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First Trip - Changed my Life Forever

My first trip on 2.5 grams of shrooms.

I was home alone, I woke up at 11:00, and began the day as any other. On that day, I was planning to do 2.5 grams of magic mushrooms for my first time. I didn't want to take it then, I was going to be alone for a long while and I didn't want to be along and sober for long, so I decided to take the shrooms at 13:00, so until then I just smoked a few bowls and ate some breakfast until it was time, until it was.

I pulled the see-through sandwich bag from my back pocket and placed it on the kitchen counter. For a minute or so, I examined the thick white stems and the mushroom heads.
I had hear they tasted like shit, but I had already downed some rather crappy tasting drugs already in the name of experimentation, and naively thought I'd be ready for it.
I tossed it in my mouth, and intended on grinding it with my teeth, however, the taste was horrid. It was far worse than I expected and the texture of the mushrooms was also far different from what I had thought, and I found it needed to be chopped instead. After it had been downed, all 2.5 grams of it, I dispelled the taste from my mouth with some diet Sprite, which I had heard would help for the absorption.

I headed downstairs after about 15 minutes in the kitchen contemplating what was to come, and I was filled with curiosity and excitement. I lay on the couch at stared at the tv, not paying much attention as I was too busy ever trying to gauge, to measure or the track the progress of the hallucinogen. It took another 40 minutes from then until I could feel the mushrooms coming on strong, the audio from the tv sounded seperated, the music seemed out of place, the colours were much brighter. Slowly but surely, I began seeing beautiful patterns and shifts in my perception of my surroundings that I appreciated greatly. I lay on the couch admiring the effects for a good half hour, when I got up from the couch and started up the stairs to my room.

As I was upright, I noticed a powerful cerebral buzz and a feeling of slow, sluggish, but  lovely movement. I felt loose, and imagined myself walking, looking like a fat wobbling penguin.
I opened the door to my very messy room and I was in awe of the beauty of a sparkling beam of light coming into my room through the window, the usually lame colors of my room were fascinating. I sat down, with the intention of starting my computer and listening to some music and playing some video games, but instead I was locked into a lengthy period of deep thought.

I thought about all sorts of things, I thought of music, of some of the problems I'd been facing, and I was also experiencing some mild circular mind-fuck, so to speak.
It had been a while, and I'd already slid down my chair and had been laying motionless on the ground for a good 10-15 minutes, until I thought to pack a bowl of some Crazy Super Kush in a newly bought pipe of mine, and head over to a trail just down the road and puff while walking around. I packed the bowl, and stared at it for a good 5 minutes. The colours popped out beautifully, the purple was bright, and looked like liquid, the green looked as if it was vibrating, buzzing and the orange looked as bright as an LED, the most beautiful I have ever seen weed.

I opened the front door and stepped out, and headed down the road into the trails. It had rained the day before, and there was a good amount of puddles and fog. Finally, I had reached the trails and I had no sooner stepped under the closest tree than I had lit my hemp wick and was scorching the pre-packed pot. By then I was coming off of the high, and I think the cannabis may have hastened it, but the comedown was very slow, and it was accompanied by a very comfortable pristine feeling of wisdom and enlightenment. I had experienced something great, and it opened my mind to a plethora of new and even greater things. Only a few months later, I was to try LSD and Mescaline for the first time, now it's year later, I've more than a few more substances under my belt and I regret none of them!

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