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My First "Real" Trip

Unweighted amount of Cambos

First of all, I would like to clarify that I'm 21 years old and I've been smoking pot for almost 1 year. It all started 4-5 months ago when one of my closest friend told me that psychedelics can change my life, the way I think, the way I perceive the things. I was really interested so I started to research psychedelics and so far I made my way to here to learn how to grow shrooms :)) It took almost 3 and a half months to get the first shrooms from my cased corn. While I was waiting for my shrooms I bought some cambos from some guy with my friends and we all had like 10 grams dry but it wasn't potent and the trip was so mild and dissapointing. As soon as I get the first flush of my shrooms I ingested 35 grams wet then one hour later couple of more. I was tripping but that was not the trip that I want. I was waiting for an intense trip so I decided to eat some more :)

When I get my 3rd flush I called my friend(I'll call him as my brother in this report) and told him that I'm coming over with some shrooms. He told me to not do it for this weekend and let's wait for next weekend but I was so Impatient. When I went to his place he told me that he had an accident last night and he has to go out and fill some paperwork etc. I was scared to do it but something in my mind was saying to me "it's just a drug, whatever happens in my mind will wear of after some time. So I made a tea from Peganum Harmala(3 teaspoons) and 30 mins later I ingested the shrooms. I never weighted it but there was 20-25 of tiny fruitbodies. As long as I finished eating I tought maybe I ingested way too much and I should have weighted it etc. but 30 minutes later I opened up the computer and started listening Joe Satriani. I ingested the shrooms at 3pm so at 4.30 I felt incredibly heavy but my body was flexible at the same time. I was trying to guess how would my trip go. I was smoking cigarettes and checking some psychedelic pictures then was this long ivy type plant in a long vase in water and the roots were so bright and beautifull. I sat down in front of the vase and stared to roots like 15 mins. The shadows looked like there were pyramides in a huge dessert and it was moving. I wanted to check what's happening outside and went near the window. Colors, trees, grass were like breathing and moving slowly. As long as it started to get intense my brother came to house and the sound of door literally scared the shit out of me. But I was so happy to see him so I hug him. He went to his room to talk with his dad and this is where my trip really started. I went to the bathroom and I couldn't go out because my brothers room was looking to the bathroom and he was talking with his dad on laptop so I was really afraid of doing something stupid. I went out of the bathroom slowly and I was walking on my fingertips like a ballerine to not make noise. While I was going back to my tripping room there was another plant at the hallway and I felt like it's calling me so I laid on the ground and watched some kind of movie on the roots :D I was hearing my brother while talking with his dad but it didn't  make any sense to me. It was like he was talking another languange(he might be talking another languange with his dad I'm not sure :)) Then I wanted to look from the window again but as soon as I opened the door I saw faces everywere. There was living faces on my bag, on the carpet and curved things. I was scared to go into the room so I slowly closed the door then I realised that I'm on shrooms and I opened the door and walked in in a rush :D I wanted to smoke some pot and I did :D At that point shrooms were hitting me really hard I lied on the ground and took fetal position and covered my head with my arms. I was laughing because there were faces at every pixel that I see and I was crying at the same time :D

So at the end of my peak we went out with my bro and we and walked in the green stared to sun then we went back to home in a short time. When we got home he started to make me feel uncomfortable and distracted from my trip. We had a conversation about my life, like how am I doing in my life and what should I do. At first I was quite shy and embarrased because I was trying to lie to him about my life, things that I've done etc. But I wasn't able to lie. He kept asking questions and all I could say was Yup or Nope with a strange sound. And I was playing with my fingers like an embarrased child. Then he told me that what I was feeling at that point will be gone tomorrow, I have to think, decide and channel it in a positive way. And he assured me he was in my position before and I can tell him everything because he was my brother. At that point he seemed like he is really clever and wise guy and he knows something and he wants me to do well in life so I stopped lying to him and opened myself. I really can't describe what I've felt at that point but it was like being relased from prison, being free and honest.

After the effects weared down we went outside to rent a car then he dropped me to my house.

It was quite awesome and now I feel like I really have to fix some things in my life and never to lie people who loves me and who I love.

I want to stay away from psychedelics for a certain time but at the same time I'm really looking forward for my next trip.

Hope you enjoyed it while reading.



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