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First time shroom trip, intense.

Holy shit.

Ok, so my drug dealing knows this guy who has been experimenting with shrooms for 20 odd years. He crushes them up, puts them in capsules, and factory seals them. I took 10 capsules and after 30 minutes I was gone. I was in my friends basement and we were just playing with stuff. Then we all had to go pee. So we went outside and after we pissed, a thunderstorm started. It was fucking majestical. The rain felt like hot fudge. We were all fine, but our trip sitter was cold as shit. We all started to just gnaw on things. There were no limits, everything was just happening. We then went back iinside. We were all in the spazzy stage of our trip. My friend actually couldn't find his tongue for a solid hour. He was convinced that there was a lion in his belly. He then said his first words of the night. "let's go back outside" we all flipped shit at him talking. We went outside and played in the rain some more. We went back inside and that's when I found a stuffed animal. We had a conversation and we became good friends. Thats when I rrealized that I can't feel pain or any negative emotions. That's when my bad trip started. I was just laying there in the back room of his basement I tried puking so that the effects would go away but I never did. Everyone thought I was freaking out, but for some reason, I felt like I was comfortable, or at home with my feelings. I then realize I can morph everything with my mind. I actually attempted to break my own arm because it looked so bony. I then got water, and holy shit, everything changed. I took a sip and I just felt magical. I recommend drinking water while on shrooms, it is a life changing experience. I then layed on he couch, I farted. And I built a relationship with my god damn fart. I then went upstairs to take a leak, I felt like I was on a boat, I took a leak and spent 20 minutes exploring my face. It was cool because I could morph it however I wanted. Just so you guys know (if you've never done shrooms). Everything fucking glows, I love it. I don't thing I'll be doing shrooms ever again, I think it was just a one time deal. I can't find the words to explain how I felt, it was magical, scary, comfortable, foreign, familiar, it was everything and nothing all at once. 

I also took vitamin c pills and drank orange juice beforehand. And didn't eat before taking them. This all intensifies it. 

Time to go do some kayaking and spend some time win nature.

Peace out.

Stay high.

Have fun

Trip ball

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