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Microdot + DMT LV-5 trip

and a candy flip for fun

At a psytrance festival last weekend I dropped a microdot at around 4pm about 20min later I had a bump of speed, which went down nicely. Just before heading off to see the Ace Ventura set i decided to have a hit of DMT to help up the microdot. It was the first time I'd smoked crystal DMT but after I packed a few for some mates I knew how to melt it properly. 

I smoked my hit in the tent and instantly lay back, it was the third time I'd smoked DMT and this was certainly the strongest and best. I lay staring with my eyes open at the top of the "tent" but failed to recognise anything about my location, it appeared as if i were travelling through a wispy ghosts floating all around me. The bulk of the DMT trip is difficult for me to remember when i put it into perspective of the entire acid trip but it was certainly incredible.

Probably an hour or so after my DMT trip I had another bump of speed, at this point the acid had certainly kicked in. I was feeling the microdot in an interesting way though at this point, i was experiencing minimal visuals (considering i was on approx 4x and average tab) but bodily feeling was incredible. I danced for several hours before I ventured back to the tent to grab my white heart (renowned pill). On the way back to the site my friend started to get some of the most amazing visuals she'd ever had, for this part however i was still in lack of. I dropped the white heart at around 10-11pm and headed back to the stage. On the walk to the stage i picked up another box of nangs (nitrous) and got ready to load up. While at the dance floor I rubbed a finger tip full of real rocky speed on my gums which sat there without dissolving for almost 10 minutes. At around 12:30 I had run out of nangs again and headed to the site to grab money for more, but about 30 seconds after i got back there some of my friends returned and informed me that the music had been turned off. 

I was saddened to hear this news but it then seemed it was time for a few billies and to chill for the rest of the night. After a smoke a genius friend remembered that we had a sheep skull with us and also that they had fluro flashing light that changed colour and speed, which conveniently fitted perfectly inside the skull and refracted light through all its gnarly orifices. At this point the visuals were starting to set in! We stayed up chilling together for an hour or two as my visuals began to grow, my friends then decided that they were going to head to bed. I had no such plans!  

I set up on a mattress with the skull (george) in front of me, flashing with full intensity. I then began to play around with the acid and try to make myself trip as interestingly as possible. Staring into the jaws of the beast, i figured out that if i slightly blurred my eyes i would de-recognise things and everything infront of me would be re-created from scratch, then once i was in my new surrounding i could refocus them again. I HAVE NEVER TRIPPED THIS HARD BEFORE. The only way i could describe it, is to take a closed eye DMT trip add a little extra then experience that with eyes WIDE open. The experience wasn't entirely visual either, not even close! I had the most intense euphoria which worked insync with the visuals. What i was seeing would flip around or rotate and even though I knew i was laying still I could feel my whole body wrench around instantly. It was absolutely incredible.  After several hours(?) I began to play with the acid in the sense of self reflection and looking inwards at my own soul, in some ways I was trying to force myself into a bad trip, purely because I honestly did not think it was possible. I tripped on this for some time further. At some point during the trip I also remember battling the skull for power, as i could not disprove that it had some form of power over me, I wanted to be friendly and love it in the most beautiful way but I also didn't want to feel like in doing that and respecting it I was giving it some form of power.

My sense of time is rather deluded but the entire experience lasted untill it started to show signs of becoming light again. 

At this point i had a ciggie break and retired to bed, thinking that the trip was dead and it was time for sleep,  however i was mistaken and the acid surprised me once again. I had returned to reality, this much was true but the trip was not entirely over, once I lay down normal acid closed eye visuals set in and accompanied my thoughts till I eventually slept.

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