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First 2C-e Experience; A Lucid Psychedelic

25mg of 2C-E and a wonderful night

This is probably going to drag on, so if you aren't ready for a lengthy read, this may not be for you. :) I will separate this into sections nice and neatly, so you may be able to skim over it easier. Anyway, here we go!

Of course, no real names will be used in the writing of this for the sake of anonymity.

Setting and Consumption
I had talked to one of my friends (Cory) earlier in the week about taking some 2C-E with him and another friend (Thomas) on the Friday of that week. I hadn't tripped in a very long time, so I decided to take part in the experience. So the week rolls on, and finally Friday gets here. It was a very stressful week and I was glad that it was over. I went home and waited for Cory to call me and let me know what the plan was. He called me around 7:00 p.m. and told me that 3 of us would be tripping, and there were going to be 3 people who were sober there (Kyle, Clarence, and Tom). Sounded like a good deal to me, so I headed over to his house. We just kind of chilled out in the basement for a while and talked about the week, and then Tom brought up the 2C-E. It was around 8:00 p.m. at this point, so we were ready to begin our trips. Only 2 of us that were tripping were there at the time, Thomas was going to be picked up from work by Tom a little later from then (he was in a situation where he didn't have a vehicle).
We both measured out 25mg of 2C-E, dissolved it in a glass of orange juice, and downed it. Then, something happened that was unexpected; Tom had to leave. He had some other important issue that he needed to attend to, but him and I were the only ones that drove to my friends house. So I had to be the one to go pick up my friend from work. I was just hoping I'd get there and back before it kicked in.

Rising Action
Cory and I were parked outside Thomas' work and we were waiting for him to get off. He said he would be out in 5 minutes, so we just sat there and waited. 5 minutes went by, he didn't come out. 7 minutes, still didn't come out. I was getting nervous, because I did not want to drive while I was under the influence of 2C-E. I looked at Cory and said "look. If he doesn't come out in 3 more minutes, I'm leaving. He can walk to your house if he can't find a way there, this is too dangerous". Sure enough, 3 minutes went by and I left. It had been around a half hour since I had taken the drink containing 2C-E, and I wasn't completely feeling it. Cory was telling me that he was starting to see things move, so I was getting ready for the inevitable. I was just trying to get back to the house as quickly and safely as possible. Lucky, it didn't hit me until I was about a block away from his house. He had had 2C-E before, and he always told me that there really isn't a come-up, it just kind of hits you out of nowhere. That's exactly what happened to me. I was feeling pretty much normal except for a strong feeling of nausea, and once I turned the corner to his apartment.. I was definitely tripping. Objects were shifting and moving. We got inside his house, got down to the basement... I flopped myself down on the couch, and that's when "shit got real".

Kicking In Strong
I was laying on the couch in the basement. It was completely dark except for the glow of a computer screen that one of the sober "baby sitters" (Kyle) was watching Youtube videos on. I was staring at the ceiling and at this point my vision was definitely distorted, but it wasn't extremely strong. There was also a kind of strong head high like you would get from smoking a mostly Sativa strain of Marijuana, but without the "dumb feeling" side of it. Kyle called Cory and I over to the computer to just chill out by him and watch some videos. I was laying on my back on the ground, and Cory's cat came and laid right on top of my chest with its face just a few inches away from mine. It was the softest thing in the world, and I just sat there and stared into the cat's eyes and pet it for a good 10 minutes. My perception of time was very skewed; Kyle had us watch a video that was about 15 minutes long, but it seemed to last at least a half hour or more. When the video was over, I got back on the couch and just stared again. The visuals were getting much stronger now. It was kind of like what you see when you mix oil and water, but with a little bit of color. I hear the door open at the top of the stairs, and guess who it was? Thomas. He had made it over somehow (he never told me how he got to Cory's house) and he was ready to trip. This is the point when I realized I was really tripping hard. He walked over to me and just looked at my face, and he cracked the funniest and biggest smile ever that said "you are so gone, man". He loaded up a bowl of shisha and took his 2C-E. At this point the distortions were very intense, and they lasted throughout the night. It was very much like one of those videos you stare at for 45 seconds, and look around and everything is changing sizes and getting all warped.. It was crazy. The next hour from here on is kind of a blur to me. The next part I can clearly remember is laying on the bed, on top of a mountain of pillows and blankets listening to Atmosphere. The specific song that was on at this moment was "I Don't Need Brighter Days". I looked over at Thomas, and he was far into the trip by now. He looked at me and said "Dude, your face is like... melting", and I just laughed and said "I know!" and laid back down. For the next few hours, until around midnight, we just sat around talking about how amazing the visuals were and how wonderful the music sounded, all while smoking hookah. This is when we all realized that this night would seem like an eternity. Thomas looked at the clock and said "oh my god.. it's only 12 o' clock". This became a recurring theme the entire night, we'd look at a clock every half hour or so and be amazed that an entire day hadn't passed. Time was extremely distorted. At one point, someone texted me who knew that I was tripping and said "Do me a favor and tell me one thing... What time is it?" and that completely blew my mind.  She was someone who was very into psychedelic drugs, it's like she knew exactly what to say. Everything was going amazingly well, but then I started to fall into some scary visuals.

