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1st 2nd and 3rd time

On my first mushroom trip i had a horrible trip.

On my first mushroom trip i had a horrible trip. i spent basically my whole 8th grade year trying to find some cuase there hard to find here. i ended up finally getting some after biking to my friends house. i got 4 grams for 40$. I was sapose to trip with my friend but he ended up eating one stem. since i have finally got them i just did them by myself first off i ate about 2 grams after 20 mins i wasnt feeling anything i didnt knwo it would take a while to kick in so i ate the rest of the bag 2 grams. i ended up getting fucked up as hell and just thinking all night about fucked up shit. my friends were being dicks and doing there own thing so i was bymyself just scared as hell. so thats how my first time sucked.

Now my second time was a bit more interasting. it was the last day of school me my cousin and my friend were going to a lynyrd skynyrd/ doobie brothers concert. we got dropped off now as were walking through the parking lot we find a dealer so i bought an eighth. i ended up coming back and buying another eighth so i spent 100$ on mushrooms. Me and my friend started eating them like crazy it was my friends first time. my cousin popped a stem every once and a while. now i made the same mistake i made my first time it wasnt kicking in so we just kept eating them. i finally noticed the trip coming on when i starting noticing little things on objects shimmer and stuff. i started remembering my last trip and i was getting scared that would happen again. so my friend is having a good time and im just sitting there kinda scared and just having a bad time. colors started to seem really cool like on peoples shirts and things. another thing that freaked me out was my friends face getting all fucked up. now i was getting into those thoughts again i kept looking at my phone and it seemed like no time was going by. it was late and i was just trying to think of other shit. by this time me and my friend were just looking at the ground not evening paying attenting to the concert. we got up and walked to get a drink but kept getting distracted by other things. than i was getting soo scared and shit. my mom called and said she was coming. i was kinda relieved cuase i didnt want to be there anymore. so i get in the car and im still tripping. so were driving and my mom taps on my pocket and heres the baggy of shrooms i still have which is like an 3 grams. my mom thought it was weed becuase ive been caught with weed before. so we all went along with it and said it was weed. she says shes taking everyone home at the time i didnt care i just thought it was funny. i kept on gettin lost and had no idea where we were going. at this time my friend is having a bad trip to. the car ride home was insane the hullucinations on everything outside the car was really coool i was calming down, than i turned on hendrix and it sounded like the best thing ive ever heard in my life. than the doors came on with strange days which was sick to. i finally get home after dropping them off and i just got in my bed and looked at my walls. i was still tripping. my mom comes in and is soo mad when she finds out its shrooms. the only thing that really pissed me off was her flushing it down the toilet. so i stared coming down and the walls were wavy. that happend when i came down last time. and that was one of the most confusign nights of my life i only remmeber lynyrd playing that smell and thats it.

My third time was the best. Me and my friend went to a ratdog/ sting cheese incident concert. the concert was sick and i ended up getting baked as hell cuase i brought like 9 joint+i was passed about 5+ the two shots of yeger mister that was givin to me. people at the concert just try to get me fucked up becuase im 14 and basically the youngest one there. at the end of the concert i bought a live cd of the concert. i only had 30$ left. A guy came up and offered me acid but he was only willing to run to his car and get 30 hits for 50$ ive never tried acid cuase its real hard to find where i live to. i tryed to sell the cd. i ended up selling it but couldnt find the guy. so at the end of the concert in the parking lot i bought some more mushrooms. i had to be carful becuase i couldnt get caught again. i put them in my shoe and brought them home. so the night i decide to take them with 2 of my friends this time we all split the bag. i didnt want to eat to much cuase i didnt want to have a bad trip again. so after we ate them we just waited. my friends were having a good time and i was just scared again becuase i was starting to trip and it rememinded me of my last times. so i just watched super troopers and tried to sleep. my friends were walking around it was both of there first times. they were having fun and enjoying the effects. after a while i got up and realized that its not bad. so i started having fun it was my first good trip and it was fun as hell. the grateful dead was on and it was sick. by this time we were all peaking one of my friends started to get quiet. he kept denying he was having a bad trip and thats what i did when i had my bad trips. i was having fun but than i thought how fucked up it was for me and he must be freaked out. so he tried to sleep. me and my other friends went outside and toked up and put our feet in the pool which was sick. than we went in and my friend having a bad trip asked if he could go upstairs and sleep in a bed rather than on the couch. so he did. and me and my other friend fucked around the whole time.

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