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Sounds like insects


Everytime it begins the same way. I ask the mushrooms to please cure my clusterheadaches and I thank the spirits very much for their assistance. This is 15 mins after I already ingested 3 grams dried of Ban Hua Thanon that were picked before the veil breaks on an empty stomach.I proceed to smoke medicinal kush to insure there is no nausea. About 30 mins after ingestion waves of euphoria begin to build and set in.I sweat,the excitement climbs,and then the sound of the insects.Everytime it's the same audio similar to a ringing or the sound of nighttime summer air entomology but at the same time its not the same at all. As the sound grows louder and wider It reaches the 45 minute mark and the rush of many thoughts flood thru my mind about what I should be doing to be the most comfortable; hence to maximize the experience. For the next ten mins some doubt kicks in that maybe I didn't take enough because their aren't really any visuals but that voice in my head says just wait another 20 minutes my friend.The body high grows stronger and stronger till it hits the peak and envelops my entire psyche.Alas at the 1 hour and 25 min mark it's a slamdunk and there is vibrant spinning patterns,streaming neon colors,an amazing sense clarity and wisdom, a constant body high that is vibrating every molecule under my skin,and a runny stuffy nose similar to a slight cold.Walking around seems too much like a chore so I layback on my bed gazing at the plain white ceiling which has become more entertaining than the bottom of the 9th inning of the world series.That's when it occurs to me that the pain that is always in my head is gone. The constant sickness I feel is vacant and an overwhelming rush of happiness takes over my soul. I laugh continuously at every little thing even occurrences that are not funny. I realize the list of movies I had lined up to watch will never be viewed and concentratration towards comprehending television is impossible. A few more bong hits and a large glass of cold Ice water is all the supplies that I told myself I'll need. 2 hours Into it and I'm still too clumsy to walk a straight line. The munchies kick in and even tho I know it will give me stomach pain I raid the fridge and the flavors are all bliss. I mix cold foods with hot foods for a contrast of stimuli. The experience continues, the gas pains come and go and gradually the magical sacred effects wear off.Somewhere between 6 and 8 hours after ingestion a strong sense of drowsiness kicks in. Shortly after that a deep sleep ensues with incredible dreams and past memories from my childhood will dance in my head. Very tired the entire next day but at the same time I feel like a million dollars and I know after a full nights sleep the next few weeks will be bliss and clusterheadache free.

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