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A simple trip turned to a exorcism (first trip)

First Trip

Hello everyone!

I am very new to this site and still green when it comes to psychedelic experiences.  A little back story on myself, been a life long believer that we are meant for much more than our society wants us to believe, Cannabis enthusiasts and willing to try anything new.

So a month ago was my first mushroom trip, the week leading up to the trip was a very hard one.  I was at a job I absolutely hated and the only way I coped was The Joe Rogan Podcast.  It wasn't until i started listening to this that I became very interested in mushrooms, to be honest with you I was very scared to consume, for fear of a bad trip.  I have a history of real shitty self doubt and depression/anxiety, along with a mentally draining family life full of negativity.  ANYWAY, the week leading up to the trip I had been very lethargic, productivity was down, and when I'd get home I slept right away.  I couldn't tell you how drained I was, but out of the blue I contacted my weed guy about getting some shrooms, I was doubtful but sure enough a hour later he texted me "score". 

So i picked up and drove to my parents place which was 45 min away, I had so much anxiety I couldn't bare it, I haven't felt like that for a long time, since before I was a habitual pot smoker.  Finally get home and went to McDonalds to grab a couple cheeseburgers by suggestion of my dealer, it just so happens that McDonalds wasn't accepting card and all I had was plastic.  Shit, so I drove over to the next place which was a Wendy's grabbed a couple Junior Bacon's and drove home.  Got there and my Wife and I split an 1/8th.  We ate it and didn't taste to bad haha.

So we were just sitting there, not knowing what to anticipate I had college wrestling on for some reason and about an hour later my wife sits up and I see her start getting the big eyes and ask if she was Ok, she replies "I'm fine but i am freezing, I'm going to sit in the sauna for a little while."  Ok so I was out there alone and still nothing happening.  Not for another 30 min did I start getting a feeling that I have never felt before and I was starting to get impatient.  I was lying on my back looking up at the ceiling, I felt my ears have a big contraction like as if someone was pushing in the Pinna of my ear.  It happened like 5-6 times before I started seeing some interesting things.  I was staring at a drop ceiling and the railings in between the ceiling tiles looked like there was beams of light going across it.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a poster of Marylin Monroe kind of have a parallax effect, almost reminded me of the pictures in hogwarts from the harry potter movies.

But then I started seeing demonic looking creatures in the ceiling tiles not scary enough to freak me out but still looking quite demonic.  My wife comes out of the sauna and was like lets turn off everything and take in the experience.  So we did, there was a laundry room in basement that had a really dark corner, I looked there and something made me feel like this but I said "The Gates of Hell are in that room"  my wife was like WTF, next I was looking at the windows where the street lights were bleeding in and the darkness started washing out the light and I looked at the smoke detector light and saw it reflecting off of jagged looking reflections, I thought there were demons entering the room.  So i told my wife PLEASE TURN THE LIGHTS ON, I wasn't freaking out but was starting to get a little disturbed. 

I started feeling nauseated so I asked her if we could smoke, so we go into the bathroom and I look at myself in the mirror and start noticing my face was really blotchy and I said to myself, "damn i look bad".  We sat in the shower and started to smoke, I looked in the glass and saw myself again and said "I look evil like" because of the lighting in the shower brought out certain contours of my face.  I said I can't look at myself.  We finished smoking which got rid of the nausea, and come out to the room, I start shadow boxing for some reason, I always wanted to be an MMA fighter and trained for years but never fought because of the self-doubt.  But something inside me helped me start realizing stuff about myself, I said, "My toes are shaped weirdly, my toes are kinda of webbed and turned it, giving me aerodynamic advantage for kicking.  I am not flat footed so I can move around easily, my arms are long, and my bones are heavy but I can throw them quick."  LIGHT BULB!  I said, "I think I am built for fighting" and had a huge smile on my face.  I leaned up against a pillar in the basement and started feeling super nauseated at this moment and by the way, I HATE THROWING UP WITH A PASSION.  My wife had asked me something and I didn't reply right away, she said "are you alright" I was about to say something and I just fall to my knees and start convulsing.  What I saw during that time was my self falling again and again and again just a never ending cycle of me falling.   But after a few seconds I see this very large Dark looking entity, almost bat like leaving my body and I hear a voice, a very large sounding voice, God i presumed and he told me this and I will never forget this saying, "WHEN YOU FALL ALWAYS PICK YOURSELF BACK UP!" and right when he said that, I snapped out of it, I sprung up as if I was pulled up by someone strong as hell.  And I look my wife dead in the eye and say "I GET IT! I FINALLY GET IT!"  It was a happiness i have never felt before, like I was born again.  Not to mention I was constantly dealing with a stuffy nose no matter what season and I could finally breathe out of my nose again.  I had this really shitty knot in my back that was always bothering and it hurt like a mother fucker, all that pain was gone.  And then I start balling my eyes out, i rarely cry because of happiness and this was the first time that really happened. 

While my wife was in the Sauna she heard god tell her, "everything is going to be ok" too Crazy shit

I've been better ever since, we stayed up all night and came to the conclusion that this was a exorcism.  I had a demon latched to my back, and I believe that it was a family curse.  My reasoning behind it is because all the men in my Dad's side were extremely gifted athletically.  My family history were full of soliders that survived in very tight situations, all were awarded medals for heroism but when they came back from War their lives were shit.  My dad had a shot to play Professional Baseball but again these demons kept him away from his dream.  I don't know where this leaves me still trying to figure that out but Mushrooms helped out a bunch. 

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