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10 Grams Exploring International City (Frankfurt)

Best Time of My life.

Alright So I live in alabama and my dad took me to Germany on a business trip. I get to explore germany by myself. the first thing i do is look up where to score weed, shrooms, X, ect. I find fantastic cincimilia and 10 grams of shrooms. I take the shrooms at around 1PM, my trip starts around 1:30-1:40. I walk to the train and take the U-Baun to Frankfurt.  When i arrive in Frankfurt my Trip really begins (about an hour away from peaking). I walk all the way through the main city seeing the faces of a totally different demographic. I , as an American, cannot speak German worth a shit. So the audio was beautiful as i heard the german language, which is a fascinating language. As i begin to peak i stumble onto a concert. Of what i can remember it was a sort of polka music, with a very talented guitarist. As i begin to peek, my whole world turns into a wonderland of different culture and bliss, all that is holding me to it is this guitarist and my cigarette. Then my shroompaloompa mind remembers the 2 grams of sticky icky in my back pocket. I dont remember were, but i found some discreet place to roll a blunt and puff on that for a bit. As any one can tell you marijuana and mushies are a perfect match. real E-harmony shit. The Visuals on this trip were really something. I am a fan of LSD and DMT, (never together) and i have experienced a fair share mind blowing visions. But this...this was something. I saw faces in old cobblestone houses, i began to almost understand the german dialouge from body language, and i couldnt wrap my mind around the fact that i was on the other side of the world. After what felt like a millenium, i started back into the center of the city, where i witnessed street performers. Some playing lit up blue drums, others doing ridiculous soccer tricks, and some playing the accordion singing in beautiful baritone. I came to that part of a trip where i could never Understand how anyone would get a bad trip. You have to be a very nervous and unintelligent person to feel bad on shrooms. Anyway I left to go back to the hotel and have dinner with his associates. I got on the train but i was so burnt out i forgot to pay for my ticket. AND OF COURSE, the ONE time i dont pay for my ticket the transit cops have to check tickets. Short story short, while I am tripping balls i have to explain to two police officers why i didnt pay, and neither of them could speak english. fuck my life right? Wrong. I love acting when im on shrooms and i did the sensible thing and played dumb american. Works almost everytime, (i wouldnt try it in cambodia though). Any way where most people would probably curl in a ball and start crying i kept a calm head and got out of a fine for 200 euros. If you ever get the chance to explore a new city on shrooms please take it. it was life changing and exposed new cultures to me. Shrooms are an intelligent drug so please respect them and know your limit. I really wanna take more i just hate the taste SO FUCKING MUCH. as do most. 

-Shroomed out Athiest.

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