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Shit fucked me up.

I'm not quite sure where to begin with this. The weekend started off like any other, call up some friends, ask if they wanna smoke up, reach destination, proceed to get blitzed. So.. We're sitting outside of this cafe, quite a few of us, I'd say 8 or maybe 9. The plan was that we were gonna have a couple bowls there and then go find somewhere chill to just sit down and have a good time. My friend packs me a bowl of this stuff called Jungleberry, which I guess is sort of similar to the K2 spice or whatever, and as per usual, I cane that shit 'till my lungs are on the verge of combustion. It slowly starts to hit me, but I felt like being ballsy, so I ask for a second bowl not 10 seconds from the last. This is where shit starts to hit the fan. For the next 10 minutes, I am ridiculously fucking high, and then reality starts to warp.

Everything is completely black, but not in the way one would think. It wasn't like the colour black, nor the black where you close your eyes, it's the kind of black that exists before you are born, where there is just completely nothing there. Suddenly, two specs of colour fade in, a red spec and a purple spec. At this point in time, nothing was wrong, just two dots of colour in forever darkness. Now, the colours start to expand and contract, stretch and explode, blend with each other and revert back into dots and then continue to just go completely insane. It doesn't sound bad, but it was painful. It was extremely painful. Why was the rapid expansion and contraction of these two colours hurting me? I have no idea. This felt like it was happening for an infinite amount of time, that I was trapped in this pre-life stage with red and purple colours fucking around forever. Then, instantly it all vanishes. Now this next part is extremely difficult to explain. My mind, like my conscious is trapped in an extremely narrow space, but as before, there was nothing there, just this pre-life darkness. I had to keep my mind moving forward, for if I stopped or turned around, my mind would be consumed by something. I don't know what it was, but it was just something that would consume my mind. The issue was that as my mind was moving forward through this narrow space, terrifying things were spawning in front of my mind, although there was absolutely nothing there. My mind was extremely hesitant, and thus it would stop or turn around to try and flee, but be consumed by this void. 

Being consumed by this nothing again, was indescribably painful, but as my mind was "killed" it would be reborn in another narrow space of pre-life darkness. The amount of times my mind died and was reborn, I can't say, it felt like it was lasting forever and just continued to happen. Another transition occurred,  with this repeating phenomena of pre-life darkness except this time, I was looking at myself from a top down view. There I was, lying in this darkness, not on any surface, just lying there. Suddenly, everything zoomed into the head of myself lying there in fetal position, and I saw myself sitting in an office chair, the types with rolly wheels and arms. I was tied to it with a thick rope, and I was also in a straight jacket. I began to imagine myself puking. Constant puking for who knows how long, and I could feel myself puking (I did indeed wake up covered in puke). Another transition, this time, I was doing battle with everything in the universe, and luckily enough, the surroundings weren't pre-life darkness, but I don't know what they were. When I say doing battle with everything in the universe, I don't mean swinging swords at puppies and planets, in fact, I don't know what I mean, it's indescribable. In order to win against this everything, I had to time something right in order to pass. Pass through what? I don't know. Time what right? I don't know again. If I miss timed what ever I had to time correctly, I'd be transported to the pre-life darkness for eternity, and then transported back to try time what ever it is that I had to time, correctly. 

Eventually, I timed it right, after an infinite amount of time in this trip, I woke up. But the bad shit doesn't end there. I woke up, with absolutely no idea what the fuck happened, where the fuck I was, what life was, I had no idea. Call it 20 minutes of the worst case of amnesia around. It felt like I had been placed onto this Earth by something, that at the very point I woke up from the trip, was the very point where I had been brought into existence. All my friends were panicking and asking me if I was okay. I was asking them who the fuck they where, where the fuck I was and how the fuck I got there. This lasted for about 20 minutes until I slowly started to piece reality back together.

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