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Amanita Muscaria: Spiritual Exoration & Re-Start

Wonderful, Smooth, Peaceful, Excellent, Joyful: a spiritually mild but perfect re-entry!

Its been 17 years of hiding from a bad trip that might have left a few in the hospital or mental home for life: an eternity of conflict & terror were my never ending night, left alone to trudge & power through the dark after I became "self aware" midway through a rave.  Set & setting was in control... until I walked out the door to explore the universe I had just found my mind was open to. I only knew one thing, only one: I am a child of God himself, and being crushed by any dark thoughts or force was beneath me, & I was going to make it through.
After having had many fun & awesome youthful trips & careless entheogic & psycodelic moments: I ran terrified from everything in this unpredictable world...  but my mind was opened. My awareness of the physical world vs the spiritual world had been been opened wide, and there was no turning back. 
I spent the 1st year seeing the world through "black & white" eyes: Gods work, and not Gods work. Life, movies, books, friends of quality, friends of convenience only... it was a continuation of the fateful "bad trip".
In addition to the weight that I felt physically lifted off me after some sincere repentance & the absolutely free removal of so many years of blind self-centered pleasure, I was born-again through Christ. The timing & experience was so strong that I immediately dedicated 27 months to serve & spread what I knew to be the truth: there is a God, a higher power, and more than meets the eye going on arounds us in our daily life's.
So here I am 17 years later: time & life now obscure many potent understandings.  Family, self development, faith, love, progress, future, and truth are all again too paramount as mid-life approaches.  Maybe I long for another rebirth, a surge, or just change.  It's been an amazing 17 years living with an opened mind.  Professional progress: off the chart.  Family: so amazing & beautiful!  Self growth: never ending progress to be a servant leader, kind, grateful, & gaining patience.... but I want more!   I am built to think, understand, challenge the status quo! 
So I am back!  A new light, a new "set" of mind. A new "setting" that I have built (not my parents), that daily has me grateful for talents & others in my life that i jsut feel lucky to be around: blessings beyond belief!  What better time than now than to push forward with exploration & understand? None.
What ever providence that has given us access to Amanita Muscaria (as a symbol of course), has left me at its feet over all other options (peyote, LSD, DMT) as I move toward added understanding. It's been an amazing beginning thanks to all the support & advice on this site. 
Arrival day was like Christmas: beautiful, spotted, dried, whole caps. My golden plates waiting to be translated... placed respectfully on the shelf for the moment, the right moment & setting.
I've read, researched, listened to pod casts. Studied American Native understanding, studied likely entheogen induced visions & raptures. The rest is "now". The rest is new, and my posts are as much a self produced psycotherapy as much as they are to share the right way we can all enjoy what God has given us from the very Earth as a sacrament & amazing joy! Amanita Muscaria

A week ago: careful 180' degree ramen noodles!  Delicious! I'm not kidding. I've stocked dried Shitake all these years! I always add mushrooms to my ramen.  After solemn grateful prayer, I always thank the Lord before every meal = to the "get to know you" entry dosage, I spent the next 4 hours with a pure happy heart!  Zero nausea. None.  Washington A+ Just peace & happiness. 1/2 hr, warm. 1 hour, like a head rush that wont go away. Relaxed, listended to some great christian music, read some uplifting scripture. Hr 2, my family came home, my beautiful family: I felt time, peace, no rush to get back to "me" but rather, give them time, focus, and love.   An Amazing Evening.

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