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Sometimes you have to listen to your brain in order to listen to your heart.

Firstly, thank you for reading this.  This is my first report with, hopefully, many more to come.  I believe in documenting these things for personal education as well as for the potential for educating others.

Before my first trip on psilocybin mushrooms (the ones I got were dried) I had only ever smoked marijuana (albeit often) and drank alcohol.  The idea of a hallucinogen of any kind intrigued me and the relative safety of mushrooms attracted me to it.

I have heard in the past that vitamin c is important when taking shrooms, among other substances, so I started the day with 2000mg of vitamin c and a turkey sandwich.  About a half hour later I carefully measured out 2g of my mushrooms and ate them with some M&Ms  and washed it all down with water.  Not knowing what to expect I simply browsed the internet while listening to Aura, some good vocal trance from a decade ago.  After about a half hour I noticed I was feeling slightly numbed and that the colors seemed more interesting.  Not brighter, nothing like that, just more interesting.  I stared at my wallpaper for about 10 minutes before retiring to my floor to stare at the ceiling.  That's when I noticed that the texture on the ceiling kept forming bands and pulling up into the ceiling and pushing back out again in a distinctively organic way.  Excited by this fact I decided to browse the net for some more interesting pictures and colors.  After about twenty minutes, though, I grew bored and decided that it was too beautiful a day outside and began to mill about in the apartment quad for awhile.  Before I left, knowing how I felt and what I wanted, I ate another 2g.

This is where things get interesting.  It's worth noting that my visuals never got more intricate or intrusive, they were there but not distractingly so.  Instead, everything had an innate beauty to it that I couldn't ignore.  Everything was interesting. beautiful, and deserving of appreciation.  I spent about an hour outdoors just milling about in my urban area before going back inside for water.  While I was inside I took my last 3g of mushrooms.  That put me at a total of 7g in about 2.5-3 hours.  Over the course of the next hour I experienced something akin to an ego-death.  SORT-OF.  I wanted nothing more than to be around others, but that desire devolved quickly.  I became aware that I WAS a part of a huge community, Earth.  That all of us that are in it are just as important as the others, that we are all different and more beautiful for our differences.  I watched a large, age and race mixed group (black, white, hispanic from 5-40) playing a makeshift game of soccer, with no nets, outside for what seemed like forever.  All the while eating an apple and chain smoking hand-rolled cigarettes made from Damiana, Mugwort, and Peppermint.  I reveled in the almost sacred combination of earthly herbs, the fire that consumed them and the air that carried the smoke.  It was as if the elements were in union.

That day I felt more pagan, more hippie, more natural, and more importantly more at peace, then I have felt since my first backpacking trips with the boy scouts many years ago.

I'm not sure what the psilocybin was doing to me but it pulled me to the earth and made me one with her again, if only for the day.

As much as that delighted me, I was shocked and amazed at the fact that there was no come down, I basked in the afterglow of my serenity for the next day.  It followed me until work tore it away again.  haha

I'm glad I did this, and look forward to doing it again.  I went looking for a psychedelic show and instead found something spiritual.

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