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A Surprising Trip for an Experienced User

Got more than I bargained for on just 2 grams of some of the best shrooms I've ever had.

Before I start I’ll give a little background info. I’m 16, sophomore in High School, pothead, seasoned tripper, you get the point. I’ve had some ridiculous trips in my life, but I don’t think any of them compared to this at all. I don’t so much mean in intensity, but moreso in uniqueness. Times are approximate (Time completely lost all meaning, I couldn’t make any sense of it) and the memories are put together to the best of my ability.

We had a half day at school. Me, and two of my friends (we’ll call them A and B) decided we’d try to score some mushrooms, and make an afternoon of it. We managed to find someone who had some good shrooms, and he was willing to hook us up for 30 an eighth. I paid for myself and A and B paid for his own. Anyway, It was a bit of a sketchy transaction, being in school, so I didn’t get a chance to look at them until I got home. So, we get to my house after school, and weigh out the shrooms, (so that we all had the same amount) well, the guy we got them from didn’t weigh them when HE got them, and my bag (which was supposed to be a quarter) turned out to only be like 4 grams. B (who got his own eighth) only had 2 grams in his. We decided we’d just eat what we had. We each had 2 grams, so we ate them and decided to watch some TV until they kicked in. The come up was… different from my normal come ups. It was almost the same feeling you’d get from speed. Jittery, fast, and I wasn’t getting all giggly like I usually do when I’m coming up. It also only took around 25 minutes at most for me to be into a mild level 1 stage. I had a feeling of wanting to explore nature, and talked A and B into going into the woods. We walked probably 600 yards into the woods, and found a badass little spot to sit and chill. We sat here for about 5 minutes (best I can guess) and I started to doubt the shrooms were good. Almost as soon as this thought crossed my mind, I skyrocketed. Nothing made sense, Everything was melting, I was no longer real, and this scared me. I let the thought repeat for a while, and it started to make me very uncomfortable. I didn’t remember eating the shrooms at this point, and was very confused as to why the things that were happening, were happening. I managed to lay down somewhere, and things got even crazier from there. My visuals became so intense I couldn’t keep my eyes open, but when I closed them, the CEV’s were just as intense. One of the visuals really stuck with me for some reason. It was a grid pattern vortex (best description I can muster) of the pattern of a 100 dollar bill. It tripped me out so much, and I didn’t understand what it wanted. It was telling me things but it was speaking a foreign language. I opened my eyes again, and found things looked relatively normal - It wasn’t, I started tripping again instantly (and I got farther than I already was) which I still don’t understand - but I was functional again. I sat and talked with my friends, and I started becoming uncomfortable again. I was getting angry at my friends for no reason, I just felt like they were giving off bad vibes. I didn’t say anything though, and just tried to enjoy myself, but it ate at me. I suddenly started wishing I hadn’t eaten mushrooms, and wishing I could turn back. Big mistake. I felt a bad trip begin, and I fought it with every part of my body, but I couldn’t. Nothing seemed real, my mind couldn’t make sense of anything again, I couldn’t remember the last time I felt normal, or even what normal felt like, I just knew it didn’t feel like I felt. I tried telling myself I was tripping, but I didn’t know what tripping was. It started to get a little cold out, so I suggested to my friends we go back to my house and watch some TV. (this was also partially to see if they’d leave, and to hopefully ease the bad feelings ((it didn’t.))) They agreed and we all went back. When I stood up and started walking, it was like I was hit again. I went to a level of tripping I didn’t know existed. I somehow managed to find my way back home (I didn’t look up once, I stared straight at the ground the whole way) and went inside. At this point I was getting overwhelmed with visuals. When I got into my house, I didn’t recognize it. It looked different. Everything was stretched and it looked twice as wide as it should have been. We sat down and turned the TV on, but the movements on the TV were too much for me, and I told them I had to go upstairs to my room, and have a cigarette. They didn’t want to come at the moment, but I went anyway. (I was glad to have a chance to be alone for a minute or two) ((Also, before I go into this next part I should describe my wall. It is extremely trippy on it’s own. The patterns on the wood are so bizarre.)) As soon as I got into my room, everything changed again. All the patterns on my wall melted into a pool on the floor, and my wall followed suit almost immediately after. I needed to lie down. I made it to my bed, and by this time my wall had reformed. I laid on the bed and melted into it while staring at the wall. The wall was filling in with colors, reds, blues, greens, and the patterns were lifting away from the wall. I couldn’t look away, but I had to. It was too intense and I couldn’t handle it. I thought I was dying, but being born at the same time, and I just felt everything at once. I can’t really put into words how it really felt. It was unlike any trip I’ve ever been on. I don’t really remember what happened next, but I think it went something like this:
A and B came up to my room. I was staring at my wall still, completely at a loss for any way to make sense out of it. My room looked way to big. I couldn’t handle it any more and tried to “sleep” but it was impossible, because as soon as I closed my eyes, the CEV’s took over, and were more intense. I looked at the clock to see what time it was, but I couldn’t read it. The numbers were backwards, in the wrong spots, and some of the numbers… weren’t even numbers. I couldn’t make sense of anything. I looked at the clock again, and it was normal, but it was rotating. The hands weren’t moving, but the numbers around the side were. The hands kept sticking at a certain time. 3 o’clock. (I imagine this must have been the time) and I asked out loud “what is 3 o’clock?” This completely sent me on a trip of it’s own. Time became intriguing to me, because I couldn’t figure it out. It also passed so slowly that I thought I had managed to reach a speed where I was traveling faster than time. I stared at the clock for what seemed like an hour, all the while watching the second hand move; a whole 3 seconds.
I don’t remember much from here, but I remember the moment I shot out of my peak and into a normal shroom flow. I was laying on my stomach, eyes closed, listening to Jimmy Hendrix, and A and B were trying to play call of duty (rather unsuccessfully - it was pretty hilarious) and I suddenly reached this point where I thought to myself “Why doesn’t this make sense?” and suddenly, shit made sense again, and I found myself in a nice mellow trip with mild - moderate visuals and extreme body “Stoning.” I looked at the clock, and it was 4:30. We had dosed at about 11:30, so I knew I still had some time before I cleared up. I really didn’t do anything though after this other than sit, chat with my friends (who were now giving off super positive energy) and enjoy my fleeting visuals.

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