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Amanita Muscaria: #2 Spiritual Exploration & Re-Start

Just as great! Set & setting = amazing & enlightening! Deep Meditation

Week 2: delicious once again! Ramen & mushrooms! Careful, slow cooked, low heat for 10min (meat thermometer 180').
Prayer of gratitude to the most high for the food received. A high dose of "getting to know you" noodles.
(low = 5grams of flavor; high = 8.5grams of flavor)

1/2 Hr, warm, comfortable. Who doesn't love a delicious meal? Like relaxing after 4000 calories from Thanksgiving dinner.Pre-cleaned house so I wouldn't want to extend effort while enjoying the peaceful time ahead. Organized, clean, straightened, ahhhh, I love being home.

1Hr Meditation music: the tone of the rubbed Buddhist "singing" bowl is incredible! It pulls on you in the most easy table way! Incredible.My meditation was positive, deep, and edged back and forth on that "border" of transendence.  Not diciplined to "break through", tendency to fall into a trance like sleep overpowered the opportunity ity to transcend.

1 1-/2 to 2 hrs: Mild patterns, extreme euphoria, extreme but pleasurable "head rush" dimentia. Happy. Longing. Looking for fulfillment?  I avoided the urge: keeping the setting clean, pure, positive.  Wonderful meditation.  Closed eye: patterns, depth, physical transitioning barely into "the vibe".  Open eyed: extreme spatial shifts, not nauseating, but intense as I shifted visual focus around. Equalibriam mentally disrupted, but when tested, again it was do able, controlled & like a common head rush that went on & only in a good way.

3+ hrs: family home again, and again so happy to be with them. Time, concern, caring without rush or getting sidetracked. Having fun, listening to the Beatles, dancing, kidding.

5 hrs: still feeling great.  Again, no nausea. None.  Wonderful experience again. Washington A+W

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