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Lost in Lost Maples

My first trip in a state park.

Just a little background before I start: I'm an 18 year old female who has (prior to this) no experience with psychedelics. 
The names I used are not the real names of my friends, to protect them just in case(:

Me, my boyfriend, and his 3 friends decided to go backpacking in a state park about 6 hours away. We hiked 4 miles to a secluded "primitive" campsite on a rocky mini mountain (I wouldn't call it a hill, but it definitely was not a mountain). The weather was horrible the day before our trip so we were virtually the only people for miles, it was nice. We set up camp which consisted of 3 tents; 2 small and one big, the big one being where we planned on hanging out. I was originally the PASS (person appointed to stay sober, for those who don't know) because my 4 other friends were taking acid and I was too scared for that. But, at the last minute my boyfriend acquired some shrooms which I was more willing to try (they're natural!). He had about 3 grams of shrooms, and enough acid for everyone to have two hits.

We all piled into the tent and got as comfortable as possible, with great timing too because it started pouring. They had dropped the acid maybe 15 minutes prior to getting inside the tent, so after we all got settled they watched me eat the mushrooms. I had read that anywhere from .75-1.5g's was good enough for your first trip, but my friends who had previously attempted mushrooms told me that they ate 1.5 each and it did nothing. So of course, I ate the whole 3 grams. Cameron turned on some music and I was just vibing to that and the sound of the rain as everyone else talked or sang along. Justin, my boyfriend, kept turning around and asking me if I felt anything yet. All I felt was jittery and anxious, but the music sounded good even though occasionally a song I wasn't fond of would come on. I could tell I was feeling the effects when my face started to hurt a little from smiling. Things that I would normally just smile at were cracking me up. At one point I put my hand in front of my face and started laughing and then told everyone that they didn't get it because they couldn't see my hand, which made everyone laugh. I felt euphoric. Then I noticed that the tent floor was "breathing" and it started forming patterns and waving a little. I couldn't stop staring at it and it gave me the best feeling. I was a little disappointed because I kept looking at a poster we'd brought of neon mushrooms, but it wasn't doing anything nearly as cool as the floor or the wall was. After a while of just sitting in the tent, listening to music, staring at things, and talking, we decided we wanted to go explore the terrain (the hike up was beautiful sober).

Grayson unzipped the tent and I was amazed. There was a pinkish glow to everything, and nature looked amazing. I felt like I was looking at a painted picture that was rose tinted. It was cold outside, but I couldn't feel a thing. I remember Justin asked me, "are you cold?" and I responded, "what is cold?". He gave me a jacket that I put on with much effort and we started our journey to the scenic overlook. Since it had just rained, it was foggy and cloudy as could be. It made for a very interesting feel, everything was damp and looked glossy. Walking through the mud was interesting on my feet, I felt like I was walking strange. After what felt like forever (we really only went like 200 yards at the most), we got to the overlook. Oh my goodness was it a sight. Yet again I felt like I was staring at a picture, only a different one this time. It looked like I was looking at someplace in Asia. The fog made the "mini mountains" look huge and I could see the little bridge we crossed on our way up. There was a river and a trail next to the bridge, and a little farther away was a shack containing a decompostable toilet, but it looked like a hut. There were even people walking with umbrellas even though it was no longer raining, or if it was I didn't notice it. They looked miniscule. The trippiest part of this scene was around where the fog began to blur out the mini mountains; I started seeing different colored beams of light that looked like they were pulsating in the form of triangles as if to signify the peaks. It was insane.

Then my trip took a turn for the worst. Up until this point I hadn't really been thinking a lot. I was kind of just taking everything in and enjoying it. But looking at the people made me wonder if anyone was going to come up here and see us all tripping out on psychedelics. We started walking again and I realized that nothing looked familiar - the scenery that is. I couldn't tell if we had walked by that cactus before or if it was a different one, which made me wonder if anyone else knew where we were going. "Where are our tents?" I asked, and Cameron replied with "they're like 100 yards that way," which didn't make me feel an ounce better. I continued walking with them but now I was trapped in my mind. I kept thinking things like "what if we get lost in this state park - it's huge," "what if it starts getting dark, we don't have a flashlight," and "I was supposed to stay sober and I didn't", eventually I got so scared that I started sobbing and we decided that we should just go back to the tents. Cameron and Alice led the way and yet again I felt like we were walking forever which just kept scaring me more and more. Finally we reached "home" and all I could think was "now what?" which I said aloud. "Now we can do whatever we want" they told me. Then I realized, we're the only people for miles, we carried our tents and activities on our backs up here, and now we have unlimited time to do absolutely nothing. Which led me to ask what time it was. "It's 6:51" surprisingly this had no meaning to me whatsoever. At this point I was just confused, nothing made sense to me. Justin started having a bad trip from trying to calm me down, and eventually we all piled into the smallest tent and talked about things that made us feel safe. 

My friends were all still tripping hard off acid, but the shrooms had worn off at this point. It was definitely a day to remember.

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