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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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That Moment.

Read This all of you heroic dosers

when i do heroic doses. im having fun.and that moment of overwhelming peculiarity occurs.
its like a souvenir you had long forgotten. its that feeling of remembering it all for a billionth of a moment.
it happened twice. first time was the most intense moment of my life and my only full blown bad trip on mushrooms
and it happened again last Friday on a 5g dose.
everything was fine no anxiety everything was just going smooth.
and i was struck with that moment again. and what that moment feels like is that you're living some kind of a dream and you might just be the only real conscious being.
all others being some kinds of bots or subconscious parts of you.
all trying to push you toward that direction.waiting for The moment. all those ones you love don't really exist. if I killed myself. the whole universe was stopping with me and i would wake up as what people call a God.
and the more I accepted that moment  the more stuff would happen around me. 
voices sounds coming from another dimension and they're getting louder and louder as i would get there.
walls start popping and cracking... i felt something i will describe as the core of a black hole in my brain.
i was about to explode and wake up for real and everything would vibrate,so i was panicked and scared. i could not believe what was happening to me. and it sort of went away from me as soon as i felt fear or doubt. the more i would accept. the more wild it got. and when i rejected it and reassured myself that i was only on mushrooms and that those were only
insanely crazy ideas. the trip would dramatically go down in intensity

I think. it is possible that something very insane and permanent could happen on magic mushrooms. but that's just my opinion.
there's that trip you never come back from.

the dream will dissolve when you find the key.

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