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King Jupiter

a super fun trip :)

I am a 20 year old female and I ingested (via the crunchy peanut butter sandwich route!) about 2.5 grams of Golden Teachers. 

I ate the mushrooms around 5:45pm. It took me a while to get them all down because the taste is just terrible, even with the peanut butter. It took me a good 10 minutes to eat the entire sandwich. As soon as I finished, I drove my manfriend, who I will refer to as Joe, up to a local food joint <10 minutes from my house (only because we had ordered the food beforehand and I knew there wouldn't be a wait). On the way home I started feeling the first effects of my coming up, which was strange because in past experiences with mushrooms it's taken 30+ minutes for me to feel anything. We were about 3 minutes from home and I was laughing uncontrollably about random, stupid things. I also noted how things looked brighter and more crisp, and my eye sight had become more broad as though I could see more than normal. I sat down while Joe ate his food and we made small talk. I grew bored of that very quickly and decided to go lay down in his bed while he ate. I watched the swirly patterns on his ceiling move around in circles for what seemed like forever until he came in and layed down next to me.
At this point I started to really trip. Joe and I shared a pillow, so our faces were pretty close to each other. I looked at him and his face became extremely defined, and his smile grew wider and wider and he looked terrifyingly sinister. I quickly sat up because I felt like I was in some sort of dungeon and I needed to get fresh air or something. Then I told Joe that his dark clothes made him look like a bad guy from a video game and it was scary. Being the good guy that he is, he changed into a white shirt for me and I calmed down. That was really the only scary part of this trip. He suggested we play a good old MMO and I agreed, but it didn't last very long. I watched his character run around on his monitor and I kept telling him not to kill people because they were innocent and I felt bad for them. Then I zoomed in on a character on my screen and I was captivated by the graphics. I watched as his skin became defined, and then soft, and then defined again. I was unable to focus on anything in the game so I logged off. Joe went to eat more of his dinner and I followed along. We sat together at the kitchen table around 7:00pm for a lifetime. I was babbling nonesense the whole time and laughing at everything we said. I could hear Daft Punk playing from Joe's room and it got louder and louder like they were right in the kitchen with us. The music turned to something strange sounding and I commented on how there were probably Jawas in his room having a jungle party in the tree tops. I was completely ridiculous. I then noticed my hands: I could see every cell in my skin. I was intigued by this so I grabbed Joe's hands and I looked down at our hands together. My hands became old, I had wrinkly, leathery skin. Then I had baby hands, they were small, soft, and innocent. I wached as my hands aged back and forth and then I became extremely emotional. Joe's face was aged. He also appeared as if he was wearing war paint on his face, and his hair and eyebrows were neon purple. I started to cry because my baby hands were so small and helpless in Joe's big guy hands and I felt like I needed someone to help me. I realized that I built a wall in my life to make sure people couldn't see the real me.. the me that still needed guidance. I realized that I don't need to come off as such a cool, calm, and collected woman. It was okay to need. This was an amazing moment during my trip. Joe and I hugged and I was blissfully happy.
I'm still tripping pretty hard around 8:00 when the power goes out. Initally I started to freak out but Joe suggested we go outside and I forgot my worries. Apparently there was an accident nearby and a car had hit a power pole. Only half of the street was without power. This was a crazy experience... everyone was outside during dusk and I was trying my hardest to appear normal. I recall asking Joe multiple times if I was too loud or if people knew I was on mushrooms. Cars that drove by all looked like cops. I decided to lay on the hood of my car and look at space. I twisted my body in the weirdest shape and layed there looking at Jupiter and Venus. They were the brightest I have ever seen them. Jupiter was emitting an bright aura that lit up half of the sky and I found it most difficult to look away from it. I told Joe that Jupiter was the king of the sky, and that we should all respect him. He is a planet. A living planet, a living organism, just like our Earth. I went on and on about how people need to treat Earth better because she does nothing but provide us with life. The constelation Orion appeared 3D and he kept moving all over the sky. I saw billions of stars. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue even though it was getting pretty dark. I slid down my car and walked around behind it and sat down in the driveway with Joe. He was eating rice pudding and I took a bite but I couldn't taste anything. I layed down and propped my feet up on the back of my trunk. I felt one with my car. I layed there and thanked it for all that it does for me. I looked at my phone and the rainbow Daft Punk (can you tell I'm a fan?) background was beautiful and bright. I looked at my Gchat contacts and saw my friend's name. I then started having a conversation with him in my head as if he was right next to me. We talked back and forth and I eventually realized that I was providing myself with his answers and that I was him (this is probably because we are freakishly similar). I am trying to talk to Joe about it but I find that I am just babbling again and I gave up because he couldn't possibly know what was going on in my brain. I understood the meaning of everything. I looked back upon my normal self and I was disappointed. Joe was now on the phone with his brother and I was on another planet. Everything was purple and then red. The power came back on and everything was loud and ugly. I hated the lights on and the noise that air conditoning units made. I wished everyone could live without power. I was so happy outside. I told myself to come back to Earth and I did, then I went inside.
Joe got back online and I layed back down with my iPod. I listened to an 8 minute Hare Krishna song and I swear it felt like I was laying there for hours. I watched my hands again because it was so facinating. I curled up inside of a blanket and I shut myself off from the world. Everything felt so good. I got up and went to take a shower. Washing my body was the most glorious feeling ever. I loved the way everything looked while wet, my skin was glistening and silvery. I looked at myself in the mirror and my pupils were huge. I apparently found this hilarious because I laughed at myself for a good while. After I got dressed again, Joe and I sat on the couch and watched Adult Swim. I remember eating olives at this point and it was the best. I was enthralled with the TV and I remember commenting on a woman in a commercial who was wearing way too much makeup and her hair was over processed. Her eyes looked dead. I saw no emotion in her face at all and I told Joe that she died because she cares about the wrong things. Eventually I start to come down and I get into bed and drift off to sleep. I had no hangover effects whatsoever except that everything was mroe vivid for a day or two. Mushrooms are an amazing part of nature and everyone needs to try them. 

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