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1st homegrown trip

Early this morning, around 7AM I had two beers.

Early this morning, around 7AM I had two beers. The beer put the bug in me as I stared at my four recently birthed cakes in the poor man's terrarium. I wanted to trip, and knew I had one way of doing it. I grabbed a full pint jar that wasn't tapered, and thus had to be broken out using the eggshell tek. I craked it open and began slicing off nice peices of the cake, clearing off all the glass I could see. I ate about 3 golfballs worth of the cake, to the best of my memory, at 8AM. I also drank loads of water.

About twenty minutes after eating it, I hit the can. I notice that the shadows cast of the draped towels seem to be pulsing slightly. This was only my fourth mushroom trip, and I didn't know the timing of a mushy trip intimately. I know LSD well, and all I could think as the effects rocketed up over the next 15 minutes, was "shit, if this was acid, I'd be in a lot of trouble."

Back in my room, around 8:40AM, the carpet started to flow. Colours and shading seemed to change around the room, causing everything to pulse and distort. Of course, I started getting paranoid that I'd just eaten glass, or that I'd trip out really hard and freak out that I'd eaten glass.

I thought about calling a few friends, just to talk to for reassurance. It seemed too early in the morning and I wasn't really losing touch with reality. I kept thinking in terms of acid's timing, "This is happening way too fast."

Around 9AM, I broke through "spacetime". This is the way I describe as knowing that 'know I am really tripping.' I usually hit spacetime somewhere in level 3, and it's identifying features are the loss of a stable perception of space around me and the passing of time. Everything looked incridbly warped. I seemed to be in some magnifying glass. My body started shrinking too, so that I felt about half my normal height (this, was an awesome sensation).

I even went online (posted a message on the Shroomery) to look for someone to chat with. I definately felt that I'd trip harder than I had wanted to. I wasn't in a good enough state of mind to hit level four. I really didn't want to start hearing things talk to me because I was already paranoid (fear is so self defeating).

Around 20 minutes after 9AM I'd hit a plateau, but could still feel myself rising rapidly. Time stretched back and forth like an elastic band, as to become functionally useless for me (time didn't seem to matter). I decided that to chill out, I should chug one beer. It took me about ten minutes to give myself the go ahead for that.

Wandering downstairs, the hallways looked really long. Everything looked very wide and as though I had suddenly grown a fisheye lens. I grabbed my beer and went back to the refuge of my room. I chugged the beer at 9:30AM.

As the beer kicked in, I felt relieved. I knew the beer would waste the trip for me, but that was fine. I was tired and really didn't want to have to work though a whole trip when I felt paranoid. I don't like drinking on psychedelics.

The feeling of the beer kicking in seemed interesting, especially as the mycelium cake kept increasing its effects. Slowly relaxation poured into me. Everything around me moved, pulsed, shifted and distorted with the usual frenzy it does just as one reaches the brink of hitting the fourth level. My closet door, open a tiny bit, seemed to continuously open wider. Colours also seemed to be changing. Also, I could hear coherent patterns in usually random backround noises (like my fan). The psychedelic had taken effect and was working its magic infront of my slightly dulled faculties.

I guess it was around 10AM or 10:30AM that my peak came. I ended up laying down trying to watch a bit of a movie, but couldn't concentrate on it. My head whirled with all the usual thoughts I get on psychedelics: the intensely meaningful philosophic thoughts wound into my own personal experiences. I ended up just laying there until perhaps 11AM, when I felt the beer subsiding fast. The relaxation took only 5 minutes to fade.

I started watching another film. Every scene seemed impossibly accelerated (to the point where I almost burst out laughing). Colours kept changing, which made it seem too amusing. I lost interest quickly.

The rest of the trip I just laid in bed looking out the window, waiting for the effects to subside enough for me to sleep. I was able to fall asleep (though the effects weren't completely gone), but 1PM.

I decided never to drink on psychedelics again. I only did that time because it seemed within reason. All in all though, I wasted the trip, but don't regret it; I still enjoyed myself.

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