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I had done shrooms previously before this but nothing compared to these. i had bought a quarter of shrooms half for myself and the other for my cousin. this would be his first time. night falls and my friend comes over to keep an eye on us but all she does is fall asleep. my cousin takes his half and smokes a few bowls of bud i had warned him not to mix the two for your first time but he insisted that he wanted to trip as bad as possible. as i get half ways with my 32 of beer i get impatient an decide to take my half of shrooms. my cousins already in his own world an walking outside. i decide to lay down and wait for them to kick in. it finally starts hitting about 45 minutes into it. the walls start getting smaller an bigger the ceiling starts to change colors. i cant help but giggle and smile. i get up to see what my cousins doing. i find him locked in the restroom. he opens the door he looks like a mad man strung out on meth with einstein hair. i get worried thinking hes having a bad trip i try an convince him to come an hang in my room he finally decides to come but as soon as he sees my friend he asked whos the witch an locked him self in the restroom again. i figured ill let him be an decided hes on his own im ganna enjoy this. as i walk to my bed i feel as if im melting into the ground. i find it hard to walk an speak. i make it to the bed an lay down to enjoy the ceiling an walls but this time id look into the ceiling an daiseys an peace signs would fall on me. i felt in total extacy. eventually i got bored of it an turned to my side were i noticed my peace sign tattoo on my forarm. it started to morph. it became an ape wearing a truckers hat smoking a cigar then my skin turned into a tiger design. i get bored of it soon an lay there looking at my bed. little by little i start to zoom into my bed which for some reason the inside was space. i would float around exploring galaxies. and when ever i wanted out id zoom back in my bed. i did this countless times saw so many planets an if one of them it was just a pure white room there i talked to some creature. my mind wont remember almost as if its blocking it and doesnt want me to remeber. soon after i encountered a wolf it told me that i should stop drinkin so much that im hurting my body my mind an my soul. it told me my body should be as healthy as a tree and yet its becoming nothing but dried up leaves. i told him i would stop. my mind then wondered an thought why i was here what am i here for an how i wont accomplish anything unless i changed. i took a deep look at myself then finally decided to go to another world this time it was like that art with all the stairs going upside down an in all weird directions i explore it for a bit then thanked the shroom gods for this amazing trip as i close the book my trip is gone an just like that im back. i walk out my room to look for my cousin i find him on the couch sweating looking scared i told him lets go to the garage an smoke a few bowls he says no an i go back to my bed as i lay there i wonder if im really back i try to talk to my friend so she can tell my im in the real world now but she wont wake up i look at my phone amazed at how much time had gone by but at the same time how slow it went i call my friend to come to smoke he does as soon as i saw him i i knew i was back. we smoked and talked about my trip. since then ive been sober from alcohal almost two years. im in the process of growing mushrooms right now its been a while since ive done shrooms but i cant wait to talk to the wolf again ;)

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