she couldn't.. So I grabbed the bong and torched it all. By the time I blew my smoke out my sister was tripping balls. And this is where it starts..
I'm really tripping and by this time everyone else had smoked their share of the salvia. Its so hard to explain what you feel at the time. the best I can do was I felt like I didn't know any of the people I was with. So I'm looking at everyone.. I see my sister laughing her ass off, while her friend is yelling "oh my god, I pissed my pants!" that's when I see B and K both on the ground laughing their asses off at her. I'm looking at the girl, and the first thing I can think is oh fuck, she's not right. She's really got something wrong with her and now she's peed her pants and these guys are making fun of her. I feel so bad. At that moment I look at B and K again and their in the same spot just laughing, so I go to lean back and sit down.. Bam. Bong is on the ground in pieces and I'm looking at it like what in the fuck just happened. B and K are now yelling their laughing so loud. My sisters friend, the owner of the bong is completely a different person and has no idea whats going on. She still thinks she pissed her pants.(we all find out later, including her that she never peed). I remember looking at her right after I broke her bong and she was chewing on her gum, and she takes it out of her mouth and looks at it like what the hell is iny mouth and I just looked at her, still thinking shes like not fully there In her head. So by this point it's like 5 minutes in, everything is happening so fast. I'm freaking out because I feel like we are all in this movie. Like I was remembering us walking to the spot to smoke and I was just thinking fuck, I knew this was going to happen. It was obvious. We set ourselves up for everyone having a bad trip.. Well at least my sister and her friend. My thoughts were just much to take. I just felt like I knew it was going to happen. And like the people I was with, they were not right, they were fake and I didnt know them. I cant even come close to explaining the actual like emotions and feelings that were going on. I just know its by far the craziest thing I've done. That being said I haven't done much. Just smoked a lot of weed. Got to the point I was bored and needed to try something else. Salvia is a lot of fun. I don't recommend doing it outdoors with a bunch of people who have noooo clue what their in for. Or family.. Weird seeing family tripping that hard. Sorry if it was confusing to read. I'm not high.. Just can't explain the world salvia took me too. Great time though.  Thanks.

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