We were watching the video of Walk off the Earth's cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know". It was amazing and it put me into kind of a trance, and then when the female started singing, It went bad immediately. Her mouth became filled with large sharp teeth, and was biting at me. Then these mouths started to appear all over the place in my vision, and it was really fucking freaking me out. I was able to just get through it, though, and I was fine afterwards. I've heard that the best thing to do when you see imagery like this is to just embrace it, because trying to control the experience just makes it worse. It worked for me.

This is where I would like to talk about why I refer to 2C-E as "A Lucid Psychedelic", even though I saw things like those mouths. The trip I had varies from other people's trips that I have heard/read about in that mine was a bit longer. I was experiencing it even longer than the people who I was tripping with. This is one of those examples where it shows that not everyone is affected the same way by certain substances. Throughout the entire night, my vision was extremely distorted; things seemed to move closer and then farther away, they'd morph way out of shape.. and another phenomenon happened that I can only describe as the widening of my peripheral vision. It seemed as if objects that were normally in my peripherals were now in my line of sight... but the whole time, I was able to hold a relatively coherent conversation. I had thoughts that I couldn't quite put together into sentences, but for the most part I could talk to people and make sense. I knew exactly where I was and what was going on. It was very visual, closed eye and open eye. I remember that for around 2 hours, from 12 to ~2:30 a.m. (which seemed like 6 hours at least) we were having those cliche stoned/tripping conversations about life and philosophy and the universe. At one point Thomas and I were talking about the beginning, (I don't quite remember exactly what got us to this next bit) but we both looked at each other and simultaneously said "THE BIG BANG!!!". Needless to say, it was very good experience and I learned a lot about the people I was with and how they really thought. I had read a book called "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London that week, and it was very relevant to some of the things we were talking about. I highly recommend that book. I remember getting up to go Google search a quote from the book, but it became evident to me that I would never in a million years be able to type at this stage of the trip. I couldn't read either because the distortions were so strong. I had to have one of the sober "Babysitters" read it off for Thomas and Cory.

The reason I'm not putting a climax or peak section in this report is because the levels of intensity kind of went like this: Nothing ->  Feeling a little off -> Straight into visuals -> Plateau -> Come down. There was never really a true peak, it was around the same level of strength throughout the whole experience.

The Comedown
It was around  4 a.m. when we decided to just lay down and let the trip fade away. We pulled up Netflix and someone put on the movie "SLC Punk". I had seen the movie before, and it was a terrible idea to watch that movie when we were all tripping. Parts in it freaked me the fuck out, but never truly got to me. Even though that was kind of a bad experience, SLC Punk is one of my favorite movies now. Once that movie was finished, the visuals were almost completely done. There was still a little distortion, but over all I was definitely feeling the fact that I was coming down (which by the way is definitely the best of any drug I've ever taken. I had a strong Indica-like body high for a good 3 hours.) After that movie, we watched 50/50 (I didn't really watch it, I was laying down trying to sleep the whole time). I never actually got to sleep, so I just decided to lay down and think. Then Thomas got up and put on Joe Rogan's comedy special, and I was excited. I love Joe Rogan. There was no sleeping that night, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Once I got home though, I took a shower and laid in bed. Before long, I was out like a light and I slept until late in the afternoon.

  • A very pleasant feeling throughout most of the experience
  • It was not extremely strong and did not hinder my ability to speak to people
  • You only need a small dosage to get the full effects
  • It has an amazing comedown
  • Good visuals but not many hallucinations (at my dosage, at least)
  • You clench your jaw throughout the night and do not notice it. You will notice a soreness the next morning.
  • It raises the body temperature and causes more sweating than usual
  • No real "spiritual" aspects to the trip (in my experience)
  • Not much is known about it yet
  • Sometimes dark visuals will come but they're easily pushed aside
Overall, I would definitely recommend this. I would say you should try a smaller dose your first time, and go on from there. I would like to remind you that it is indeed a research chemical, and there are still many things not known about it. There were many parts of this night I left out, but they weren't important enough to occupy more of your time reading. I hope that this may have helped you on your decision on whether or not to take some of it.

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