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Salvia: Enter Different Dimensions

Breakthrough: First Salvia 10x experience

Hey guys so I will be writing about my Salvia experience; from this past early/mid summer. 

Some Background info:

It was a nice day where my friend and I decided to go to the city walk around, smoke a bit, and visit a few head shops in the area. We did exactly that ended up buying a few things there including a new zong, spice, and most importantly Salvia 10x extract. I do not remember which brand it was but it was standardized so doesn't matter much. It was kinda a spontaneous decision and I was very excited to do it nonetheless.

When we got back from our little adventure we went to a smoking spot we go to, parked there smoked a bit, then decided to do the Salvia. At the time I was pretty inexperienced with psychedelics except one mescaline trip, although read about them continuously for the past 2 years pretty much. Entheogens in specific although not Salvia. I just heard a few things about it but never really did much research on it. Any ways... We got back in the car so we have a seat with a back on it not just a bench and my friend went first since he is more experienced with Salvia specifically as well as some other psychedelics.

He was in the drivers seat, key out of course, filled 3/4 of the bowl of the newly bought zong with the Salvia. He took the hit, keeping the flame on the bowl the whole time and holding the hit in. As soon as he breathed out he fell back hands fell down as if going limp and closed his eyes......

My Trip:

Well my friend was all done tripping, he had a good trip from his reaction and it was my turn. He was still in the drivers seat and I was in the passenger seat. He filled my bowl, also about 3/4 full. I took a deep breath trying to relax as it was my first time with Sally. I did the same as he did and instructed. Held the flame the whole time while taking the hit, inhaling as long as I can, holding it in as long as I can, then finally letting go. This was a massive hit for Salvia which I didn't know as a result of my lack of knowledge on Sally.

I slowly breathed out already feeling it. It actually came on instantly. I fell back just as my friend did and as I was drifting off into the next dimension tried to say "The same thing is happening"... as in I fell back limp and closed my eyes just like you, but all that came out was some noises. My friend said "What?" and that was the last I heard from this world. 

I emerged in this plane of nothing just white or black background(it switched off), also switching off seeing myself in first and third person view. (Oh btw, at this point I was there, everything that was happening was real... 100% real. I forgot I did salvia because of my dose) All of a sudden I see a snake in the distance. It was a cool looking one, Intricate designs and colours on it, nothing scary or anything at all. All of a sudden it zoooooooooooooooooooms in on me in a millisecond and BOOM! It's head becomes the size of my whole body still with all the intricate designs and colours! All of a sudden it multiplies making a circle around me of these giant snake heads. This is when things start to get scary... All of a sudden I hear a voice. A powerful male voice saying "We are coming to get you! Hahaha!". At this point I start panicking having nowhere to run to being surrounded by these snake heads. Then, the snake heads start morphing into other things, mostly animals at an extremely fast rate! The way the morphed was splitting open from the middle outwards kinda like peeling a banana. Each time they morphed the background which was alternating between black and white was now changing to different colours each time those snake heads morphed. I tried to run away but there was no where to run to. I was surrounded by these morphing snake heads in a nothingness plane. 

All of a sudden a portal opens up next to me and these flying THINGS come out. I cannot call them beings cause they looked like an hourglass sideways and they flew sort of like butterflies. They were something like the keepers on the next dimension I was getting taken to. At this point I was completely scared, freaking out at least inside my head because I was not in the car or even knew what a car was for that matter. All I knew was I was 18 years old and my life was ending. These flying creatures grabbed me and pulled me through their newly opened portal. Yet another dimension...

In this realm... Wow, how to explain it... There was no bodies, only the dimension keeper flying thingies and these other creatures I'll explain in a bit. They told me, somehow communicated to me, telepathically maybe not really sure but they relayed the message that I was put in this this world (I mean earth the current one you are reading this in) temporarily until those flying creatures came to get me to stay with them for the rest of my being. I was scared shit less not only for that reason but also for the reason that what there world is, is just a dark place with a cyan line that you can't see the end of. On this line was my mind, stuck, restrained, bound to and this line  well, its more like a mount shape. Flat on each side but rises in the middle. I was not the only one on this line, I hear cries of other people/beings being stuck there asked to be let go. Not only was this a eternal never ending loop there was in immense physical feeling as my "mind" moved along this line. It felt like my physical head was just as the line, being stretched from both sides and stretched up in the middle. Each time I reached the end of the line I would get teleported back to the beginning still bound to this loop but each time I would get teleported, I saw a glimpse of a portal leading back to the world. I thought all my life would be forgotten and all my friends and family and everything I lived through was still there but I lost it forever. I knew I had to get back so each time I got to the beginning I tried to rip myself out and go through the portal. Finally after struggling for what seemed to be a very long time, I went through the portal. As I left I got a glimpse of these other creatures, they seemed to be the workers of that dimension. They were 6 legged creatures with an elongated dome coming out of the middle. Basically spider legs and walked like spiders just with the dome thing and 6 instead of 8 legs.

I finally opened my eyes as I escaped that wretched land. I was still scared because I was still tripping hard. The flying things were coming out of my chair trying to get me back! I instantly tried to open the door of the car but my depth perception was fucked so I was just grabbing air. Eventually my friend opened the door for me. I got up and started walking around in circles cause the flying creatures are slow in our world so they were just flying behind me as I was walking kinda quickly in circles. I then felt like a piercing/nibbling sensation in my legs and knew my legs were covered in these things. My friend came out and tried to calm me down but I was still tripping to hard and he wasn't saying anything that calm either. After a minute or two I finally calmed down and started to relax, he went back in the car while I leaned against the car my head on the top of the car and one of my hands on the window just breathing being happy to be back and alive and well. I was still tripping hard. To try to calm me down some more my friend played Weird fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead him knowing Radiohead is basically my favourite band and that song being our "cruise song"

From here on it was only AMAZING! It may sound not so pleasant but it was.

The song was playing I was leaning on the car closed my eyes and visuals and physical feeling were on again. This time it was only good.  My body was stretching thousands of miles, each part of my body to a different place. My head got stretched into space, my hand was on the window slowly sliding down but felt as if my hand got stretched to a remote tropical forest and was in a waterfall. My legs were under me but the ground was moving with my feet attached to the ground while the car was stationary so my feet got stretched to wherever the earth rotated to. Even though my body was thousands of miles apart I was able to visualize see each part as if next to me. I enjoyed this for a few minutes then went to sit back down in the car and finish my trip as I could feel myself coming down.

Back in the car I closed my eyes one last time and this was also amazing. I saw the most beautiful places on earth without even being there. It was a slideshow of the most magnificent natural places. Mountains, fields, flowers, oceans, forests anything you can think of in nature. I then opened my eyes looked at my arm and instead of my arm being there it was a giant strand of DNA in neon colours connecting my hand to my elbow for a second then faded.

Something else that happened to me, I think it was part of when I was captured but I cannot place it exactly in the trip but its similar to being stuck on the line. It was as if eternally getting stuck in a moment. A feeling, but also an action. Like these things that remind me of dentures, the world was made up of them and if you step in a certain place at a certain time, you step in their trigger that captures you in that moment forever. Very hard to explain...

I'm sorry for my poor writing skills, I was just never good at writing. Leave feedback and interpretations possibly even though Sally is hard to get a meaning out of. I have yet to meet the Lady Salvia though. Maybe someday...

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