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a trip to the ER

bad trip

               So, i have tripped about  5 times in my life, 4 of those trips were mushroom trips. My dealer had just told me he had some really good liquid LSD, so i figured what the hell I will give it a try. so he dosed a sugar cube for me and sold it to me for 15 dollars, i guess it was one hit, i really dont know. He told me not to take it alone my first time, and to wait to do it with him. So later that night i got really bored and was like fuck it ill be fine, how bad could it be? so i ate the sugar cube and watched some tv waiting for my trip to start, as soon as it started i was like oh shit!!! I had never felt like i had so much energy in my life and my thoughts were going NUTS. so now i am pacing around my house and all that was going through my head was "time is relative" lol. it was because it seemed like every minute took a god damn hour. 

Now i am freaking the fuck out and figured some weed would make it better, nope, the weed made me way more paranoid. So now i am struggling to find something to do to get this time is relative shit out of my brain but nothing would work. it was so quiet in my house i was going crazy. so i decide to go wake my sister up and see if she can help me calm down, she called me an idiot and talked a bunch of shit about me being a drug addict ( i was going through a molly and pill phase at the time). So that just made it even worse and i got really depressed and felt like a real loser. So this is my BIG mistake, i pull out my phone and after about 15 minutes of trying to find my dad in my contacts i find it and give him a call, he had alot of experience with lsd when he was a kid. So he picks up and i told him i fucked up and did acid and was having a really bad trip (he thought i was done with drugs because of a talk we had while i was on molly a couple days prior LOL). He was really calm and told me to go wake up my mom, so i did. My mom was a straight edge kinda person so she is freaking out, which is freaking me out. She and my dad start talking on the phone while i am jogging in circles around my house because my legs feel like they are pumped full of adrenaline, so i definitely look nuts lol. 

They decided i got some bad shit and told me to get in the car and we are going to the ER. So i get in the car and now my trip started to get awesome, all the colors and lights looked so cool and my dad was helping by keeping me calm over the phone. so we get to ER and in the waiting room i see all these people and i just busted out laughing, then for some reason sprinted out the door. the people came and grabbed me and brought me back into a room, and of course my bed is right infront of a fucking clock.   they put an iv in me which was weird as shit also. I sat there for the next 5 hours till we could head home. still my legs wouldnt stop moving and there was no way i was gonna sleep. so i finally sober up and the next day was a blurr. i guess i didnt eat for the next three days lol. My parents picked me up from work 3 days after my trip and hauled my ass to a mental institution where i stayed for 27 mother fucking days.

Now i want to do acid again so bad, but in the right setting with other people. something else i want to add is that i have never had a hallucination during any of my trips. i did 5gs of hydro shrooms and didnt see shit! that was kinda why i did lsd. I guess my trips are just all mindfucks

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