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1/16th of Amazonians

Eye opening

3 weeks ago, me and my best friend sense 5th grade finally found a good mushroom dealer. Having no luck for the past 3-6 months. We picked them up and were excited to finally see what the world of psychedelics was all about(neither of us having tried anything but weed,  I have smoked salvia but just felt odd, no trip). We were at his apartment, after watching 'Mr.Poppers Penguins' both mentally preparing we split the bag of shrooms. Im guessing we both had about a 1/16th, the dealer said it was a little more than an eighth, but we each roughly had two and a halff caps and 3 stems He started to feel the effects quickly at about the half hour mark. I had yet to notice anything, after about 45 minutes he had trouble focusing and told me he was seeing patterns. I had a slight stoning/giggling feeling. After an hour past we were both enjoying spectacular visuals and it was like nothing we expected. after about two hours of rolling around his room tripping balls blabbering about the universe and conciousness we both went into our own worlds(we also were staring at a psychedelic picture of jimi hendrix for a good 20 minutes after about an hour and a half in). At this point my entire visual field is morphed and splitting horizontally, every right angle had dissipated. He couldnt figure out how to put on a fluffy robe he desperately wanted on, not being able to more or less comprehend what he was doing, forgetting quite often what he was holding or doing. Now I consider us pretty intelligent, we arent Stanford material or honors students but we are each pretty smart, he is working on becoming a physicist, and I am becoming a botanist (plant biologist). We seemed to be having some telepathy and our minds were racing through the roof exploring new space theory's and other deep topics. We saw everything with a new appreciation. The last two hours of our trip were completely separate and silent. I have no idea what he went through, but I will do my best to put my peak into words. I had a complete and udder ego death, this scared the shit out of me. My ego was so strong before psychedelics and not  having that ego propelled me into a bad trip, which now I see was amazing, it allowed me to recognize my ago, and pulverize it. I was sitting in a giant pool of energy knowing all and seeing all. And it somehow terrified me. I love appreciate it now, but without my precious ego I was lost and scared. I knew all things were connected and my mind was uploaded into a hyper-space data conduct of all energy and I was just lying there, breathing heavily. Scared.  Now an avid psychedelic taker and meditator I am very thankful for discovering the truth and energy of this universe. I am happier than ever.
Hope that wasn't too confusing and wanted to share my first Mushroom/Psychedelic trip! 

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